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Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing Reveal the Mistmourn Warg for Super Dungeon

The latest in our masterclass resin miniature series for Super Dungeon Explore is the Mistmourn Warg! This fearsome beast is available to order now! Get yours while supplies last!

The wargs of the Mistmourn Coast grow exceptionally dangerous. Unlike other wargs, they are not pack hunters. Instead, each one strikes out on its own to claim its territory. These beasts grow to exceptional size and are frequently manipulated by the Dark Consul against the heroes of Crystalia. When a warg leads the Consul’s minions into battle, its howl emboldens those around it, driving them into a frenzy with the warg at their backs.

  • 1x Mistmourn Warg Resin Model (Assembly Required)
  • 1x Mini Boss Card (Classic)
  • 1x Mini Boss Card (Arcade)
  • 1x Chew Toy Treasure Card

The Tusk Raider, a New Super Dungeon Hero and The Twilight Knight Returns!

Each Tusk Raider must strike out on their own to harness their mount, and most simply never return. Those who succeed gain a powerful ally to combat the Dark Counsul But the walrus is only loyal to its rider, and may turn on others who come too close!

This new resin, multi-part model is a must-have to anyone’s Super Dungeon collection! This raider is sure to dominate any field upon which he enters, bellowing his war cry as his massive mount does the same! Their noise will echo through the dungeons and their presence will fill any board or display case!

The Tusk Raider has arrived!

None know where the Twilight Knight comes from. Most whisper that they arrive from the Dark Realm itself, and that they are the last, and only, Heroes from that benighted realm. Appearing only when situations are at their most dire, they drive back the shadows only to disappear as silently and mysteriously as they arrived.

This amazing model created by Kingdom Death for the Super Dungeon Explore line of products is once again back in stock and available for purchase! Get you hands on this amazing, one-of-a kind resin model!

She’s a multi-part model and some assembly is required.

Limited Edition Sweetheart Candy Available for Preorder February Only!

Sweetheart Candy is a limited edition Super Dungeon model that is only available for order during the month of February. Preorders will close March 1, at 12:00am MST. We will then do a special made-to-order production run of this adorable new version of Candy, just for you!


  • 1x Sweetheart Candy Resin Model (Assembly Required)
  • 1x Sweetheart Candy Hero Card

Sweetheart Candy is only available during the month of February. Don’t miss out, order yours today!

Sweetheart Candy will be made-to-order after preorders close March 1. Anticipated delivery is April 2018.