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Bye, Felicia! but Say Hello to a New Game from Big G Creative

Bye, Felicia! The Game

Saying goodbye has never been so fun! A new party game from Big G CreativeBye, Felicia! incorporates the pop culture phrase in a fun and fast-paced game of wild word associations. For ages 12 and up and available now at Target, the game requires players to mind-meld with friends and family to guess what others are thinking.

Bye, Felicia! challenges great minds to think alike or at least guess how they think! Players have 30 seconds to list as many answers as they can before time runs out. The topics are random and range from “Foods You Eat with Ketchup” to “Bad Habits,” giving every round the potential for lots of laughs. When someone has an answer that doesn’t match another player, everyone says “Bye, Felicia!” good heartedly dismissing the person from that round of gameplay.

The game’s objective is to match as many answers as possible with the other players to stay in the round the longest. Scoring tokens are collected each round and the person who collects the most tokens overall, wins the game!

For three to eight players, Bye, Felicia! takes twenty minutes to play and includes 200 cards, 40 scoring tokens, 8 in/out chips, one pad of paper, 8 pencils, one die, one sand timer, and instructions.

Available now at Target stores nationwide and Target.com, Bye, Felicia! The Game sells for $17.99 SRP. Published by Big G Creative, the game was invented by Peggy Brown.

Get Ready for Randomly Ridiculous Rules in Letter Go!

Wizkids has announced the release of its card-based party game, Letter Go! Designed by Marcus Ross and Cara Ryan, three to six players write words on their white board using the available letter cards but score points only for the cards they are able to claim before their opponents!

Before play starts, everyone gets a white board, dry erase marker, and two consonants that they keep hidden from the other players. In the center of the table, vowels are displayed equal to the number of player. Also, numbered tokens, again equal to the number of players, are placed within reach. On the count of three, the 60-second egg timer is flipped, every player reveals their consonants, and the game begins! Write a word that’s four letters or more using the vowels in the center and your opponents’ letters, NOT your own!

Simply writing words down isn’t the only thing happening in this game. Every round, two Rule Cards are drawn, and they MUST be incorporated into your word! Will you have to write your word backwards? Maybe you’ll need to draw an eye whenever you write an “E”. You might even have to sign your name on your opponents’ white board! Each letter of the alphabet has two rules associated with it, so there are countless combination of crazy antics!

Write your word, complete the Rule Cards, then grab a scoring token! This determines who scores first once everyone is done with their word. The point value of each letter is indicated by the number of stars above it. The player that took the 1-token scores all the letters in their word. Vowels are worth nothing or -1, depending on the game variant you choose to play. Play continues for 5 rounds, and whoever has the most points at the end WINS!

Are you ready to enjoy some wacky word play? Then head over to your Friendly Local Game Store to pick up Letter Go! for $24.99 T-O-D-A-Y!

IDW Games Announces The X-Files: Conspiracy Theory

IDW Games and 20th Century Fox have announced a new storytelling party game, The X-Files: Conspiracy Theory. The story telling, social party game with light deduction puts players in the role to creating plausible theories using evidence at the scene to convince the other players of their case.

Designed by Matt Fantastic, designer for Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Everything is Connectedputs players in the role of Special Agent Fox Mulder who is trying to earn the respect of the other players as FBI Directors to create a plausible theory for the case. This story telling game is built deep within the lore of X-Files, and puts players right on the scene to see if they can make the other players believe. The game also comes with a second game mode, based on Jose Chung, from one of the most famous episodes “From Outer Space”. Other player play as witnesses to a paranormal event and Jose Chung must look at all the evidence they provide and create a complete narrative that ties all their stories together.

Planned as the first game in a series based on the X-Files, X-Files: Conspiracy Theory Everything is Connected, will be available March 2018, riding along side the shows 25th Anniversary.