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SolForge Fusion is getting a Digital Version

SolForge Fusion Digital

Stoneblade Entertainment has announced they’re working on a digital version of their popular hybrid deck game SolForge Fusion.

When they first launched Kickstarter for SolForge Fusion, people asked for a digital client for our physical game. Stoneblade, not wanting to ahead of themselves, wanted to see what the reaction to their game was.

Well, due to the support of the gaming community, SolForge is a success and a digital version is coming!

The developers will be led by the new CTO, Magic Hall-of-Famer, Alan Comer. When it comes to TCGs, Alan is an expert; his previous work includes Magic the Gathering Online, Pokémon, Duelmasters, Hex, and Artifact.

SolForge Fusion Digital is designed to work hand-in-hand with the physical version of the game. Any physical deck you own will be uploadable to the digital version at no additional cost. This means you’ll be able to upload every deck you own for online play just like you can today using Tabletop Simulator.