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Today’s Ript “Hex Sports” Design is for Catan Fans

Ript Apparel has three brand new designs today and one is perfect for fans of Settlers of Catan! You can get “Hex Sports” by walmazan today only! Get it before it’s gone!

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Asmodee Acquires Catan from Mayfair

mayfair-games-logoThis is a pretty interesting way to start off 2016 for the gaming industry. Mayfair Games (MGI) has announced that Asmodee has acquired the license for the English language publishing and sales of the popular board game Catan. From this, Catan Studio, Inc. has formed and becomes the newest creative unit in the Asmodee group. Mayfair Games will continue to do business as an independent company publishing both Mayfair and Lookout Games products.

Mayfair Games will assist Catan Studio, Inc. and Asmodee North America in the promotion of the Catan brand including but not limited to the continued coordination of the 2016 Catan tournament schedule, Catan Day 2016 and the 2016 Catan World Championship.

MGI continues to retain a controlling interest in Lookout GmbH and Mayfair GmbH, providing a wide range of games worldwide, and distribution to the European marketplace. These efforts will be expanded with a new focus on multi-language and international products.

MGI has also announced the acquisition of several Martin Wallace games as permanent additions to the Mayfair game library. Those titles include Steam, Aeroplanes, Automobile, Test of Fire and Clash of Wills.

Moving forward, all of MGI’s distributor and retailer terms will remain the same. MGI will also be continuing its exclusive agreement with Alliance for all sales in the USA to the hobby market and with Esdevium for the UK market. MGI will be reevaluating and making some adjustments to its distribution strategy in Canada.

Asmodee has been on a role lately. Fantasy Flight Games merged with the company after the company had already acquired Days of Wonder. The company has also shifted how it distributes games causing mixed reactions. This latest acquisition further consolidates the industry around a few major publishers.

Mayfair had also recently done a rebranding of Catan updating the design of the packaging and creating a more universal look.

Gen Con 2015: Mayfair’s Catan: Big Game 2015- Don’t Miss Your Chance at History Again

mayfair-games-logoDuring Gen Con 2013, Mayfair Games set an official Guinness World Record for the largest game of Catan ever played. Over 900 folks played in the same game of Catan in a feat never duplicated since- until now.

Join Mayfair Games for the second Big Game this year at Gen Con 2015, where they will try to break their own record from 2013. All proceeds will go to the official Gen Con charity, the Julian Center so in addition to making history, you’ll be supporting a fantastic cause.

So come live the dream. Don’t let history pass you by for a second time- you need to see the Big Game to believe it- and what’s better than watching a game? Playing it.

The Big Game will be held at the White River Ballroom in the J.W. Marriott hotel, 7:00 pm Friday, July 31st. Don’t miss your chance to register for the Big Game using event code: BGM1576923.

Catan Con 2015

CatanCon 2015 PosterJoin Mayfair Games as they celebrate the first annual International Catan Day at Catan Con 2015, April 2426, 2015 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Don’t miss your chance to play all things Catan, along with the entire Mayfair Games library.  There will be an exciting event schedule with all Mayfair products including free open play!

Additional show highlights include:

  • Mammoth Carpet/Floor Games (Catan, Star Trek: Catan, Catan Junior, Pompeii, Hot Tin Roof and more)
  • Giant Tabletop Games (Catan, Lords of Vegas, Shear Panic and more)
  • Many of your favorite Catan games and even a few you probably haven’t seen in years including the original Catan Historical series, Settlers of Nuremburg, Das Buch and more.
  • Be a part of a smaller version of “The Big Game” – a 100-player version of the world record setting Catan game.
  • Play in theCatan National Championship Qualifier.
    • 1st place winner will receive a trip to Gen Con 2015 (travel included, standard hotel room/double occupancy, and guaranteed seating into the semi-final on Sunday)
    • The Train Gamers Association (TGA) will be joining us for a modified Puffing Billy game track and a Settlers of America Tournament.
      • Winner of SOA tournament will receive a 4-day Gen Con badge & a TGA ribbon for Gen Con 2015
  • Catan Teen Tournament (ages 12-17yrs)

Event Registration:

3-day Badge: (includes 3-day convention badge (Fri-Sun), limited edition Catan Day 2015 shirt and Catan Day 2015 SWAG)

  • Ages 12+ = $45 per person
  • Ages 11 and under are free (no t-shirt or SWAG included)

Individual Day Badge: (Includes SWAG, no t-shirt)

  • $25 per person


  • Additional shirts available: $25 each
  • $5 discount if you “Like” the Mayfair Games Facebook Page
  • First 100 hotel rooms booked receive ONE (1) free badge to Catan Con 2015
  • Email your Hotel Reservation Code and your Convention Registration Account Number to events@mayfairgames.com.
  • Convention Registration and Hotel Registration are required to complete the authorization process.

