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Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Space Marines invade

It’s a wave of Space Marines in next week’s pre-orders from Games Workshop. Not only is the new codex on the way, a load of new miniatures arrive on the field too.

Codex: Space Marines is here with the rules you need to field your force in 10th edition. Packed with datasheets, detachment rules, background lore, beautiful miniatures showcases, and Crusade content aplenty, the book comes in at 216-pages. You can choose from seven complete detachments with a wide variety of abilities and playstyles.

The codex is for any chapter, including Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Black Templars, and more!

If you really want to show off your loyalty, get the limited edition copy which features a unique cover, foil details, and gilt page edges. It’s limited to a “few thousand” copies.

  • Codex: Space Marines
  • Codex: Space Marines

Get into the battle quickly with the Captain with Jump Pack. The new kit gives you a lot of options with weapon and head choices.

Captain with Jump Pack

Maybe a Chaplain in Terminator Armour is more your thing? Get this tank on the battlefield with its Terminator Armour or an optional relic shield. And, make yours more unique with a choice of crozius arcanum.

Chaplain in Terminator Armour

The Company Heroes helps bring some inspiration to the battlefield with a Chapter Master and more heroes. There’s an Ancient with banner to inspire, Company Champion to duel the enemy, and Veterans lay down the firepower. The Captain also features multiple options.

Company Heroes

There’s a new Terminator Squad. This new multi-part kit features more options like a heavy flamer and cyclone missile launcher. There’s a wide range of heads and you can give chainfists to all you want.

Terminator Squad

If you want to get your Intercessors into battle quicker, look no further than the Jump Pack Intercessors. It’s chainsword death from above! The Sergeant features an optional hand flamer, plasma pistol, power sword, or power fist.

Jump Pack Intercessors

The Sternguard Veteran Squad is ready to lay down the fire. This new multi-part plastic kit features five Veterans with a choice of boltguns or combi-weapons including the new pyrecannon as a heavy weapon option.

Sternguard Veteran Squad

How about a Lieutenant? Originally released in Strike Force Agastus, it gets a standalone release ready to grant Lethal Hits. It features a lot of choices like a power fist, plasma pistol, power swords, bolt rifles, or just a pointing finger.


Also getting a standalone release is the Brutalis Dreadnought from the same set. It’s built for close combat destruction.

Brutalis Dreadnought

The Desolation Squad finally gets a standalone release ready to rain down long-range fire support.

Desolation Squad

Also out, Combat Patrol: Space Marines features Space Marines from the Leviathan box set including Five Terminators, five Infernus Marines, a Terminator Captain, and a Terminator Librarian.

Combat Patrol: Space Marines

Datasheet Cards: Space Marines and Space Marines Dice Set is also coming out to help you keep track of your force and help bless your dice rolls.

Datasheet Cards: Space Marines and Space Marines Dice Set

Also coming is the Chapter Approved: Leviathan Mission Deck. It’s an essential companion for playing Matched Play games of Warhammer 40,000, first available in the Leviathan box set and now coming to shelves separately. You can quickly construct an exciting mission and execute Gambits to bring trailing players back into the game.

Chapter Approved: Leviathan Mission Deck

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy also gets some focus with the Space Wolves Legion Praetor. Praetors of the Space Wolves Legion are some of the brawniest fighters in the galaxy, and as befits their station they march to war in highly ornamented battle plate. This resin Praetor also mounts the pelt of a Fenrisian wolf – that he no doubt slew himself – on his shoulder, and carries a heavy Fenrisian axe whose AP2 strikes will have no trouble slicing through Terminator armour. He comes with two head options: helmet or glorious, flowing beard.

 Space Wolves Legion Praetor

You can spruce up your force with the Space Wolves MkVI Heads. Warriors of the VI Legion engraved their helmets with ancient runes and icons from their native Fenris, even as the advanced MkVI Corvus-pattern armour was distributed towards the end of the Horus Heresy. The pack features 11 resin heads for MkVI Space Marines.

