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Next Week from Games Workshop, Idoneth Deepkin, Necromunda, and Blood Bowl

There’s a lot of pre-orders next week from Games Workshop that cover Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, and Blood Bowl!

The company has new units you can add to your Idoneth Deepkin, the Isharann Tidecaster.

Also available will be Isharann Soulscryers.

Finally, you’ll also be able to get a Isharann Soulrender.

For Necromunda, you’ll have multiple choices to add to your game.

Gang War 3 will expand your game with new rules, weapons, units, and missions.

You’ll also be able to add the high-tech Van Saar to the Underhive.

Also out will be dice and cards.

Finally, Blood Bowl has a few releases.

It’s Chaos on the field with the debut of the Doom Lords.

Also, Spike! Journal, a new periodical that’s a must for every coach with new rules, advice, and more.

Finally, there’s Star Player cards to help every manager.

The Doom Lords are Coming to Blood Bowl as well as Spike! Magazine

The Doomlords are coming to the pitch. Games Workshop has revealed the Doom Lords, a Chaos team for the Blood Bowl miniature game. Combining Beastmen and Chaos’ Chosen, the team will have you giving praise to the Dark Gods.

Alongside the new team will be a new supplement, Spike! Magazine. This new supplement will feature new rules for new teams, Star Players, columns, and much more. Along with that, a new season of Blitzmania is coming which will allow coaches to test their skills and win some prizes.