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Knight Models Adds Superman, Lexcorp, and Doomsday to their DC and Batman Miniature Games

Knight Models has revealed new miniatures for their DC Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game.

Superman joins the DC Universe Miniature Game with a version that allows you to make the traditional character as well as Kingdom Come and Red Son. Also, for those that pre-order Superman before May 30th, they’ll receive a free World’s Finest Card that teams Superman up with Batman.

The DC Universe Miniature Game also gets some villains in the form of General Zod, Faora, and Nam-Ek, as well as Doomsday. The game also gets some markers to go along with your Red Son Superman.

The World’s Finest team up is also the company’s first Battle Pack! Battle Packs are bite-sized expansions for the Batman Miniature Game, containing new crews, rules, traits, and options. Battle Pack add even more depth to your favorite tabletop game, allowing you to explore alternative timelines, character variants and stories from the archives of Batman, his allies, and his enemies.

The rules presented in this Battle Pack are completely official. Remember, however, that models of the Legend rank may not be allowed in organized play games, such as a Batmatch, unless specified otherwise.

In this Battle Pack you will find new rules representing the characters and events from the iconic World’s Finest mini-series. Here you will find new character cards, representing two powerful teams for the Batman Miniature Game, as well as all the special rules you need to use them.

The Batman Miniature Game gets a new gang with the LexCorp Industries pack as well as the LexCorp Heavy Trooper. The gang also gets some markers to help you keep track of things.

You can order all of them now.

DC Comics HeroClix: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Convention Exclusive!

WizKids has announced their plans for the upcoming 2017 WizKids National Championships as well as an exciting reveal of the DC Comics HeroClix: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Convention Exclusive Set. This year, there will be numerous National Championships around the globe where players can win limited edition prizes, purchase convention exclusives figures, and qualify for the 2017 WizKids World Championship, to be held at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

For the first time, HeroClix fans will be able to bring The Greatest of All Time to the tabletop with the DC Comics HeroClix: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Convention Exclusive Set! This special HeroClix set that will only be available at events on or after April 1st.

In 1978, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali proved that he truly was the Greatest of All Time by defeating the strongest man on Earth – Superman – in the pages of DC Comics’ historic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali issue. Far from a grudge match, this battle would ultimately set the two up to save the planet from an alien invasion, ending in the proclamation “WE are the greatest!”

dc-comics-heroclix-superman-vs-muhammad-ali-1 dc-comics-heroclix-superman-vs-muhammad-ali-2 dc-comics-heroclix-superman-vs-muhammad-ali-3

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman from the DC Universe Miniature Game

While the details for the DC Universe Miniature Game are scarce we have a good look at some of the Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman miniatures that will be released for the game.

Published by Knight Models, the game looks to use the same system as the Marvel Miniature Game, which means potentially you’ll be able to have Superman and the Hulk duke it out.

We’ll have more information as it’s released.


DC Universe Miniature Game Gets a Superman and Answers Questions

14721678_10154389914455129_639930843224036119_nWhile not officially announced, word  has gotten out that Knight Models will be expanding their tabletop miniature game line with the DC Universe Miniature Game. A teaser image began floating around the internet a few weeks ago of an ad that features Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman and the game. The ad reportedly is found within the new Suicide Squad game box for the Batman Miniature Game (along with a Harry Potter miniature game).

There were a lot of questions to be answered and it looks like we’re getting some of them with the image that’s hit the web today of Superman and his stats.

The game looks like it’ll be using a similar system as the Marvel Universe Miniature Game which means that you may be able to pit the Justice League against the Avengers, though that’s unconfirmed. That means the game won’t be compatible with the current Batman Miniature Game as the two games will use a different rules system.

Will be bringing you more information as it becomes available, but it looks like this is going to be a lot of fun!


DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash Review: Barry Allen, Firestorm, and Superman

In September, the latest DC Dice Masters set, DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash will be released. Wizkids hooked us up with ten booster packs and after an unboxing video, I’m now going over groupings of the cards to discuss their playability and how they stack up to previous versions of the characters.

Up next, the common Barry Allen, Firestorm, and Superman!

DC Dice Masters The Flash Green Arrow Barry Allen Firestorm Superman

Barry Allen: Super-Sonic Punch (common)

Team: Justice League

Purchase: 5 BOLT FIST

Die – Generic / Bolt & Fist / Bolt & Fist

Level: 1 3 3 / 1 4 4 / 2 7 4

Character Previous Set: None (though The Flash has appeared in both DC Dice Masters: Justice League and DC Dice Masters War of Light)

Synergy -While Barry Allen is active, you may pay BOLT FIST to give Barry Allen character die +2A and +4D (until end of turn). (Synergy abilities can be used while the character is active, any time you could use a Global Ability).

Thoughts: Wow is The Flash expensive in sets. The character at a cost of 5 where you must use a BOLT and FIST to purchase make this not the easiest card to purchase. What I do like about the card is that it really reflects the speed of the character with his ability to act quickly and up his attack and defense. Compared to other Flash dice, the cost is similar and potentially getting a 9A/8D character is solid. Still, when it comes to speedsters, I’d rather get the Justice League versions that can be unblockable and are 1 less to purchase. Still, since this is named The Flash, use both!


Firestorm: Host of the Matrix (common)

Team: Justice League

Purchase: 4 BOLT

Die – Bolt / Bolt and Bolt / Bolt and Bolt

Level: 1 3 5 / 1 4 6 / 2 5 6

Character Previous Set: DC Dice Masters: Justice League, DC Dice Masters: Justice League OP

When Firestorm attacks, deal 1 damage to target character die for each character die in your Field Zone.

