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Star Trek: Attack Wing – Federation vs. Klingons Starter Set First Look

This December the Federation and Klingons clash in WizKids’ new Star Trek: Attack Wing – Federation vs. Klingons Starter Set. The set warps on to shelves December 27th.

The Federation vs. Klingons Starter Set has everything you need to get started playing Star Trek: Attack Wing. Inside you will find 1 Full Rulebook, 1 Quick-Start Rules Booklet, 4 Painted Plastic Ships, 4 Transparent Plastic Bases with 8 Pegs, 4 Ship Tokens (Double-Sided), 14 Captain ID Tokens, 13 Maneuver Templates, 4 Heroclix Maneuver Dials, 36 Action Tokens, 14 Shield Tokens (Double-Sided), 6 Critical Hit Tokens, 6 Auxiliary Power Tokens, 12 Disabled Tokens, 1 Minefield Token, 1 Planet Token, 12 Mission Tokens, 6 Objective Tokens, 1 Admiral Token, 1 Fleet Action Token, 8 Time Tokens, 3 Effect Tokens, 1 Initiative Token, 8 Ship Cards, 4 Maneuver Cards, 1 Admiral Card, 5 Captain Cards, 20 Upgrade Cards, 33 Damage Cards, 5 Red Attack Dice, 5 Green Defense Dice and 1 Range Ruler all for the low MSRP of $44.99!

We open up the box and show off the contents!

You can order yours now!


WizKids provided Board Game Today with a FREE copy for review

WizKids Releases an Update about Star Trek: Attack Wing

star-trek-attack-wingStar Trek: Attack Wing is one of WizKids‘ popular game lines, a miniature game where you build a fleet of ships from throughout the Star Trek universe to do battle. Recently the company has been releasing new versions of previously released figures sometimes with a new repaint and with updated rules.

The company sent an email explaining it was taking a new direction with their releases:

First off, we’d like to thank you for all of your support over the last three years!  We’re excited to finally unveil some of the new things we’ve been working on this past year.

WizKids will be releasing a digital version of the revised rulebook. The digital version will contain refreshed rules that incorporate rulings and FAQs released online, providing an up-to-date comprehensive rulebook. No need to worry – all previously released STAW product will be compatible; no products will become obsolete in conjunction with this update.

Secondly, we are planning to release a new configuration of STAW products.  These products will have a lower price point and contain new content, but will not include ship models.  While the new configurations won’t include ship models, they will note the previously-released ships customers need to purchase. The new configuration will offer a more cost-effective option for players who already have many copies of an existing ship sculpt.  Aside from a lower price point, these packs will include a selection of updated content to support updated rules for ship models of the same type.

Third, we will be introducing faction packs. These packs will provide a ready to field fleet of ships from the same faction that will allow new players to field a team while providing a lower priced value (per ship) to new and veteran customers.

Fourth, we will continue to increase our paint quality across the line.  We hope you agree that our ships have never looked better.

Last but certainly not least, we’re excited to share that we’ve been exploring a process that will allow fans to submit their very own content ideas to WizKids. There may be limitations to this endeavor, but we believe the STAW community can provide many exciting ideas. There are many details that will need to be worked out before we can announce anything more specific about the submission process.

We want to thank you so much for your continued patience and support of WizKids and the STAW line of products. We hope these new initiatives will help the game continue to flourish until teleporters and replicators are a reality… (or at least until there’s a human colony on Mars).

Live long and prosper,


So, for those that play, what do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Wizkids Announces New Release Dates

WizkidslogoThough the West coast port issues have been resolved, there’s still delays to be had for products affected. Wizkids has announced new release dates for a lot of their products. Their newest Heroclix releases based on the Justice League and Trinity War storyline, D&D Dice Masters, and some Star Trek: Attack Wing releases were to have all been released by now.

Check out the new release dates below.

Updated Release Date Schedule

Item # Description Current US Release Date New US Release Date European Release Date
71562 HeroClix DC 16 Justice League Booster Brick 2/4/15 2/25/15 2/21/15
71566 HeroClix DC 16 Justice League Fast Forces Crime Syndicate 2/4/15 2/25/15 2/21/15
71564 HeroClix DC 16 Justice League OP Kit 2/4/15 2/25/15 2/21/15
71565 HeroClix DC 16 Justice League Case Incentive 2/4/15 2/25/15 2/21/15
71567 HeroClix-DC Justice League Dice & Token Pack 2/4/15 2/25/15 2/21/15
71992 DC War of Light Construct Gravity Feed 2/4/15 2/18/15 2/21/15
71778 Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes I FEB TBD 2/25/25 2/21/15
71787 D&D Dice Masters “Battle for Faerûn” – Series 1 Starter Set 2/11/15 3/11/15 3/18/15
71905 D&D Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn Minsc and Boo Promo Card and Die 2/11/15 3/11/15 3/18/15
71788 D&D Dice Masters “Battle for Faerûn” – Series 1 Gravity Feed 2/11/15 3/11/15 3/18/15
71793 Star Trek: Attack Wing Ogla-Razik Expansion Pack 2/11/15 3/4/15 TBD
71794 Star Trek: Attack Wing I.R.W. Haakona Expansion Pack 2/11/15 3/4/15 TBD
71795 Star Trek: Attack Wing Tholian Starship Expansion Pack 2/11/15 3/4/15 TBD
71716 D&D Attack Wing Wave Five Red
Dracolich Expansion Pack
MARCH TBD 3/18/15 3/18/15
71717 D&D Attack Wing Wave Five Drow Elf Ranger Drizzt Expansion Pack MARCH TBD 3/18/15 3/18/15
71718 D&D Attack Wing Wave Five Bronze Expansion Pack MARCH TBD 3/18/15 3/18/15
71779 Pathfinder Battles – Iconic Heroes II CHANGE NOT ANNOUNCED TBD 3/25/15 APRIL TBD

