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The Sakura Arms Pledge Manager is Now Open

Sakura Arms

Level 99 has opened up the pledge manager for Sakura Arms. You can get all 3 boxes with 6 goddesses each plus promotional Vigor cards for $89.

Sakura Arms is the #1 fighting card game from Japan, and now it’s coming to the English-speaking world in its entirety! Choose two patron goddesses and prepare to duel under the falling cherry blossoms!

In the game, each player chooses two patron goddesses to assist them in a duel. Each goddess brings unique divine weapons in the form of special cards. You build your fighting style by selecting 10 cards provided by your goddesses and then duel!

Pledges are expected to ship in August 2021.

Sakura Arms

Sakura Arms is coming soon to Kickstarter on October 27

Sakura Arms

Level 99 Games has announced their next upcoming release, and their first major localization project, Sakura Arms! The legendary dueling game from Japan is coming to Kickstarter on October 27th!

In Sakura Arms, each player chooses two patron goddesses to assist them in a duel. Each goddess confers a unique divine weapon in the form of a deck of special tactics and elemental powers. Build your personal fighting style by selecting 10 cards from among the 22 provided by your goddesses, then duel!

Battles are fast-paced, and revolve around the movement of Sakura Tokens on the board. Tokens between you represent distance, tokens in your aura are your defenses, and tokens in your flare are spirit power used to unleash deadly Ultimate Attacks! Duels are straightforward and elegant, as everything flows from the movement of this one component.

Level 99 Games’ edition of Sakura Arms will be released in three boxes, each containing 6 unique goddesses, for a total of 18! There are even more exciting updates to the new worldwide edition of this classic game, which they’ll reveal in the coming weeks!