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WizKids/NECA, MFV Launch New Card Game App, Shuffling The Deck

PacRim_ICON-512Following the recent launch of WizKids Games’ hit card game Shuffling the Deck, the game creator alongside sister company and Cary-based game developer, MFV, today announced Shuffling the Deck for iPad. The new app is themed for the hit film Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim, and available free from the App Store now.

Developers have brought the leading tabletop card game to digital form, combining dynamic gameplay with engaging special effects, immersive sounds and multiple play modes.

In Shuffling the Deck players are given secret character cards, taking on their characters’ roles to earn as many points as they can each turn, while discovering treasures and avoiding danger. At the end of the game, secret characters are revealed and the player with the highest points wins.

Game Features:

  • Up to 4 players
  • Single Player, Pass-N-Play game modes
  • Fast, Fun and Family-Friendly!
  • 100 cards with near endless strategic combinations
  • Automatic scoring and rules enforcement offers easy gameplay for all ages

Additional themes are set to launch late summer.