Space Wolves MkVI Heads

From Black Library is Genefather by Guy Haley. The finest minds in the Imperium have come together at the behest of Belisarius Cawl to unlock the secrets of the Necron pylon network and heal the great wound torn across the galaxy. This conclave of intellectuals is the greatest gathering of scientific genius in millennia, so naturally a visionary like Fabius Bile must also be in attendance – whether he’s been invited or not.

It’s coming out as a standard hardback, eBook, MP3, as well as a Special Edition numbered and signed by the author. This edition contains an additional short story, To Speak as One, and is bound in a soft-touch cover with alternate art, gilt page edges, and a black ribbon page marker.

  • Genefather
  • Genefather

Wrath of the Lost by Chris Forrester focuses on the Flesh Tearers. Their home planet of Cretacia has fallen eerily quiet, and there’s precious little time to investigate. A Chaplain and an Apothecary – neither of whom have ever set foot on their homeworld – must retrace the journey of their founder. It’s getting a new paperback edition.

Wrath of the Lost

Only in Death by Dan Abnett is getting an MP3 release. Commanded to hold a critical pass, the Tanith First and Only will need to watch for enemies without and ghosts within to survive their stay at the Hinzerhaus – and conquering their fears is only the start.

Only in Death

Eisenhorn: The Omnibus by Dan Abnett gets a German Edition. Follow the complete saga of Black Library’s most famous Inquisitor. This massive tome collects his four main adventures – Xenos, Malleus, Hereticus, and The Magos – alongside four short stories – Regia Occulta, Missing in Action, Backcloth for a Crown Additional, and The Keeler Image – across nearly 1,000 pages of classic Warhammer 40,000 fiction.

Eisenhorn: The Omnibus

Pilgrims of Fire by Justin D. Hill also gets a German Edition. A mission from the Adepta Sororitas joins the ‘cursed’ Indomitus Fleet Quintus in Pilgrims of Fire by Justin D Hill, author of the Cadian Honour series. Sister Helewise may be a Battle Sister, but she’s not inclined to rush right into martyrdom – not until she’s found a higher purpose that her death may serve, anyway. This epic tale is soon to be available in a new German paperback format.

Pilgrims of Fire

Warboss by Mike Brooks gets a French Edition. A Warboss tells the tale of six bosses rushing forward to fill the power vacuum left by the now ‘proper dead’ Gazrot Goresnappa. We all know the biggest and greenest of them all will win, but who exactly will that be?


Warhammer Age of Sigmar eShorts Week 2023 begins! It features five new short stories from Jonathan Green, Rhuairidh James, Gary Kloster, C L Werner, and Noah Van Nguyen. Each story delves into the myriad mysteries of the Age of Sigmar, as beasts, daemons, and mortal men are caught in a never-ending spiral of chaos and survival.

Each story can be bought separately as they release, but to get all five for the price of four, opt for the full-week subscription.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar eShorts Week 2023

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Black Library and Warhammer Heroes Series 4

It’s an intriguing light week for next week’s Games Workshop pre-orders with multiple releases from Black Library being the highlight.

Creed: Ashes of Cadia picks up decades since the Fall of Cadia. Ursula Creed heads to the shattered remains of the Cadian homeworld, a broken hellscape of deadly secrets. The book by Jude Reid will be available as a regular hardback, eBook, and audiobook formats as well as a fantastic Special Edition.

The Special Edition is embossed with a cloth cover with shining gold foil and includes the extra short story Creed: Chains of Command. Each of the 1,750 limited copies is individually numbered and signed by the author.

  • Creed: Ashes of Cadia
  • Creed: Ashes of Cadia

Valdor: Birth of the Imperium by Chris Wraight takes us to the beginning of the Unification Wars, where the warlords of Old Terra have fallen and questions on the fate of the Thunder Warriors must be answered. Change rarely comes bloodlessly in the 31st Millennium, and Valdor has a web of intrigue to navigate if the nascent Imperium is to claim its destiny among the stars.

