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Savage Worlds Gets a New Setting in Freedom Squadron

Sean Patrick Fannon, President and CVO of Evil Beagle Games, creator of the epic high fantasy setting of Shaintar, and lead writer/designer and Brand Manager for Savage Rifts from Pinnacle, has yet another major Savage Worlds setting he’s bringing to the world.

Based on the award-winning board game from Spyglass Games, VENOM AssaultFreedom Squadron is a love letter to all the great action and adventure cartoons and comics of the 80s and early 90s, modernized and made even more exciting for Savage Worlds fans.

Featuring Vocation Frameworks, Specialization tables, new Edges, lots of Gear, and so much more, Freedom Squadron is epic, action-driven, and over-the-top as anything you’d expect from SPF. In addition, he’s created the game-changing Plans & Operations rules — a way to run missions, capers, special ops, and investigations that both simplifies the experience for GMs and players alike while encouraging extensive player-driven narrative in a way not yet seen in Savage Worlds.