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Renegade Game Studios Reveals Love Letter: Princess Princess Ever After

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Love Letter: Princess Princess Ever After

Win the Princess’ heart!

Renegade Game Studios has revealed a new version of the popular game Love Letter, Love Letter: Princess Princess Ever After.

Find the perfect ally to secretly carry your letter to Princess Isadora and win her heart in this quick game of risk and deduction based on the award-winning Love Letter card game! Entrust your message to the nearly invincible Ogre, the lightning fast Unicorn, or her close friends, Princess Sadie and Princess Amira!

The game is set in the world of K. O’Neill’s Princess Princess Ever After graphic novel. The graphic novel was published by Oni Press and released in 2016. It went on to receive numerous award nominations and praise.

The game includes 21 tarot-sized character cards and 13 acrylic favor tokens. It’s for 2-6 players, ages 10+, and games should take about 20 minutes. Retailing for $20, Love Letter: Princess Princess Ever After will be released in October 2021.

Renegade Game Studios Announces the Transformers Deck-Building Game

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Transformers Deck Building-Game

Take on the role of an Autobot and fight the Decepticons in the Transformers Deck Building-Game. Published by Renegade Game Studios, the game is designed by Matt Hyra and Dan Blanchett.

In the Transformers Deck-Building Game, 1-5 players take on the roles of one of the mighty Autobots! Begin by exploring the Matrix, transforming between your bot and alternate mode as you gain allies, find relics, and acquire technology to do battle with the Decepticons. But be warned! As your deck grows, more powerful Decepticons will rise up to challenge you.

The Transformers Deck-Building Game can be played as a competitive or as a cooperative experience. This Core Set will begin your collection with everything needed to play, but the battle is far from over as playable Decepticons will be along before long to expand your game and offer new possibilities!

Pre-orders are now open and will come with the Transformers Deck-Building Game Bonus Pack #1, featuring the fan-favorite music lover Jazz as a playable character, as well as 4 additional promos for you to encounter as you travel the Matrix.

The game is for ages 13+ and playing time is 45 to 90 minutes.

Renegade Game Studios Announces Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade

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Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade

Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade is the newest expansion for Clank! In! Space! The expansion adds six new modules, a new item, and a new way to obtain artifacts.

Out in July, Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade expands gameplay where you’ll set high scores on Lord Eradikus’ collection of vintage arcade cabinets.

Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade requires Clank! In! Space! to play and features a Master Control: Pulsarcade, 3 double-sided game board modules, 20+ tokens, Arcade Eradikus Boss Marker, and 4 racers.

It’s designed by Paul Dennen and Evan Lorentz with art by Anika Burrell, Raul Ramos, and Nate Storm.

Renegade Game Studios Reveals Organized Play for Vampire: The Masquerade

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Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals

Renegade Game Studios has announced their plans for Organized Play for Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Expandable Card Game. The publisher is kicking things off with a pre-release league taking place on Tabletopia.

There will be numerous ways to play:

  • Casual Kits – For store-level and at-home organized play, be it game nights, small tournaments, or weekly leagues. These kits will closely resemble the OP Kit included in many of your Kickstarter pledges, with a variety of alt-art cards and playmats. We are excited to share with you the first of these kits featuring a new promo vampire, Freddy Usher!
  • Premium Kits or Store Championships – Community-level kits slated to begin in late 2021 or early 2022. Will include a wider variety of prizes, including things like acrylic tokens, deckboxes, or other swag that will improve your play experience and show off your fearsome reputation to future opponents! Intended for a larger tournament at a local game store or club.
  • Prince of the City events – Once large events are able to safely resume, we intend to introduce our top-level competitive event, the Prince of the City. Frequently held at large gaming conventions, these will be large, highly-competitive tournaments with very attractive prizes on the line. Fight your way to the top and be crowned Prince of the City, and you’ll have the opportunity to be immortalized in the game as a unique vampire in a future product. A Prince of the City event will also include a variety of side events to ensure that no matter your performance in the main tournament, you have a way to spend more time with the Vamily and enjoy playing Vampire.

The Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals organized play will be broken into seasons. It all starts with Season 1: San Francisco. Season 1 will include Prince of the City Indianapolis (GenCon), and Prince of the City Philadelphia (PAXU), assuming that those events happen that allows such a tournament. There will also be four casual play kits and one community-level premium kit.

Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals seasons

2021 plans may change due to the current pandemic.

There will also be a Season 0: Pre-Release. Running through February 22nd, the season will take place on Tabletopia and is free to participate in. You can sign up to take part. Pairings will be posted each Tuesday on the Vampire Rivals community Discord starting February 23rd.

The league will consist of 5 rounds of swiss pairings and those that go undefeated will receive a prize, while players with one loss will also receive a different prize. Players who play every round will receive a special badfe on the Vampire Community forums and get a special Role on the Discord.

Ricals supports up to 4 players but this league will be 1 versus 1 to simplify setting up the games.

In addition to the Season 0 League, Kickstarter backers will receive a special Season 0 OP kit with the new vampire Smoke. Players can use this kit to run a small event in their local groups and stores if it’s safe to do so.

You can find more details at the Renegade Game Studios website.

Grab Your Bike and Beat Some Monsters with The Snallygaster Situation Kids on Bikes Board Game

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Pre-orders are open now for The Snallygaster Situation Kids on Bikes Board Game! Play as either the Lost Kid or their friends seeking to find their friend and eliminate the big bad monster in this 2-5 player cooperative board game from Renegade Game Studios!

The Snallygaster is one of the monsters that are terrorizing your hometown in this game set in the Kids on Bikes world.

One player will take on the role of the Lost Kid, giving clues to your friends to help them find you, while keeping the monster terrorizing the town at bay! The other players are kids trying to defeat the monster and save their friend! Watch out for the Feds! The Federal Agents can put a real damper on
your epic adventure!

Every turn, the Lost Kid will select a card to play. The card will provide clues about their location such as street names, buildings, or landmarks. But the card will also dictate how the Monsters and the Feds move and attack. You might have the perfect clue to give, but it means that the Monster will attack one of the kids. sending them back to the Treehouse and advancing the Doom Tracker (game timer). The other players will take turns using their Rides to search the town, looking for clues, using their special items cards, and avoiding the monster.

At the start of the game, Kids can select a Ride that gives them a special power. Choose from Skateboard, Dirt Bike, Inline Skates, Mountain Bikes, and items like that. You’ll play against four different monsters, the Jersey Devil, a Dover Demon, Bloody Mary, and the Snallygaster. Each monster features a different difficulty and unique gameplay.

Hop on your bikes and embark upon a dangerous yet epic adventure to find your missing friend and maybe even save the world!

Meant for ages 8+, the game is designed by Jon Gilmour and Michael Addison, developed by T.C. Petty III, and art by Heather Vaughan and Scott O’Gara.

Pre-orders also receive a special bonus!

Renegade Game Studios announces Gravwell 2nd Edition

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Gravwell 2nd Edition

This April, Gravwell 2nd Edition comes to shelves courtesy of Renegade Game Studios. Gravwell has been one of Renegade’s top-selling games since the beginning of the publisher and now it gets refreshed.

Updated are:

  • New art from award-winning artist Kwanchai Moriya
  • Adds unique powers for each ship!
  • Increases the player count from the original award-winning game to 6 players.!
  • Includes new dynamic ship models!

In Gravwell you’re among a flotilla of ships that survived passing through a black hole. The fabric of space and the general physics you’ve known have changed. You quickly discover that your engines are offline, but you can navigate crudely using your tractor and repulsor beams. By mining asteroids and collecting raw elements from space dust, you muster just enough force to move your spacecraft. You lock onto another object, perhaps a spacecraft, and creep toward it. But just as you’re about to engage your tractor beam, its captain engages his beam, catapulting his ship past you. If you don’t act quickly, you’ll be pulled the wrong direction! It’s a real mind-bender!

Renegade Games Studios and Oni Press Announce Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance

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Renegade Game Studios has revealed a new collaboration with Oni Press and Sanrio coming this spring!

Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance is a fast-playing card game for 3-6 players, where each player takes the role of a mild-mannered office worker trying to get through their work each day. If a worker becomes frustrated, they can RAGE to let out their inner heavy-metal rock star. RAGING will provide some much-needed relief from the daily grind, but it may have consequences later on.

The first worker to complete all of their work ends the day. The others must count up the cards left in their hands and record the extra hours that they owe the company. If they have too much work left, they may even have to put in overtime!

Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance

Jimmy Le and Trivia Fox Join Renegade Game Studios

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Jimmy Le

Renegade Game Studios has announced two new hires. Jimmy Le and Trivia Fox have joined the team as Associate Producers as part of Renegade’s continuing growth.

New Associate Producer: Board & Card Games, Jimmy Le began working in the tabletop industry since 2015, mostly as part of the Organized Play at Fantasy Flight Games. There, he specialized in planning events with retailers, community events, conventions, and Fantasy Flight Games tournament track across North America.

At Renegade, Jimmy will be putting his project management skills to use in making the actual games, working closely with the production, creative, and marketing teams to ensure things progress smoothly through the process of game creation.

Trivia Fox

Trivia Fox, the new Associate Producer: Roleplaying Games is a longtime roleplaying game fan, harkening back to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Most recently of Roll20, Fox served as team lead for the content conversion team and Roll20 Marketplace. In addition to their experience at Roll20, Fox has served as Art Director for games such as Thirsty Sword Lesbians and Burn Bryte.

Fox will join the fast-growing RPG team headed by Elisa Teague, managing the creation and production of games like Vampire 5th Edition, Kids on Bikes, The Altered Carbon RPG, and more. Among other duties, they’ll be responsible for assisting with localization efforts and ensuring all products meet a high standard of quality.

Renegade Game Studios Announces World’s Fair 1893 Amazon Exclusive Edition

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World's Fair 1893 Amazon exclusive

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new edition of World’s Fair 1893 and it’s available for pre-order now!

The World’s Fair of 1893 in Chicago was a spectacular international exhibition that showcased many great achievements in science, technology, culture, and entertainment. In World’s Fair 1893, you can travel back in time and assume the role of the event organizers. You will compete against other players to gain influence and obtain the grandest exhibits to be displayed at the fair. 

New Edition? What’s new?

The World’s Fair was an event that demonstrated what was considered cultural and technological entertainment; however, racism and segregation were an overarching reality and African Americans and Indigenous Americans were excluded. The NEW Amazon Exclusive edition of World’s Fair 1893, which is currently available for pre-order, now includes a new group of diverse playable historical figures. 

In 1893, it had been less than 30 years since the abolition of slavery in the United States. Despite the progress of the African Americans, they were not given the opportunity to share their own accomplishments at the World’s Fair. These seven new playable historical figures were instrumental in giving African Americans and other disenfranchised groups the chance to highlight their progress and achievements.

  • Ida B. Wells
  • Frederick Douglas
  • Irvine Garland Penn
  • Fannie Barrier Williams
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Frederick Law Olmstead
  • Henry Ives Cobb

Renegade Game Studios worked with historical consultant Jade R. Rogers – the founder of The House of Afros, Capes & Curls. The new rulebook includes a historical note she wrote about race at the World’s Fair in 1893.

Wardlings Comes to Roll20

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Wardlings Roll20

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new partnership with Roll20, beginning with today’s release of the Wardlings Campaign Guide for the Roll20 platform.

With a new Adventure Module featuring new custom maps, a charactermancer-compatible Compendium expansion, and a player token and handout pack, Roll20 now has everything a group needs to start playing Wardlings online.

Wardlings is a 5th Edition-compatible campaign setting, based on WizKids’ pre-painted miniatures line, where the youth are the only ones capable of perceiving and interacting with the magic of the world. It provides a great entry point in to roleplaying for ages 10 and up.

Roll20 is an online service that makes it easy to play your favorite roleplaying games remotely. It provides a shared virtual tabletop, a variety of communication tools, and access to a marketplace filled with content for your favorite system.

This is just the start of a new collaboration between Renegade Games and Roll20. In the coming months, there are plans to bring additional Renegade RPG lines to the platform.

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