Valdor: Birth of the Imperium

Blood of the Emperor is an anthology of short stories from Graham McNeill, Nick Kyme, David Guymer, Andy Clark, Mike Brooks, and Chris Wraight each taking on one of the Primarchs. It’s getting an audiobook release.

Blood of the Emperor

The Horus Heresy Collection expands in French and German for the first time. Collection X includes the novels Scars by Chris Wraight, Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeill, and The Damnation of Pythos by David Annandale, while Sammelband XI collects Legacies of Betrayal and War Without End – each a compilation of many separate short stories – and Deathfire by Nick Kyme into one convenient place. Both are getting a hardbook and eBook edition.

Warhammer Heroes Series 4 is getting a release in the United States, Germany, Japan, China, and Australia but you won’t be able to get it from the Games Workshop webstore. Series 4 comprises seven new miniatures from a variety of Space Marine squads, featuring Intercessors, an Assault Intercessor, a Heavy Intercessor, an Eliminator, and a Captain.

Unlike the previous series, this one is focused on Kill Team as a unique faction. Each figure comes with a Kill Team datacard with full rules and a ploy for the team to use. All you need is six of the seven operatives to start playing the game!

Dubbed Strike Force Justian, it’s fully Matched Play legal and designed for new players to easily start playing.

White Dwarf 492 shows off the new Terminators, battleplans for four-player games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and more.

White Dwarf 492

NOVA Open 2023: Games Workshop reveals incoming Space Marines

As expected, to kick off the NOVA Open 2023, Games Workshop pulled some of the curtain back to show off the new Space Marine line and codex. The reveal featured new and rumored units as well as the new codex.

Terminators, new Assault Intercessors with Jump Packs, a Chaplain in Terminator Armor, Captain in Terminator Armor, Sternguard Veter Squad, Space Marine Scouts, and a new box of Space Marine Heroes were all revealed.

Rumored for a while, Primaris Assault Intercessors are getting Jump Packs, making them even deadlier in close combat. The set includes a Sergeant that can carry a power weapon or power fist and also the option of a plasma pistol or hand flamer.

  • Primaris Assault Intercessors

The new Captain with Jump Pack features multiple weapon options to choose from – either a bolt pistol, plasma pistol, or hand flamer in his right hand, and a power fist, relic blade, or chainsword in his left. He lends some extra pep to the charge, increasing the Strength of his fellow Jump Packers’ melee weapons by 1 whenever they slam home.

  • Captain with Jump Pack
  • Captain with Jump Pack
  • Captain with Jump Pack

A new Terminator Squad was released in Leviathan but an even newer kit will released featuring five multi-pose, multi-part figures. They come with storm bolters, power fists, chainfists, a heavy flamer, assault cannon, and cyclone missile launcher. All of the classics. An Assault Terminator set will be released later.

  • Terminator Squad
  • Terminator Squad

The Chaplain in Terminator Armour is here! There’s of course a crozius, litanies, storm bolter, or relic shield, all to add 1 to your squad’s Wound rolls in melee and granting a Feel No Pain 4+ against mortal wounds.

  • Chaplain in Terminator Armour
  • Chaplain in Terminator Armour

The Captain in Terminator Armour is packed with options as well. This is a multi-option kit featuring a combi-weapon, storm bolter, relic sword, or relic fist. There are also multiple head options and optional tabard.

  • Captain in Terminator Armour
  • Captain in Terminator Armour
  • Captain in Terminator Armour

Space Marine Scouts are back with a new kit. These figures are taller and leaner but feature the classic look of the unit. You can outfit them with boltguns, Astartes shotguns, or pistols and combat knives. There’s also a missile launcher, heavy bolter, and cloaked sniper to help pick off enemy characters.

  • Space Marine Scouts
  • Space Marine Scouts

The Company Heroes gets an update featuring four formidable soldiers, a Company Ancient, Company Champion, two Company Veterans, and a Captain. There are a lot of bits to customize your characters with multiple head options, master-crafter bolt rifle, neo-vulkite pistol, plasma pistol, power weapon, or power fist, as well as optional tabard and scabbard.

