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Renegade Game Studios announces The Three Little Wolves

The Three Little Wolves

The classic story gets a new take with The Three Little Wolves. You play as the three little wolves and build the tallest house before the Big Bad Pig demolishes it.

Your goal is to build the tallest house in the city and can get additional points by sneaking your wolf into another player’s house.

Three Little Wolves is for 2-4 players afters 8+ with games taking 20 minutes. The game comes with 60 Floor cards, 3 Big Bad Pig cards, 12 Wolf tokens (3 each in 4 player colors), 3 Big Bad Pig tokens, 3 Tallest House tokens, 1 Mustache token, and 1 Rules Sheet.

The game is designed by Poki Chen and Smoox Chen and is being released by Renegade Game Studios in collaboration with Oni Press. Expected in October, the game will have a retail price of $21.99.

The Three Little Wolves