Thoughts: We’ve seen Firestorm before and compared to it, this is one of the better versions of the card. The die characteristics are exactly the same, so all that differs is its ability.The ability to deal a high amount of damage in an attack will make this a key character to potentially wipe out tough characters. I myself tend to play a style with a lot of characters attacking, so this will be one I’ll be looking at when putting together a team, especially a Justice League one.

The chance to deal a high amount of damage in an attack will make this a key character to potentially wipe out tough characters and is one way to handle that potential issue. While on its own it’s ok, I can see it being a nice back up character used in certain situations. I myself tend to play a style with a lot of characters attacking, so this will be one I’ll be looking at when putting together a team, especially a Justice League one.


Superman: Man of Tomorrow (common)

Team: Justice League

Purchase: 6 SHIELD

Die – Shield / Shield and Shield / Shield and Shield

Level: 1 4 6 / 2 6 7 / 2 7 8

Character Previous Set: DC Dice Masters: Justice League, DC Dice Masters: Justice League OP, and DC Dice Masters World’s Finest

Superman gets +1A and +1D for each of your active Justice League characters.

Thoughts: This character die is similar cost to previous versions and the stats are the same as the World’s Finest version. The ability is really interesting, first because I think it’d give itself +1A and +1D, so it’d start off stronger than the WF version and slightly better than the JL version. Running just a Justice League team, I can see Superman becoming a beast to deal with easily getting in the double digests for attack and defense. Throw in Overcrush and you can easily see where this one’s going.


Final thoughts: Three interesting possible additions to Justice League teams (and teams in general). All three could be fun playing in casual and I can see some teams being put together for competitive, though the high initial purchase costs will get people to hold off of that. Still, if this set shakes up the meta like I think it will, expect to see all three of these cards of the table. Now, I’m off to go make a Justice League team.

DC Comics Dice Masters: Golden Age Superman Monthly OP

Join Superman in the fight against some of his first super villains including his monstrous double, Bizzaro, and the tormenting trickster, Mr. Mxyzptlk, in DC Comics Dice Masters: Golden Age Superman.

Wizkids has announced a new Dice Masters organized play with three new cards featuring classic art from Superman comics.

The organized play kit has stores putting together events in order to get players to regularly come in and those who participate receive prizes for participation and depending on what place they come in.

This kit features three cards, Bizarro: Golden Age Superman, Mxyzptlk: Golden Age Superman, and  Thrown Car: Basic Action Card. The first two are prize support with the last being participation prizes.

Bizarro looks to be a new card that halves something…

Mr. Mxyzptlk looks to have you drawing cards until you get a Villain die with the rest going into your bag…

Thrown Car is a bit of a spin on Enraged which was found in the AvX set and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set.


DC Comics Superman/Wonder Woman Heroclix in November

Superman Wonder Woman HeroclixThis November, Wizkids releases their latest DC Comics Heroclix set, Superman/Wonder Woman.

DC Comics Superman/Wonder Woman features the first DC Comics in-booster Colossal figures! Each DC Comics Superman/Wonder Woman booster bricks have 8 regular 5-figure boosters and 1 super booster which randomly contains one of six different colossal figures to collect!

The DC Comics Superman/Wonder Woman set showcases allies and enemies of Superman and Wonder Woman – with featured sub-themes of Earth 2/Wonders of the World; alternate/evil versions of Superman; and the long-anticipated debut of characters from the Red Son storyline.

The set includes 76 figures including 16 commons, 16 uncommons, 16 rares, 12 super rares, 6 chase, 4 primes, and 6 colossal figures.


TabApp Elite Launches

Game creators WizKids/NECA and MFV have launched the latest addition to the HeroClix brand. Taking players on a mobile adventure, TabApp Elite is now available for free download for iPad and select Android devices. The app’s physical DC Comics Super Hero figures are also available from Hastings and local hobby and game shops nationally.

The elite version allows for multiple physical figures in game and enhanced visuals.

The DC Comics Superman Starter Pack, which contains a physical Superman TabApp Elite figure and branded ClixStation is available for $14.99 USD. Also available is a Booster Pack, $9.99 USD, containing additional figures, including a Batman TabApp Elite figure and Wonder Woman “Ally” figure, which can be used alongside other hero figures in game and placed directly on the mobile device.

TabApp Elite figures are 100% compatible with the HeroClix tabletop game and come with a free code to unlock their HeroClix Online counterpart.

Original HeroClix TabApp DC Comics figures will also be compatible with TabApp Elite this June.

TabApp Elite

HeroClix TabApp DC Comics Out Now

DC Comics Super Heroes the latest version of HeroClix TabApp is now available in stores. The two different sets has six new figures to play with, both in the video game, but also can be used as part of regular Heroclix games. Including the new figures, the  game update includes over one dozen new maps, more than 30 DC Comics Super-Villains, and all new storylines and comic panels.

The DC Comics figures are available at Toys R Us, Walmart and hobby shops in packs of three at $14.99 each. The DC Comics Super Heroes pack includes Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and The Dark Knight Rises figure pack adds Batman, Catwoman and Bane.

HeroClix TabApp™ can be downloaded free on the App Store.

HeroClix Online Announces DC Comics Justice League Fast Forces

Developers of HeroClix Online today announced the latest collection of DC Comics characters set to hit the server on August 23. Developed under license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and in partnership with DC Entertainment, the Justice League Fast Forces figures will add six prominent DC Comics characters with all new powers to the online game. As with previously released sets, the new figures can be obtained both in game and via codes in physical Justice League products.

The new Fast Forces includes six popular DC Comics Super Heroes—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Cyborg.

Providing players with more than one way to collect, free codes for the virtual Fast Forces can be found in physical Justice League Fast Forces and redeemed in game, beginning August 23.

The new Super Hero figures can be used alongside all other DC Comics figures, in DC Comics tournaments and maps.

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