  • Command Squad
  • Command Squad
  • Command Squad

The Sternguard get a new kit as well, delivering a multi-pose set as opposed to the push-fit figures from Leviathan. They can all feature Sternguard bolt rifles or combi-weapons, and one can have a heavy bolter or pyrecannon. The Sergeant features the option of chainsword, power fist or power sword. There are also sculpted pauldrons, greave options, eight helmets, seven bare heads, and lots of accessories.

  • Sternguard
  • Sternguard

Finally, there’s Codex Space Marines. It features 93 datasheets and seven complete Detachments which feature seven unique sets of Enhancements, Stratagems, and Detachment rules.

Those new rules resemble classic chapters, Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Salamanders, Raven Guard, and White Scars, but being unnamed, you don’t need to worry about painting your chapter dogmatically.

There’s more in the book including Crusade rules for winning honours, promoting your heroes through Oathsworn Campaigns, and of course lots of background and photos of painted miniatures. There’ll be a limited edition version as well as a deck of new-look Datacards.

Codex Space Marines

Games Workshop reveals three Warhammer 40,000 starter sets

With the Warhammer 40,000 Leviathan special edition box set out in the wild, Games Workshop has revealed its ongoing trio of starter sets for Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition. Like recent previous editions, the game will feature three levels of boxed sets allowing for three different entry points into the game.

The Warhammer 40,000: Introductory Set is a combo intro gaming and intro hobby set. It contains 5 Infernus Marines, 10 Termagants, and a Ripper Swarm – all push-fit, so you won’t need any glue. The box also includes clippers, a starter brush, and five paints to get you started – Abaddon Black, Wraithbone, Balthasar Gold, Naggaroth Night, and Macragge Blue – making it the perfect intro for new Warhammer hobbyists.

Also included is a 48-page Introductory Handbook featuring hobby guides and background information for your new models. There’s also an intro to the game with tutorials and training scenarios to allow an easy way to play your first battles. Also included is a paper gaming mat with cardboard walls, tokens, a range ruler, and six dice.

Warhammer 40,000: Introductory Set

The Warhammer 40,000: Starter Set is the middle entry for those a bit more experienced in the hobby. It comes with a 64-page Starter Handbook, rules reference sheets, 10 dice, 2 range rules, and a cardboard gaming mat. For armies, you get 38 plastic push-fit miniatures – a stalwart Captain in Terminator Armour leads 5 Terminators and 5 Infernus Marines against a vile swarm of Tyranids, comprising a Winged Tyranid Prime, 3 sneaky Von Ryan’s Leapers, a Psychophage, 20 Termagants, and 2 Ripper Swarms.

Warhammer 40,000: Starter Set

Finally, the Warhammer 40,000: Ultimate Starter Set is for those who want to dive into the hobby. It features everything in the Starter set as well as a Librarian in Terminator Armour, 5 Barbgaunts, an extra cardboard gaming board, STC Hab-bunker, and 8 stockades.

The 72-page Ultimate Handbook is loaded with all the introductory information you’ll need. You’ll also get a 72-page Core Rules booklet that provides the full core rules for Warhammer 40,000, as well as the Combat Patrol rules and all six Combat Patrol missions from the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book, which you can play with just the contents of the box.

Warhammer 40,000: Ultimate Starter Set

Epic returns for the Horus Heresy with Legions Imperialis

As has been rumored for quite some time, Games Workshop has revealed that the Horus Heresy will be able to fought at a whole new scale. Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis is a fresh take on the game Epic which took games to an even grander scale.

The all-new game will debut in August with a Core Set featuring miniatures, a rulebook, dice, tokens, and measuring sticks. It features 223 miniatures split between Space Marines, Solar Auxilia, and Titans. There’s 106 Space Marine infantry and walkers, five Space Marine tanks, 104 Solar Auxilia infantry and walkers, six Solar Auxilia tanks, and two Warhound Titans with brand-new plastic weapon options.