Registration Links & Extras:

Additional event registration options:

  • Catan National Championship Qualifier – US Tournament – $5
  • 1st place prize will receive a trip to Gen Con (travel included, standard hotel room/double occupancy, and guaranteed seating into the semi-final on Sunday) o The Big Game – Saturday night. No Charge!
  • Settlers of America Tournament – No Charge!
  • Winner of SOA tournament will receive 4-day Gen Con badge & a TGA ribbon for Gen Con
  • Catan Teen Tournament (ages 12-17yrs) – No Charge!

Catan: Ancient Egypt in November

MFG3221-cxThe sun of Catan rises over the hot desert sands of Ancient Egypt. Klaus Teuber has re-worked his masterpiece The Settlers of Catan for this unique collector’s edition, Catan: Ancient Egypt. Settle along the banks of the Nile during the time of the Pharaohs. With the help of your oxcart, you build small villages and great temples styled after some of the most interesting buildings of Egyptian antiquity.

Beware of the robber! His chariot can interrupt production at your cattle pastures, papyrus groves and quarries.

After you master the Base Game, you can try these interesting variants & scenarios:

Help from the Gods: Adds 10 god cards whose powers add a variety of options for dynamic gameplay.

The Great Pyramid allows you to build papyrus boats across the Nile and compete for the pharaoh’s blessing and the vizier’s favor by building blocks onto the great pyramid.

Find out more about what you can expect below the jump!

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Game Review: Catan Dice Game Deluxe Edition

20140223-145645.jpgI am deep in the throes of a dice game addiction. What began with Zombie Dice has since moved on to Chupacabra: Survive the Night and now the Catan Dice Game. D-Day Dice arrived in the mail yesterday and Martian Dice and Zooloretto: The Dice Game are in my Amazon queue. It is a wonderful and dangerous place to be. So what is it about rolling these small square blocks? While luck is usually the ultimate determinant, I think it’s a combination of the relative ease in understanding the instructions and quickness of play mixed with a bit of risk taking and strategy. If I had the time and a legitimate gaming group I would undertake Arkham Horror or Mage Knight, but for now, dice are my go-to gaming fix.

Catan Dice Game Deluxe Edition is, as the title suggests, the dice version of the Mayfair‘s titanically popular Settlers of Catan board game. The Deluxe Edition includes six resource dice, a pad of 50 double-sided map sheets, rules booklet, and a leather dice cup (not included in the Standard Edition). The map sheets include two separate types of gameplay, referred to as Island One and Island Two, the latter being slightly quicker but a bit more advanced. Both maps depict the Island of Catan, with its winding path of roads, knights, settlements, and cities…all in desperate need of construction.


Each six-sided die is the same, and depicts six different resources: brick, lumber, wool, grain, ore, and gold. Players (1-4) take turns rolling up to three times and use the subsequent resources to build. Building costs vary (i.e. roads cost brick and lumber, knights costs ore, wool, and grain, etc.) and settlements or cities cannot be built unless a road touching it has been built. Whatever was built on a turn has a corresponding point total that is added up and entered into one of fifteen blank squares on the Scoring Track, each representing a turn. Once the last square is filled in, players add up all of their numbers and the individual with the highest wins.

This game has all of the aforementioned traits of an exceptional dice game: understandable rules, relatively quick gameplay, risk taking (should I stay with my roll and build two roads or use my third roll to get a settlement?), and strategy (stick to the standard path or build side roads to high risk, high payout cities?). While some games make watching and waiting for other players to roll an agonizing process (the Achilles heel of other dice games), we actually became somewhat cooperative in trying to figure out the different purchase options a player could make.

The dice are deceptively light for their size, but still good quality. I do worry about running out of map sheets, but I assume more can be ordered, or you could always scan one and print multiple copies. Two huge bonuses for me, the optional solo play (just keep trying to beat your high score) and the fact that all of the pieces can fit into the dice cup (small, self contained packages are abnormally satisfying for me). Though it lacks the grandiosity of its mothership game, Catan Dice Game makes up with portability, replay value, and island-building fun.

Designer: Klaus Teuber
Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Unboxing: The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board

One of the many successful Kickstarter projects, the Settlers of Catan Gaming Board is a great example of solving a problem and building a business on that. With the project completing its funding in November of 2012, the boards were to be delivered in June 2013. A slight delay, the boards are finally arriving.

This is just one part of my pledge, while I wait for my Seafarers of Catan board to arrive as well.

Was it worth the wait? Check out the video and see what all the hype is about.