2014 Wizkids Open Announced

wizkids open 2014Today, Wizkids announced the first annual Wizkids Open tournament, to be held at participating retail locations across the U.S. this fall. Featuring some of the hottest games of the year, including Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men, HeroClix, and Star Trek Attack Wing, players will compete in head-to-head battles to earn glory, exclusive prizes and their rightful place in the 2015 National Championships.

The WizKids Open is WizKids’ first ever officially sponsored regional gaming event. This year’s event will be hosted at seven stores, spanning from coast to coast. Most will support regional championships for HeroClix, Dice Masters and Attack Wing as well as smaller events and the ability to buy product that was typically only available for purchase from conventions.

Each location will be offering for-sale exclusive items and awarding special participation prizes to players as well as providing the opportunity to compete with the best players in their area.

The turn out and success of this inaugural event will determine if this will indeed be a yearly thing. There’s also a possbility for other stores to join in in future ones based on their event registration participation, the number of events held, product ordered, their history of running these types of events, and generally how the store is laid out. They are also working on expanding this for international stores as well.

participating_stores exclusive_product

WizKids Partners with Asmodee for German Board Games!

WizKids Games today announced that the company has entered into an partnership agreement with Asmodee Germany to localize several award winning game titles.

Asmodee becomes WizKids German language partner in Europe for games including the Mage Knight Board Game, Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons, Quarriors! Dice Building Game and Star Trek: Attack Wing. This is just the beginning as WizKids said they’d be expanding their plans in the future.

asmodee logo

WizKids announces a “Khan Exclusive” at GenCon for Star Trek: Attack Wing!

Star Trek Attack Wing Khan Singh Promo CardWizKids has announced a “Khan Exclusive” available at GenCon for their forthcoming Star Trek : Attack Wing miniatures game.

WizKids Games will release their new Star Trek: Attack Wing miniatures game at the GenCon gaming convention in Indianapolis, IN, The convention runs August 15—18. To commemorate the release of Star Trek: Attack Wing, WizKids will offer attendees a limited promotional Captain Card of Khan Singh. This card and its corresponding game tokens will allow players to assign Khan Singh as the captain of one of their Star Trek: Attack Wing ships. This “Khan Exclusive” will be included with the purchase of Star Trek: Attack Wing products at the WizKids Games booth and will also be available as part of the prize package for players who participate in Star Trek: Attack Wing mini-tournaments being run throughout the convention.

Star Trek: Attack Wing utilizes the FlightPath maneuver system featuring pre-painted miniatures of iconic ships from the Star Trek universe. Assemble your fleet and customize your ships with different Captains, Crew, Weapons and Tech upgrades. The Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set — which includes the U.S.S. Enterprise-D/Galaxy-class, I.K.S. Maht-H’a/Vor’cha-class and I.R.W. Khazara/D’deridex-class ships as well as a rulebook and all the components needed to play— releases in August along with the first 8 expansion packs of two each of Federation, Romulan, Klingon and Dominion faction ships.

The Dominion War – Star Trek Organized Play!


WizKids/NECA, LLC announced the Dominion War Organized Play event for the forthcoming Star Trek HeroClix miniatures game line-up— Star Trek: Attack Wing.

In September, WizKids Games kicks off a six-month storyline Organized Play program centered around The Dominion War. In The Dominion War, the Alpha Quadrant is in a time of struggle and chaos. The Jem’Hadar and the Breen Confederacy have established a presence for themselves in the Alpha Quadrant, and with the help of their recent allies, the Cardassian Union, they plan to conquer everything in their path. This engagement proves to be the most devastating ever fought in the Alpha Quadrant.

In the storyline Organized Play program, stores carrying Star Trek: Attack Wing will host tournaments for players to challenge each other for dominance of the Alpha Quadrant. Players will collect a participation prize each month as well as compete for a new playable ship that will only be offered via the Organized Play events. The player with the best record over the six-month event will be bestowed the title of Fleet Admiral and awarded a special grand prize at the end of the program.

Preorders are still being taken for the Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set and first 8 expansions packs that launch this August at GenCon 2013, during which players can experience demos at the WizKids booth as well as limited tournaments to get a first look at this exciting game system.