The Space Marines feature infantry, Dreadnoughts, and tanks. There are two Command Squads that lead the eight bases of Tactical Legionaries. There are also two squads of Assault Marines for rapid combat maneuvers, two units of Support Legionaries with plasma guns, and two with missile launchers, all backed up by two bases of five Legion Cataphractii Terminators.

Contemptor Dreadnoughts feature a power fist and either twin-linked lascannons or Kheres assault cannons. There are two Sicaran battle tanks and three Predators each with a choice of turret and sponson weapons. There are also cupola options just like the full-sized miniatures!

The Solar Auxilia defend the Emperor’s interests and use their superior numbers and armor to take on foes. There’s two bases that can build either a Solar Axuilia Legate Commander or an Auxilia Tactical Command Section, eight bases worth of lasrifle-toting Auxiliaries, four units of Auxiliaries with flamers, four units of Veletarii shock troops, and four bases of ferocious Charonite Ogryns. There’s also a never-before-seen unit, the Aethon Heavy Sentinel. They scout ahead and engage the enemy with multi-lasers and missile launches. The box features four of them along with four Leman Russ battle tanks and two Malcador heavy tanks each with a choice of main battlecannons and hull-mounted weapons. You can also make yours a bit more unique with cupola options.

Finally, there’s two Warhound Titans with new plastic weapons frame including ursus claws, a natrix shock lance, a volkite eradicator, a missile pod with a choice of swarmer or shudder missiles, and an incisor pattern melta lance. The box also contains two new lower-profile bases that fit with the urban battlefield aesthetic of the rest of the bases in the box.

Even better, Adeptus Titanicus and Heresy-relevant Aeronautica Imperialis miniatures can be used in Legions Imperialis. The rules for them can be found in the rulebooks. That means it’ll be even easier to start for some players. All of the scenery that was released with Adeptus Titanicus is also returning for use in Legions Imperialis, with more to follow.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Kill Team: Ashes of Faith, Horus Heresy, Made to Order Space Marines and more!

While we wait for the release of Warhammer 40K 10th edition in June, Games Workshop has some releases to get you ready with Kill Team, some made to order Space Marines, and releases for Horus Heresy and Necromunda. Check out everything coming to pre-order next week.

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith bridges the gap between the previous season of releases and the next. It falls to the clandestine warriors of the Inquisition to lead the charge against these forces of sedition. Kill Team: Ashes of faith provides a lengthy narrative campaign focused on a group of these operatives and their attempt to purge a whole planet of a malignant Chaos Cult. There are 40 miniatures, 23 for the Chaos Cult, and 17 assorted Inquisitorial Agents. Seven of these are brand-new dual-build miniatures that allow you to build a rag-tag band of hyper-talented weirdos. The set also contains the Ashes of Faith Campaign Rulebook with all the rules for playing out this planet-spanning narrative, and dozens of accessories.

  • Kill Team: Ashes of Faith
  • Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

Campaigns of The Age of Darkness: The Siege of Cthonia is out for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. The 240-page supplement features a hefty lore section, campaign rules for playing out the key battles of the siege, new rules for claustrophobic Zone Mortalis battles, as well as new options for units and wargear including Inductii, tank commanders, and the Infernus Abomination.

Campaigns of The Age of Darkness: The Siege of Cthonia

The Vindicator Siege Tank will allow you to bombard enemy fortifications and enemy squads with its hull-mounted demolisher cannon. You’ll be able to get this plastic kit to add to your forces.

Vindicator Siege Tank

Get ready for Warhammer 40K 10th edition with these made to order figures. They will be available to order for nine days, between the 20th of May and the 29th of May at 8am UK-time – and they may take up to 180 days to arrive.

In plastic, there’s the Primaris Company Champion and the Blood Angels Captain in Terminator Armour. In resin are Brother Corbulo, Chapter Master Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master Gariel Seth, Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pads, Darnath Lysander, Dark Angels Company Master, Captain Sicarius, Sergeant Chronus, and Sergeant Telion. In resin, with plastic parts are Captain Tycho, Chaplain Cassius, and the Tyrannic War Veterans. And finally, in metal and plastic is the White Scars Khan on Bike.

