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Bryce “The Slice” is coming to the Blood Bowl Pitch

The Blood Bowl pitch is getting a bit more dangerous and bloody as Bryce “The Slice” Cambuel is entering the field. Chainsaws aren’t uncommon on the field, but a chainsaw-wielding skeleton on fire might be.

Bryce’s career ended early when his own chainsaw killed him but he continues to rip up the field today. He features Thick Skull and Stand Firm with his unique Ghostly Flames special rule that adds a +4 to Armour rolls when he makes a Chainsaw Attack action as part of a Blitz.

Coming soon from Forge World, Bryce is ready to be hired by your Sylvanian Spotlight.

Blood Bowl’s Kreek “the Verminator” Rustgouger and Wilhelm Chaney are Available Now

Two new bruisers are available for pre-order and ready for the Blood Bowl pitch.

Kreek ‘The Verminator’ Rustgouger has been revealed and might be the greatest Skaven creation to ever walk the pitch. The monster of a player swings a nugget of warpstone and as per “I’ll Be Back!” will not be sent-off the pitch as per the secret weapon trait for the first time and may continue as part of the game. But, with a fee of 170,000 GP, you’ll need to save up to field him.

Order the figure now for $44.

Kreek ‘The Verminator’ Rustgouger

Wilhelm Chaney adds a fast, versatile catcher to your team. But, you’ll need to play Sylvanian Spotlight to take advantage.

You can get Chaney now for $30.

Wilhelm Chaney

Frank ‘n’ Stein Enters the Blood Bowl Pitch

Frank ‘n’ Stein shambles on to the astrogranite and can now be a part of your Blood Bowl team. He can play for Old World Classic and Sylvanian Spotlight teams. He’s a strong, sturdy, and skillful star player to add to your team.

The miniature comes in 7 pieces and is a resin model. You can find rules for Frank ‘n’ Stein in Spike! Journal Issue 11.

He can be yours now for $33.

Frank 'n' Stein Blood Bowl