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Games Workshop is Back for Pre-Orders Next Week with Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm, and More

After a few weeks of no new pre-orders, Games Workshop is back with a pretty packed week of new releases. You’ll be able to pre-order all of the below starting next Saturday!

Necromunda gets a new boxed set with Necromunda: Hive War. The new set has everything you need to play and a perfect way for new players to get into the game. The set comes with two gangs, Escher and Delaque with 10 plastic miniatures for each gang and a variety of weapons to arm them.

Also included is a 10-page softback rulebook which includes everything you need to play from how to generate gangs, to the rules, scenarios, and more.

There’s also modular scenary with which you can use to do battle as well as a double-sided gaming mat, dice, tokens, cards, and templates.

Also coming is a Necromunda Underhive Propaganda Transfer Sheet that features 499 decals that you can use to help make your scenery unique and add finishing touches to your own Underhive.

Necromunda Underhive Propaganda Transfer Sheet

You’ll need to upgrade your gangs which means the need for new weapons. The Weapons & Upgrades Sets has you covered with over 60 alternative components to make your gang even more unique. Two will be released, one for Escher and one for the Goliaths. They include different heads, weapons, and more.

Blood Bowl is getting some love with new releases as well for the Chaos Chosen.

You can get a set of pitch and dugouts for the Chaos Chosen so you can play Blood Bowl honoring the Dark Gods.

Blood Bowl Chaos Chosen Pitch and Dugouts

You’ll be able to better keep track of your team with the Chaos Chosen Card Pack which is a handy reference. It also includes 20 blank cards to keep track of your team as it develops as well as Special Play cards exclusive to Chaos Chosen teams.

Chaos Chosen Card Pack

Finally, show your allegiance to the Chaos Gods with the Chaos Chosen Team Dice Pack.

Chaos Chosen Team Dice Pack

Warhammer Underworlds gets two releases to expand your games with.

Hedkrakka’s Madmob is a new warband of four feral Orruks led by a mask-wearing Shaman. They’re an aggressive warband sure to mix games up and deliver new elements to the Underworlds.

Hedkrakka’s Madmob

Warhammer Underworlds: Silent Menace Universal Deck is an expansion perfect for every warband. It offers new card options and a greater variety of deckbuilding combos. The release features 32 cards – 12 objectives, 10 gambits, and 10 upgrades. They’re all themed around the treasures and tactics of Beastgrave’s Silent People. The set doesn’t include any spells meaning you don’t need a wizard to get everything out of it.

Warhammer Underworlds: Silent Menace Universal Deck

Black Library has a bunch of releases coming too.

Warriors and Warlords is available in paperback and is a collection of short stories set in the world of Warhammer 40,000. It includes stories by Rachel Harrison, Graham McNeill, and Chris Wraight.

Warriors and Warlords

The Sisters of Battle Collection brings together works by James Swallow. It includes his full collection of novels and short stories focused on the Sisters of Battle in a limited edition release that features two hardbacks. It includes five tales – Faith & Fire, Hammer & Anvil, Red & Black, and Heart & Soul, as well as a brand new story, Iron & Bone.

Sisters of Battle Collection

Sisters of Battle: The Book of Martyrs has more adventures focused on the Adepta Sororitas. It has three action-packed stories by Danie Ware, Alec Worley, and Phil Kelly.

Sisters of Battle: The Book of Martyrs

Dive into the world of Necromunda with Fire Made Flesh by Denny Flowers. Danger is afoot as Tempes Sol of the Guild of Light seeks the dark secrets that lurk in the Fallen Dome of Periculus.

Fire Made Flesh

Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus features 20 short stories and novellas from Dan Abnett, James Swallow, and Gav Thorpe. It’s the ultimate book for fans of the Blood Angels and their successor Chapters!

Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus

Ultramarines: Dead Sky, Black Sun is out as an MP3 audiobook. Graham McNeill tells the tale of Uriel Ventris’ daring attack on the Iron Warriors home world, deep in the Eye of Terror itself.

Ultramarines: Dead Sky, Black Sun

Space Wolves, Deathwatch, and more are Here in this Week’s Games Workshop Pre-Order

Space Marines get more options in this week’s new pre-orders from Games Workshop. Deathwatch and Space Wolves get their codex releases along with Combat Patrols and more. There’s also something for Ork players and those looking for a better way to hold on to their figures for painting. Check out what you can pre-order now.

Space Wolves are here with two versions of their codex. You can get the collector’s edition for $65 and the regular version for $30.

You can keep track of your Space Wolves with Datacards: Space Wolves for $15 and show off your loyalty with the Space Wolves Dice Set for $35.

But what’s a codex without some models to build your force? GW has you covered!

Combat Patrol: Space Wolves retails for $140 and features 1 Primaris Lieutenant, 1 Invictor Tactical Warsuit, 10 Primaris Intercessors, 5 Primaris Reivers, and 2 Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade Frames.

Combat Patrol: Space Wolves

The Hounds of Morkai retail for $45 and are an elite choice who are adept at hunting enemy psykers! The set includes 5 Primaris Reivers and a Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade Frame.

Hounds of Morkai

Ragnar Blackmane is here to lead your force. The miniature retails for $40.

Ragnar Blackmane

The Deathwatch have arrived as well. You can now build your force of xenos-hunters with their brand-new codex. The collector’s edition retails for $65 while the regular edition is $30.

You can keep track of your Deathwatch with Datacards: Deathwatch for $15 and show off your loyalty with the Deathwatch Dice Set for $35.

The Combat Patrol: Deathwatch retails for $140 and features 1 Primaris Lieutenant, 1 Primaris Apothecary, 10 Primaris Intercessors, 3 Primaris Aggressors, and 2 Deathwatch Upgrade Frames.

Combat Patrol: Deathwatch

But, there’s also something for Space Marine players as a whole. You add some fast attack forces to your force with a set of Outriders. The box set retails for $60 and features 3 miniatures that are push-fit! There’s also a Primaris Space Marines Transfer Sheet included.


Orktober is over but you can pre-order Ghazghkull Thraka is now available for pre-order. The figure previously only available in a limited box set retails for $65 and features Ghazghkull Thraka and Makari!

Ghazghkull Thraka

And GW is making it easier to get a grip and paint those new figures. An upgraded Citadel Colour Painting Handle is now avaible for $12.50. It features an extended grip to make it easier to hold.

Citadel Colour Painting Handle

Black Library has some new releases as well!

Experience a classic tale of Captain Leonatos and his Blood Angels in the full-color update of Bloodquest. Created by Gordon Rennie and Colin MacNeil, it retails for $30.

Bloodquest Vol. 1

Deathwatch: The Long Vigil retails for $27 in hardback and is an all-action tales of alien-killing from a variety of authors in an anthology that showcases the Deathwatch at their very best.

Stories include:

  • Messiah Complex by Steve Parker
  • The Shadow of the Saints by Ben Counter
  • The Crueltymaker’s Kingdom by Marc Collins
  • The Nihilus Edge by Justin D. Hill
  • Sorrowcrown by Nicholas Wolf
  • Awakened by Sarah Cawkwell
  • Brother to Dishonour by David Guymer
  • The Last Word by Phil Kelly
  • Entombed by Andy Clark
Deathwatch: The Long Vigil

Darkness in the Blood retails for $27 in the hardback version focuses on rebuilding a broken empire after the Devastation of Baal. It’s written by Guy Haley.

Darkness in the Blood