From Forge World is Lord-castellan Evander Garrius – The Tyrant of Cthonia. Evander Garrius is one of the most decorated Imperial Fists, though his brutish methods and casual disregard for the wellbeing of his brothers have marked him out as something of a pariah.

Lord-castellan Evander Garrius – The Tyrant of Cthonia

Vheren Ashurhaddon – Master of the True Sons quickly rose through the ranks of the Luna Wolves. His zeal drew to him a cadre of highly skilled Chtonian Legionaries – known as the True Sons.

Vheren Ashurhaddon – Master of the True Sons

The Infernus Abomination is an assassin for the traitor legions and will be released in resin.

Infernus Abomination

The last batch of Contemptor Dreadnought Torso Upgrades are on the way and include the Salamanders, the Ultramarines, the Word Bearers, the Alpha Legion, the Raven Guard, and the Thousand Sons.

Contemptor Dreadnought Torso Upgrades

If closed combat is your thing, you’ll want the Despoiler Squad Upgrade Set.

Despoiler Squad Upgrade Set

For Necromunda comes the Outland Beastmaster with Millisaurs. The set features three resin models to add to your gang.

Outland Beastmaster with Millisaurs

The Black Library Warhammer 40,000 eShorts Week Subscription will be available starting on Monday the 22nd of May and runs until the 26th of May. This collection also includes three Black Library authors making their debut. The full lineup is Altar of Maws by Peter Fehervari, A Forbidden Meal by Carrie Harris, The Dust That Remains by J H Archer, The Whispering Blade by Matthew Harffy, and Stealing Orpheon by Richard Ford.

Black Library Warhammer 40,000 eShorts Week Subscription

Warhammer Fest 2023: Warhammer 40,000 Roadmap Revealed

With the reveal of the Warhammer 40,000 10th edition box set details, Games Workshop also revealed the initial timeline of releases for Warhammer 40,000. With each codex release, it was mentioned that each would also see new miniature releases as well.

June sees the release of the main box set followed by the core book, Crusade: Tyrannic War, Chapter Approved Mission Deck, and Index Cards in Summer 2023.

With the box set release will also be updated rules for every faction for free to download but codexes will follow.

First up in Autumn 2023 are Codex: Tyranids and Codex: Space Marines.

In Winter 2023 we’ll see Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus and Codex: Necrons.

Spring 2024 will be the release of Codex: Dark Angels, Codex: Orks, Codex: Adeptus Custodes, Codex: T’au Empire, and Codex: Chaos Space Marines. This is the first indication we’ll be getting codex releases for Space Marine subfactions.

Warhammer 40,000 codex roadmap

Warhammer Fest 2023: Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan box details revealed! What’s inside? Find out!

Warhammer Fest 2023 is in full swing and Games Workshop has revealed what’s inside the Warhammer 40,000 10th edition box set dubbed “Leviathan”! It’s all arriving in June 2023!

The box set features Space Marines vs. Tyranids in the next Tyrannic War and has everything you need to play. The equivalent of two combat patrols full of new miniatures, the Leviathan book, Chapter Approved Leviathan Mission Deck, and a construction book.

That breaks down into 25 Space Marines and 47 Tyranids to take to the tabletop and start your games.

Leading the Space Marines is the Captain in Terminator Armour. Featuring terminator armor, he’s perfect to lead your Terminators into battle.

  • Captain in Terminator Armour

Taking the battle to the psychic planes is the Librarian in Terminator Armour ready to smote the enemy.

  • Librarian in Terminator Armour

The Apothecary Biologis is here to help patch up fallen Space Marines.

  • Apothecary Biologis

The new Lieutenant in Phobos Armour features a combi-weapon and two combat blades.

  • Lieutenant in Phobos Armour

The Sternguard Veteran Squad are from the 1st Company and is designed to hunt and combat the Tyranid threat.

