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Interpop announces the Emergents TCG global release in February 2023

InterPop is celebrating the first year of the ever-expanding fan-driven Emergents Universe with a trading card game, moving from Public Beta to global release on February 6, 2023! Among the team behind this new initiative are pro-players, and game designers Corey Burkhart, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Brian David-Marshall, Zvi Mowshowitz, and Drew Nolosco. This team counts two in the Magic: the Gathering Hall of Fame, the 2020-2021 Magic the Gathering World Champion, with multiple pro-tournament wins, and a resume of over 50 games and expansions released. Cards in the game feature art from legendary talent like Scott Kolins, Colleen Doran, Adrián Gutiérrez, and more.

The Emergents Trading Card Game taps into this already expansive universe and its rich storylines to create an unmatched player experience, while leveraging the power of the Tezos blockchain to turn cards into digital collectibles, with the ability to own your cards, cosmetics, and other game assets, via the almost any wallet in the Tezos ecosystem. The game combines the deep strategy of traditional TCGs, the convenience and fast pace of digital TCGs, and the digital ownership of Web3. 

Players can learn more about this rich universe and its characters Interpop Comics series The Nine, Emergents Presents, #ZoeMG, The Abyss, and The Rejects, which established this brand new superhero universe, with all comics available digitally via their InterPop Comics readership platform.

The Emergents Trading Card has been in Public Beta since August of this year, where players can download the game and start building their decks with regularly-updated batches of Free Set cards. As in the comics, the powers behind characters in The Emergents TCG are divided into 5 factions: Tinkerers, Acolytes, Sculptors, Strongarms, and Non-Stops. Each faction has its own advantages and disadvantages, and players are already finding exciting ways to creatively configure their decks.

To get players started with their own cards at launch, InterPop ran the Super Booster Flash Sale, which offered three tiers of “Super Booster Promo Packs” containing cards with exclusive artwork from artists like Scott Kollins, Colleen Doran, and Bill Sienkiewicz, player avatars, and Emergents Universe comics.