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Join the Aces with Star Wars: X-Wing

The Rebels now have some more firepower courtesy of the Rebel Aces Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing. The set is out now and features one A-wing miniature and one B-wing miniature – both of which boast alternative paint schemes.

The expansion not only features two new miniatures to add to your fleet, but also a new mission Jump to Subspace, as well as new pilots and upgrades.

Rebel Aces Expansion Pack for X-Wing content
Check out a better view of both the A-wing and B-Wing miniatures.


It’s time to test the limits of your A-wings and B-wings. It’s time to put them through their paces, to race them across the battlefield, and to blast through screens of Imperial TIEs.

Fantasy Flight Announces Their 2015 Store Championships

FFG-Logo-BlueFantasy Flight Games has announced Store Championships, the first major tournament season of their 2015 Organized Play schedule. Stores have until October 3rd to apply to take part and host games.

The 2015 Store Championship season will run for three months, starting January 1st through March 31st. This allows stores more flexibility in their scheduling, and also gives players a chance to play in larger local events.

Store Championships began in 2014 as part of Fantasy Flight Game’s Organized Play Program. They use the same structure as events such as Regional, National, and World Championships. And brought a competitive level to local events, allowing players to vie for the title of Store Champion. The winners of each event receive one bye at a Regional Championship of their choice. Players that finish high enough also receive a playmat, set of tokens, or other prices depending on their standing. The top 32 players will each receive an alternate art card.

Each store that is approved to host a Store Championship will have the opportunity to purchase an event kit containing prizes and support for hosting their event. Check out the links below to see what those kits are and get more information on each game.

Players who want to take part should encourage their store to apply! These exclusive items and alternate art cards in the kits are only available for the 2015 Store Championships.

For stores interested, applications close October 3rd at 23:59 CST.

Fantasy Flight Opens up X-Wing Mission Control

mission control screenFantasy Flight allows anyone to recreate the dramatic space battles in Star Wars with their X-Wing miniatures game. You’re able to control squads of Rebel or Imperial ships and the game allows for tons of customization and a wide range of options.

That individual customization is now going community wide with the announced beta release of X-Wing Mission Control. The free online community resource allows individuals to design and share their own missions for X-Wing.

Coordinate a daring assault run along the Death Star trench, confront the Rebel fleet outside of Endor, or dodge asteroids in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon. X-Wing Mission Control’s custom editor allows you to easily create any play scenario you can imagine, whether it’s drawn from the Star Wars trilogy or completely unique.

Simply select the size of your play area and define the ships you wish to permit. You can create mission-specific squad-building rules, or you can identify any number of specific ships and upgrades. If you use Mission Control to track your collection, it will even identify any mission components not included in your X-Wing collection.

mission control map editorThe editor also allows individuals to select components from all of the available X-Wing products. You’re also able to quickly create maps, define terrain elements, add deployment zones, and any mission-specific rules.

After you’ve created your scenario you’re able to share it with others by publishing them to the site. Other individuals are then able to download the missions, play them, and then vote for their favorites.

The center is in beta, and does not work on mobile devices. It is compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and Fantasy Flight is looking for feedback, including technical issues via their forums.

Gen Con 2013: Fantasy Flight Games Shows Off Two Large Additions to Star Wars X-Wing

You didn’t need to stand in the long line to check out some of the coolest items Fantasy Flight Games brought with them to Gen Con 2013. The game publisher had numerous current and upcoming games and expansions on display as you waited to enter. Two of those items are some rather large ships for their popular Star Wars X-Wing miniature game. Both the GR-75 Rebel Transport and Escort ($59.95) and Tantive IV (Blockade Runner) ($89.95) where out on display for the world to see but won’t be released until in early 2014.  The Rebel Transport and Escort will also feature a Jek Porkins pilot card.

You can check out pics below of the two miniatures which are massive compared to other releases for the game.

PIC_4313 PIC_4314
Fantasy Flight was a hot booth to get into, with long lines throughout the convention. A new policy of having to wait in line to enter the booth to just browse product was instituted this year to keep up with the demand and prevent a crush of crowd in the booth.