  • Sternguard Veteran Squad

The Terminator Squad is the elite of the elite and ready to teleport in to do battle.

  • Terminator Squad

The Infernus Squad is here to purge the foe with their Pyreblasters.

  • Infernus Squad

The Ballistus Dreadnought is an upgrade to a classic featuring a missile launcher and lascannon.

  • Ballistus Dreadnought

The Tyranids are led by the Winged Tyranid Prime, an alpha-beast that features strength and agility, ready to swoop in with its razor-sharp talons.

  • Winged Tyranid Prime

The Neurotyrant is a psychic phenomenon that acts as a focusing node ready to liquefy the minds of its prey.

  • Neurotyrant

The Screamer-Killer is the latest version of the Carnifex here to unleash its bio-plasma blasts.

  • Screamer-Killer

Von Ryan’s Leapers embed themselves before the hive fleet lands and ambush the enemy.

  • Von Ryan’s Leapers

Termagants swarm the enemy and are a mainstay of the Tyranid invasion force. Armed with organic weapons, they rush forward using their numbers to overwhelm the enemy.

  • Termagants

Neurogaunts are a variant of the gaunt, they protect synapse creatures that help coordinate the invasion and have no problem sacrificing themselves.

  • Neurogaunts

Barbgaunts are living ordnance that showers the enemy with projectiles that explode with shards of serrated chitin.

  • Barbgaunt

The Psychophage is a biomorph with a hunger for psykers and spews psychocorrosive-ash to melt the enemy.

  • Psychophage

Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan features a massive rulebook full of lore, rules, artwork, and photos of all of the new models. There’s background information for every faction showing them off.

You get the core rules and specially designed missions for the new Combat Patrol game format. There are also Crusade rules to get narrative campaigns running ahead of Codex releases and a full Crusade expansion that dives into the Fourth Tyrannic War through a series of linked campaign games.

There’s also a 66-card Chapter Approved deck which combines the best Matched Play options from previous editions to provide a flexible mission experience for everyone.

There’s also a booklet to help build you miniatures.

If you want to further explore the Fourth Tyrannic War, Darius HinksLeviathan tells the story of Ultramarines in a desperate defence against Hive Fleet Leviathan.


New Warhammer 40K Terminator Librarian revealed!

With the 10th edition of Warhammer 40K just a few months away, Games Workshop has been teasing the amazing miniatures we’ll be seeing. We saw an animated version in the announcement trailer, but it’s official, a new Terminator Librarian is on the way!

The new figure features terminator armor and a psychic hood with a huge force axe and is Chapter-agnostic – no specific symbols or logos – so it can easily fit into any force.

Adepticon 2023: Warhammer 40K 10th Edition Revealed along with new Termagants and Terminators

As expected, a new edition of Warhammer 40K was revealed at Adepticon 2023. The new edition takes place during the fourth Tyrannic invasion with Hive Fleet Leviathan ready to strike again, this time from the galactic west!

The new edition simplifies the game but doesn’t make it simple. Complexity, like too many stratagems, has been cut down. Everything has been worked on including turn structure, army selection, morale, terrain, missions, how characters work, and more.

Datasheets have the biggest change with every unit receiving new stats.

Warhammer 40k 10th edition Stats

The biggest news is that every datasheet and rules will be free to download on the first day. You’ll also be able to buy them as card decks as well. Codexes will return over time though but its promised complexity won’t increase.

Army selection as been simplified. You pick a faction, a warlord, and the units you like (just no more than three of any type with some exceptions). There’s no more force organization chart.

A new way to play was also revealed, Combat Patrol! This will feature small present and balanced forces to allow for a quick way to get armies to the tabletop.

With a new edition comes new models and what’s more appropriate than new Space Marine Terminators! These new models are larger than Primaris Marines but aren’t Primaris Marines as rumored. Veterans of all types don this armor for battle.

Also revealed are new Termagants for Tyranids!

Warhammer 40K 10th Edition will be released Summer 2023.

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