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Pacific Rim Extinction: Wave 2 is Available for Pre-Order!

River Horse has announced that the second wave for Pacific Rim: Extinction is available for pre-order.

Buying directly from River Horse gets you all eight Kaiju and Jaegers that comprise this release all for a discounted price.

The eight models featured in this release include the Jaegers Guardian Bravo, Bracer Phoenix, Chemo Alpha, and Chrimson Typhoon while the Kaiju include Otachi, Raijin, Leatherback, and Slattern.

All the painting schemes have been approved by the licensor, and now River Horse e are creating the actual masters for the factory workers to copy.

You can see the physical masters below.

Gipsy Danger Comes to Pacific Rim: Extinction

River Horse has announced that Gipsy Danger is being added for free to all “Extinction” pledge levels for Pacific Rim: Exctinction. The game currently has a Kickstarter campaign running and has already been funded.

Gipsy Danger stands at over 75mm tall and marks the first expansion to come from the first Pacific Rim film – and now you get her included in your pledge at no extra cost! She is included as a complete expansion, including Conn-Pod profile sheet, ranger cards and upgrades, so you’ve got everything to use her in game.

This means that the Extinction (£65) pledge level now includes the Core Set, complete with an array of stretch goal additions that include bonus 3D buildings, terrain tiles, and scenario/quick-play cards – Saber Athena Expansion Set and Hakuja Expansion Set plus free Gipsy Avenger Expansion Set. Bought separately this would cost £95.

The campaign ends April 4.

River Horse Brings Jaeger vs. Kaiju Action to Tabletops with Pacific Rim: Extinction

River Horse and Legendary Entertainment bring epic Jaeger vs. Kaiju action to your tabletop with an exciting miniatures game inspired by the upcoming film, Pacific Rim Uprising.

Pacific Rim: Extinction is a scenario driven, tabletop miniatures strategy game of city-wide destruction and chaos of epic proportions. The game features detailed and painted 75mm scale miniatures of the iconic Jaegers – mechanical guardians of humanity – and Kaiju – monsters the size of mountains sent from beyond our world – it captures the conflict of the Pacific Rim bringing epic battles to the table.

River Horse has also revealed two miniatures for the game, Gipsy Avenger and Shrikethorn.

Gipsy Avenger honors the heroic legacy of her namesake as the flagship leader of the Mark VI fleet. More than just a Jaeger, she is a symbol of hope to millions.

Erupting from the depths of the Pacific, the Kaiju have returned, and are more dangerous than ever. A category IV Kaiju, Shrikethorn can tear apart unwary opponents with its deadly tail spikes.

In Pacific Rim: Extinction, two or more players will be able to jump right into the action playing either a PPDC Jaeger or a monstrous Kaiju, in a quick play match of intense combat, or a more constructed battle with both Jaegers and Kaiju using all of their skills and abilities to achieve a challenging objective.

Pacific Rim: Extinction launches on Kickstarter at 1:00pm GMT / 8:00am ET / 05:00am PT on Monday March 12 2018.

WizKids/NECA, MFV Launch New Card Game App, Shuffling The Deck

PacRim_ICON-512Following the recent launch of WizKids Games’ hit card game Shuffling the Deck, the game creator alongside sister company and Cary-based game developer, MFV, today announced Shuffling the Deck for iPad. The new app is themed for the hit film Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim, and available free from the App Store now.

Developers have brought the leading tabletop card game to digital form, combining dynamic gameplay with engaging special effects, immersive sounds and multiple play modes.

In Shuffling the Deck players are given secret character cards, taking on their characters’ roles to earn as many points as they can each turn, while discovering treasures and avoiding danger. At the end of the game, secret characters are revealed and the player with the highest points wins.

Game Features:

  • Up to 4 players
  • Single Player, Pass-N-Play game modes
  • Fast, Fun and Family-Friendly!
  • 100 cards with near endless strategic combinations
  • Automatic scoring and rules enforcement offers easy gameplay for all ages

Additional themes are set to launch late summer.

WizKids Games Announces Pacific Rim: HeroClix

Game creator WizKids Games today announced the latest collection to join HeroClix featuring characters from the much-anticipated Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures film Pacific Rim.

The new line is set to launch on July 10 in a variety of forms designed to welcome new players and challenge established ones. It includes 10 new mini-figures from the upcoming film; five Jaegers and five Kaiju sculpts, including Gipsy Danger, Striker Eureka, Cherno Alpha, Crimson Typhoon, Coyote Tango, Knifehead, Slattern, Raiju, Scunner and Leatherback.

Individually blind-boxed versions will be available in 24-count gravity feed display boxes. Also being released is a special mini-game which includes tokens for military tanks, fighter jets and battleships to create an epic battle right out of the box.