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Gen Con 2013: Let’s Defend Moscow! – Shenandoah Studio Announces Drive on Moscow by Ted Raicer

Shenandoah Studio has announced ahead of Gen Con 2013 the new game Drive on Moscow, the exciting new sequel to Battle of the Bulge, coming Fall 2013. 

Drive on Moscow invites players to take on the role of either the Soviet or German commander in this defining offensive of World War II. The Battle of Moscow was a large-scale conflict spanning the winter of 1941-1942 and was a key turning point on the Eastern Front.  Designed by Ted Raicer, it features the aggressive German push to Moscow followed by the Soviet counterattack.
Building off of Battle of the Bulge (great UI design, historical photos and commentary, etc), Moscow expands into new directions featuring a changing map based on weather conditions, a larger array of unit types, improved Game Center features, and more. 
Key Features Include:
  • Multiple scenarios ranging from the full conflict to smaller operations
  • The ability to play as both the Soviets and Germans
  • A changing map based on weather conditions
  • The ability to play games against AI, Face to Face, and online
  • New Units and defensive fortifications
  • The latest Game Center features
  • Game designed by Ted Raicer, designer of Paths of Glory
  • Historical commentary and photos throughout the app
  • And more to be announced…
Shenandoah Studio is the premier provider of classic wargames on iPad. El Alamein, a sequel to Battle of the Bulge and Gettysburg: The Tide Turns are in development and coming soon.

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