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The Creativity Hub Brings Two New Games to PAX Unplugged

The Creativity Hub have two new games that will be having their US debut at this week’s PAX Unplugged show in Philadelphia. You may have heard of some of the things they’ve done before – they’re probably most famous for Rory’s Story Cubes – but they’re now moving into the world of making board and card games.

First up is Untold: Adventures Await – the episodic storytelling game that puts you and your fellow players in the shoes of heroes in a TV show of your own creation. From building your setting through to the final epic showdown, the whole game plays out in one hour, and the easily accessible rules mean that a wide range of players can get involved! From fantasy to sci-fi, crime drama to thrilling horror, you can use the included Story Cubes or mix and match sets of your choice to push the story in whatever direction you wish. One-off pilots or whole seasons of adventure are ready for you in Untold: Adventures Await.


The second release is Blank – a quick playing, easy to understand card game that will change and evolve as you play. Every round, players will get rid of the cards in their hands by matching colours and numbers. Three randomly dealt Rule Cards add a twist to each round that must be followed, as failure to do so means you’ll have to draw extra cards as a penalty. Get rid of all your cards and you win – so far, so simple! What makes Blank different is what follows: the winner gets to either create a new Rule Card or modify a Game Card, introducing new ideas into the game and making each copy of Blank totally unique. Make it a trivia game, make it a strategy game, make it a family game… but above everything, make it YOUR game!


The Creativity Hub will be at Booth #452 for PAX Unplugged.