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Games Workshop Announces Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars

There’s a new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar on the horizon and Games Workshop has revealed the contents for the “Soul Wars” boxed set.

The miniature game publisher has announced that every model in the kit is “push fit” which allows you to easily put together your armies with just a pair of clippers. That creates a decreased time of getting them on the table and the quicker for you to begin your games. The box set will feature the forces of Stormcast Eternals and Death.

You’ll also find everything you need to play including a Getting Started booklet to help you through your first few games, the Battle for Glymmsforge booklet and first chapter of Josh Reynolds Soul Wars novel will introduce you to the world and battles of the Soul Wars.

Warscroll cards, dice, and measuring sticks will help you get your game going as well.

And of course, you’ll get the 320 page Core Book with a hardback cover.

But, it’s not just that box set being released….

Malign Sorcery ups the magic in the new edition and this expansion provides 13 new spells to play with.

The Generals Handbook 2018 allows you to diversify your games even further with 12 more battleplans as well as new rules for summoning for every army.

There’s also new paints, new accessories, dice, and new models!

All of this will be available launch weekend!