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The Serious Play Conference Announces the Winners of its 2020 Education Game Competition

Serious Play Conference

The Serious Play Conference’s 2020 competition has announced eleven awards winners in its annual tabletop education game competition.

Corporate Sector Gold Medal Winner

Impact Pursuit, created by Steel Owl for Autodesk educates sales employees about the company’s sustainability effort. The game has employees build their own tree using information about the company’s sustainability efforts. The game is designed to strengthen employees’ understanding of the company’s sustainability mission.

K-12 Education Sector Winners

Gold Medal Awards:

Election Night!, created by Semper Smart Games, is a STEM focused tabletop board game where two players or teams battle for electoral votes to win the presidency. Election Night comes with a double- sided board with multiplication and addition version so players of multiple skill levels can master essential math while learning U.S. state geography. 

Powder Keg A Revolutionary War Card Game, created by The EPIC Project @ KCAD, is a humanities focused tabletop card game where two sides fight against each other. Strategy is needed to win the war. 

Race to the Moon, created by Ball State University, is a STEM focused two player competitive card game about the historic Space Race. Players take the role of either the US or the USSR, and the object is to be the first person to the moon. To win you need to combine research efforts, leadership, efficiency, safety and innovation. 

Silver Medal Award:

Roots of Power, created by Seriously Entertaining Education, is a literacy focused game that teaches Greek and Latin word roots. The game has a combination of chance, skill and collaborative based play. 

You Make Me Sick, created by The Partnership in Education of Duquesne University with funding from the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) of the NIH. It is a board game where players fight 11 common infectious diseases while learning about the functions of the immune system. The game teaches about vaccines, antibiotics, and steps to staying healthy. 

Vax Bracket, created by Dr. Games Bond, uses competition and fun to teach the broad concepts of vaccines, immunity and disease spread. The objective of the game is to teach the players about immunocompromised citizens of our society and how they rely on herd immunity.

RETAIN, created by Retain Labs Medical, is a digital and paper game that teaches neonatal resuscitation. Retain is a complement to the already existing neonatal training. Currently, neonatal resuscitation is taught through simulation based training and is cost and resource intensive which reduces availability. The RETAIN game makes it easily accessible and helps trainees learn resuscitation skills. 

Bronze Medal Awards:

Problem Scape Sama, created by RoundEd Learning, is a STEM focused card game that teaches players the meaning of equality in math. The game teaches you about different symbols in math and how they can sometimes have more than one meaning. 

Fixing Foolish, created by Techno Nature, is a card game that teaches basic anatomy and physiology. The engaging card game includes true stories and injuries with ways to fix it. The game also includes colorful worksheets, unique anatomy guide, color coded body systems, cool icons for organ function, and a systems mind map.  

Military/Government Sector Silver Medal Winner

Distrix, created by Distrix Games, is a game of skill in which two players—Red and Blue—compete to control more than half of the nine political districts in an imaginary state.  Inspired by America’s gerrymandering problem, DISTRIX presents a strategic and relevant challenge like no other.

Serious Play awards honor outstanding commercial and student titles used for education or training. Entry categories include: Corporate/Vocational; Healthcare/Medical; Local and State Government/Military; PreK Education; K-12 Education; Higher Education; Museum/Visitor Centers; Other.