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DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash Review: The Atom, Static, Wonder Girl

In September, the latest DC Dice Masters set, DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash will be released. Wizkids hooked us up with ten booster packs and after an unboxing video, I’m now going over groupings of the cards to discuss their playability and how they stack up to previous versions of the characters.

Up next, the common The Atom, Static, and Wonder Girl!

DC Dice Masters The Flash Green Arrow Atom Static Wonder Girl

The Atom: Matter Compression (uncommon)

Team: Titans

Purchase: 4 FIST

Die – Fist / Fist & Fist / Fist & Fist

Level: 0 1 1 / 1 4 4 / 1 5 5

Character Previous Set: War of Light and Justice League

While The Atom is active, whenever you could use a Global Ability you may spin down one of your The Atom dice to level 1 to draw 2 dice, put one into your Used Pile and the other into your Prep Area.

Thoughts: I love this card and die. It uses a mechanic we’ve seen in previous version of the character, spinning the die down. It’s relatively cheap to purchase and cheap to field. The ability to spin it down and draw dice? Hells yes. This game is about getting dice and anything to help with that helps. Find ways to spin the die up during turns and you’ve got a cool way to move through your bag.


Static: Taser Punch (rare)

Team: Titans

Purchase: 4 BOLT

Die – Bolt / Bolt and Bolt / Bolt and Bolt

Level: 0 2 1 / 0 3 2 / 1 4 3

Character Previous Set: None

While Static is active, whenever your opponent rolls 2 or more dice at once, KO target Sidekick unless your opponent takes 1 damage.

Thoughts: It’s Static’s debut in Dice Masters! The card’s ability is an interesting one. It can help clear out Sidekicks which may be helpful, but since it’s a KO, you’re giving them a die to use the next turn. For me, the fielding is the best part of the card, a 0 cost 3A/2D is a solid cheap character in the field.


Wonder Girl: Are’s Champion (uncommon)

Team: Titans

Purchase: 3 FIST

Die – Fist / Fist and Fist / Fist and Fist

Level: 0 2 2 / 1 3 2 / 1 3 3

Character Previous Set: War of Light

If you have an active Titan character, Wonder Girl costs 1 to purchase. You may only purchase 1 Wonder Girl die this way each turn.

Thoughts: Cheap to purchase, cheap to field? This card is a solid one for Titan teams allowing you to get her out quickly and get a die out to absorb some damage or do an attack. I’m digging the card and if you use this version or a previous set version will be determined by the rest of your team.


Final thoughts: Three solid additions to Titan teams. These three are so interesting, I really want to see what their other versions are like. Each is useful in their own way and each adds to the Titans which need to be expanded as a team option.