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Steven Universe: Beach-a-Palooza Card Battling Game Heads to Kickstarter

Steven Universe: Beach-a-Palooza Card Battling Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and Cartoon Network will launch Steven Universe: Beach-a-Palooza Card Battling Game on Kickstarter on July 14 and run until July 30. Designed by Erica Bouyouris and Andrew Wolf, it’s expected to release before the end of 2020. The game will be a Kickstarter Exclusive, only available to backers, and will not be sold at retail. Fans can check out the Kickstarter page and sign-up to be notified when the campaign goes live.

Based on Cartoon Network’s beloved series, Steven Universe: Beach-a-Palooza Card Battling Game is an easy-to-learn card-drafting game featuring a fun battle-of-the-bands theme and eye-catching art with fan-favorite characters. Designed by Erica Bouyouris and Andrew Wolf, it lets 2-6 players each become a Steven and try to recruit characters to their Stage and Audience at Beach City’s event of the year. At the same time, they must fend off Party Crashers—Corrupted and Homeworld Gems—who want to ruin their amazing performance.

Players each begin with a unique Steven card and Energy in the form of gems. Over the course of play, they spend Energy to Recruit up to three other Characters to their Stage, as well as multiple Characters to their Audience. All Characters have unique abilities, such as specific attacks and bonuses.

In the Attack Phase, players spend Energy to have their Stage Characters attack Party Crashers. Each spot on a Party Crasher card requires an attack of a particular value, with players gaining bonuses for spots they are able to hit. To aid them in winning, players can create Fusions, powerful Characters who can be played only if they have the required Characters to fuse together.

Gameplay takes place over three Acts, each featuring different decks of Character Cards and lasting three Rounds. After three Acts of play, the winner is the player with the most Victory Points, as tracked on the Cookie Cat Scoreboard.

Steven Universe: Beach-a-Palooza Card Battling Game is for 2-6 players ages 10+ and games take about 45-60 minutes.

Steven Universe: Beach-a-Palooza Card Battling Game

Content Summary:

  • 3 Act Decks (54 Character Cards each)
  • 30 Party Crasher Cards
  • 6 VP Overflow +50/100 Cards
  • 6 Steven Cards
  • 6 VP-Tracking Tokens
  • 1 Cookie Cat Scoreboard
  • 11 Fusion Cards
  • 1 First Player Card
  • 6 Round Sequence Reminder Cards
  • 70 Light Pink Gems (1 Energy Unit)
  • 20 Dark Pink Gems (5 Energy Units)