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The Sons of Behemat are Coming to Age of Sigmaer

We got a hint during the last Games Workshop preview, but now we get our first look at the Sons of Behemat.

The giant army will feature Warhammer‘s “biggest plastic monster yet” with lots of details and trinkets from across the various factions and bits of monster.

Sons of Behemat is a brand-new army for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and is entirely made of gargants.

The classic Aleguzzler Gargant and three Mega-gargant variants – Gatebreaker, Warstomper and Kraken-eater – make for an army that’s small on model count and big in every other way – especially the carnage they can cause!

They’re also not just an army on their own, they can also be an ally to every single Age of Sigmar faction.