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Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale Gets a New Stand-Alone Expansion Cartographers: Heroes

Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

Thunderworks Games has announced a new stand-alone expansion for Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, Cartographers: Heroes. This comes on top of the news that the game has been nominated by Spiel des Jahres for the 2020 Kennerspiel Des Jahres award!

Cartographers allows 1-100 players (but who’s counting?) to draw shapes on their own map sheets and compete for the highest reputation over four rounds (or seasons). Both solo gamers and groups of every size are challenged to achieve a series of variable scoring objectives while trying to mitigate the effects of monster ambush cards.

Cartographers: Heroes can be played on its own or combined with Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale. Heroes will feature all-new cards and maps, as well as the ability to unlock heroes to ward off invading monsters.

In addition, three new map packs are in development that can be played with either version of Cartographers. Each provides new map sheets, cards, and a unique and challenging way to play the game. The map packs are:

  • Afffril: Plane of Knowledge
  • Nebblis: Plane of Flame
  • Undercity: Depths of Sabek

Current plans are to launch Cartographers: Heroes and the map packs later this year.