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Dive Into Campus Adventures with Dungeons & Dragons Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos!

Head to the world of Magic: The Gathering with Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, a new supplement for Dungeons & Dragons. This adventure will let you choose your very own house at Strixhaven! Choose between archaeologist Lorehold, artistic Prismari, mathematical Quandrix, wordsmithing Silverquill, and druidic Witherbloom. New character options, monsters, mechanics and more await inside the magical wizarding school of Strixhaven!

Through the book’s multiyear campaign, players begin as first-year students who study, socialize, and adventure their way to graduation, while professors impart fantastical secrets – but danger lurks. Campus hijinks mixed with mishaps and sinister plots make it up to you to save the day.

You can get the regular edition with a cover by Magali Villeneuve or an alternate cover for game stores with a cover by Hydro74!

Purchase: Miniature Market – Main Cover/Alt Cover – Amazon – Main Cover/Alt Cover – GameNerdz – Main Cover/Alt Cover – CoolStuff Inc. Main Cover/Alt Cover