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Roll for Combat Inks Exclusive Distribution Deal with Diamond Book Distributors

Roll for Combat

Diamond Book Distributors has announced that it has signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Roll for Combat to exclusively distribute its products to North American and international book markets. This agreement also sees Roll for Combat products distributed to the comic book specialty market exclusively through Diamond Comic Distributors.

Roll for Combat publishes high-quality deluxe tabletop RPG products for 5e and Pathfinder Second Edition, written by veteran authors and overseen by Director of Game Design Mark Seifter, co-creator of Pathfinder Second Edition. Along with Publisher Stephen Glicker, Seifter and a rotating cast of industry guests deliver tips, inside scoops, and analysis on the tabletop RPG scene on the YouTube show Roll for Combat Live. Additionally, Roll for Combat licenses with Paizo Inc. to run the RPG Superstar contest, which allows aspiring authors to submit monsters for professional judge feedback and potential publication.

Roll for Combat is most well-known for the Battlezoo line of products for 5e and Pathfinder 2e. These include Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons, which allows players to play as dragons; Battlezoo Eldamon, which introduces 162 elemental creatures to befriend and 13 different elements to master; the Battlezoo Bestiary, which features hundreds of award-winning monsters to add to any TTRPG game; and the epic adventure Jewel of the Indigo Isles created collaboratively among five legendary industry veteran adventure authors.