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Role-Playing Games: Dungeons and Dragons, Lasers and Feelings and Beyond

Tabletop roleplaying games are a hot social activity. Many have played for decades, but some have always wanted to try but haven’t found a group to join yet. This episode features a diverse crew of TTRPG experts answering your questions on everything from how to get started, how to make your games more inclusive, how to adapt your offline games to online AND recommend awesome games you haven’t heard of yet (those may involve neither dungeons nor dragons). 

Jess Ross is an editor, writer, and podcaster. She plays D&D with the d20 Dames, a family-friendly actual play podcast https://d20dames.com/  You can find all of Jess’ writing on their website http://writejess.com

Mike Kelly is a cohost of the One Shot Test Kitchen podcast https://anchor.fm/one-shot-test-kitchen, which is a real-play podcast of different indie pen-and-paper RPGs. He is a game designer/writer and public speaker about games based out of Brooklyn

April-Lyn Caouette is a cohost of the One Shot Test Kitchen. She’s a cofounder / Chief Resource Nerd at Love Thy Nerd, a nerd culture ministry that exists to love and serve their nerdy neighbors through thoughtful content, intentional community, and relational outreach. lovethynerd.com.

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Fantastic Worlds Productions Partners with Paizo for Pathfinder Adventures

The Greatest Show on Earth

Paizo and Fantastic Worlds Productions have announced that Fantastic Worlds has become an officially licensed partner. They will premiere a new actual-play tabletop roleplaying game podcast adventureThe Greatest Show on Earth! set in the circus-themed “Extinction Curse Adventure Path” for Pathfinder Second Edition. They also will continue their immersive podcast in which they struggle against the wintry witch Baba Yaga, set in the Pathfinder Reign of Winter Adventure Path, using the first edition Pathfinder rules.

Established in August 2018, the Fantastic Worlds crew includes Game Dad (GM) Dustin Alexander who harries the team via the machinations of the Witch-Queens of Irrisen in Reign of Winter, Jess Negin takes the reigns as the nefarious Ring Master (GM) in Extinction Curse, Abbie Lammel, Angel Espinoza, and Logan Mayne-Rizzi—who just try to keep their characters alive.