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Knight Models Puts up Pre-Orders for The Flash, Zoom, Gambit, Groot and More!

Knight Models‘ may is going to be a busy one. After teasing for quite some time the month will see the release of their expansion for the Batman Miniature Game, “The Flash and Arrow.” Those who pre-order the expansion book will also get a limited edition Black Flash. There’s also two version of the book, one is a limited edition hardcover only available online.

But, it’s not just expansion books being released, there’s lots of models too. The Flash, Zoom, Hawkman, Batman the Animated Series Green Arrow, Batman the Animated Series Batgirl, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang will all be released for the Batman Miniature game.

Also being released are a Batman Dice Set, Joker Dice Set, and templates for spray and vehicle turns.

The Marvel Universe Miniature Game also gets two new releases in the form of Gambit and Groot!

Pre-orders will be up until April 29 with shipping estimated for May 5.

the flash arrow limited edition the flash arrow The Flash Zoom Batman the Animated series Green Arrow Batman the Animated series Batgirl Hawkman Deadshot Captain Boomerang Batman Dice Set Joker Dice Set Templates Gambit figure Groot figure

Batman Miniature Game “The Flash & Arrow” to include Scenarios. Also Gorilla Grodd!

Knight Models has been slowly teasing out what we can expect in “The Flash and Arrow” expansion for the Batman Miniature Game.

The expansion book will include scenarios involving some of the most famous cities of the DC Universe such as Gotham City, Central City, Star City, Gorilla City, and Lian Yu Island.

Yes, that’s right, Gorilla City!

You can check out the Gorilla Grodd and Gorilla Warrior models below in the teaser image.the flash arrow scenarios

Batman Miniature Game “The Flash & Arrow” Gets Teams like Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, and Teen Titans

Knight Models has been teasing out more information about the next expansion to their Batman Miniature GameThe Flash and Arrow.”

While we don’t know what the new rules will be, Knight Models has said the game will feature new rules for configuring your band “The Teams.”

There’ll be special rules that’ll allow you to play as the Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, and Teen Titans.

In the photo below, it looks like we’re getting a new Deadshot miniature too.

So what would you like to see as far as rules for teams? What team members would you like to see?

Batman Miniature Game The Flash vs Arrow Suicide Squad Birds of Prey

The Speed Force is Coming to the Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models teased their first expansion for the Batman Miniature Game, “The Flash and Arrow” which featured fonts and images from the two characters’ television shows. There hasn’t been many details as to what we can expect, but if the company’s newest teaser is any indication we can expect new characters and rules for characters from more than just the television shows.

The Flash featured isn’t the costume design from the television show, but is more in line with the comics and is that a Black Lantern Flash next to him?61997_764412963659024_4219020616669571093_n