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Knight Models Reveals Darkseid, Parademons, Shazam, Professor Pyg, and Falcones for DC Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has revealed the latest releases for its DC Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game.

The DC Universe Miniature Game gets some villains and a new hero. Darkseid, Parademons, and Shazam make their debut. The Parademons come in a three figure set, one of which can be used in the Batman Miniature Game. Shazam is level 15, Parademons are each level 6, and Darkseid is a monstrous level 25. The game also gets a spray template to use during gameplay.

The Batman Miniature Game gets two new gangs and one figure to go with one of them. Professor Pyg & the Dollotrons features four figures, the Falcone Crime Family features Carmine Falcone and three other mob members, and Alberto Falcone rounds out the new releases.

Check out the images of the figures below and pre-order them today.