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Mondo Has You Celebrating 4/20 with the Stoner Parking Lot

Stoner Parking Lot

Puff puff pass with the Stoner Parking Lot which is up for pre-order on Mondo.

From Forever Stoked Creative and Mondo Games, Stoner Parking Lot is a card game for 3-7 players where your team looks to sneak out of show for a little smoke without alerting all the other scavenger stoners looking to take a hit.

To do this you’ll need the essentials, like weed, a mixtape, a bong, lighter, six-pack, and pizza. Once the six cards are collected, you’ll need to communicate with your buds. If the other team catches you, they’ll want to join but you only have enough weed for you and your friend!

The game features art by Arik Roper and Chris Bilheimer and is expected to ship June 2020. Stoner Parking Lot comes in a tin box with 50 cards, 7 guitar picks, and a rulebook. Games should take about 15 minutes.

Use discount code STONER420 to save $4.20 til 4:20AM Central on 4/21.

Stoner Parking Lot

Check out a gameplay video with Doug Benson & RZA: