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Fantasy Flight Games Reveals Two Star Wars: The Last Jedi X-Wing Miniature Game Ships

This December, Star Wars fans get a new film in the epic saga with Star Wars: The Last Jedi and as expected Fantasy Flight Games is bringing the epic action to the tabletop with two new additions to their X-Wing Miniature Game.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack and TIE Silencer Expansion Pack are scheduled for release as X-Wing Wave XIII! Both will come to stores in early 2018.

The Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack is the B/SF-17 heavy bomber used by the Resistance and is protected by rotating turrets giving it protection to do its job… mine and bomb! The ship has one systems upgrade, one tech upgrade, and two bombs as well as three shields and NINE HULL!!! The bomber also has Ordnance Silos that for just 2 points allows you to discard a token instead of your card. That’s six for the price of two (plus two points).

There’s also four ship cards, thirteen upgrades that includes three copies of Trajectory Simulator (check it out below), as well as a new condition card, rulesheet, and the normal dials and tokens you’d expect.

The Tie Silencer Expansion Pack is built for speed and handling. It comes with a new Kylo Ren card that you can read below. It’ll have one more unique pilot as well as two non-unique pilots, twelve upgrades, and a copy of Kyle’s signature condition card “I’ll Show You the Dark Side.”