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Mighty Meeples: DC Justice League Collection Tin, Out Now!

Cryptozoic Entertainment has released the Mighty Meeples: DC Justice League Collection Tin. The tin resembles the Hall of Justice, the iconic home of the Justice League, and provides a stylish home for the seven included Mighty Meeples figures, all depicting members of DC’s Justice League. The 1-inch wooden figures can be collected for display or can replace pieces in any board game to upgrade the experience.

First appearing over 15 years ago, the “meeple”—short for “my people”—possesses a distinctive shape that has made it a popular choice for player pieces in a variety of games. Cryptozoic increases the fun with Mighty Meeples that are oversized (regular meeples are usually .75 inches) and showcase popular DC Justice League heroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.

The Mighty Meeples: DC Justice League Collection Tin retails for $14.99. Fans of DC’s Justice League can show off the Hall of Justice tin and use it to store the included Mighty Meeples figures, which can be collected or used in board games. Starting this week, the tin will be available at hobby retailers nationwide.


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The Flash, Reverse Flash, and John Diggle Come to the Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has unveiled its latest releases for their Marvel Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game. The Marvel Universe Miniature Game gets some much-needed “bad guys” with two releases, plus a figure that was teased in images last month.

After the release of “The Flash and Arrow” expansion for the Batman Miniature Game, the expansion sees some characters from the world of The CW’s The Flash and Arrow. The Flash and Reverse Flash get two new versions based on the television show. Also, John Diggle aka Spartan gets a release.

There’s also a new scenery release with Air Ducts and new markers with Effects Markers.

You can order all of the figures now.

Batman Miniature Game The Flash CW Batman Miniature Game Reverse Flash CW Batman Miniature Game Diggle CW Batman Miniature Game Air Ducts Batman Miniature Game Effects Markers

Knight Models Puts up Pre-Orders for The Flash, Zoom, Gambit, Groot and More!

Knight Models‘ may is going to be a busy one. After teasing for quite some time the month will see the release of their expansion for the Batman Miniature Game, “The Flash and Arrow.” Those who pre-order the expansion book will also get a limited edition Black Flash. There’s also two version of the book, one is a limited edition hardcover only available online.

But, it’s not just expansion books being released, there’s lots of models too. The Flash, Zoom, Hawkman, Batman the Animated Series Green Arrow, Batman the Animated Series Batgirl, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang will all be released for the Batman Miniature game.

Also being released are a Batman Dice Set, Joker Dice Set, and templates for spray and vehicle turns.

The Marvel Universe Miniature Game also gets two new releases in the form of Gambit and Groot!

Pre-orders will be up until April 29 with shipping estimated for May 5.

the flash arrow limited edition the flash arrow The Flash Zoom Batman the Animated series Green Arrow Batman the Animated series Batgirl Hawkman Deadshot Captain Boomerang Batman Dice Set Joker Dice Set Templates Gambit figure Groot figure

Knight Models Teases New The Flash and Arrow Batman Miniature Game Expansion

While the contents are generally unknown, Knight Models today posted an image teasing a new rulebook expansion of Batman Miniature Game, “The Flash and Arrow.” The cover of the book features not comic imagery but the two characters featured on their hit television shows as well as those shows titles.

The Batman Miniature Game allows you to bring the world of Batman to the tabletop where you can create teams featuring iconic characters like Penguin, Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Black Mask, Talons, the Joker, Bane, and more. If they’re a major (and minor) Batman character, there’s probably a figure for them.

The game also has put a spun on its theme by including different version of the characters such as Batman the Animated Series, Batman films, Batman: Arkham Knight, and even the Gotham television series.

There are currently models for Green Arrow (two versions in fact) as well as other characters who have appeared on the show like Arsenal/Speedy, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Katana, and Huntress.

It’s unknown specifically what this book will bring, but expect more characters and additional rules geared towards the characters, their allies, and their enemies.

Batman Miniature Game The Flash and Arrow

Unboxing DC Heroclix: The Flash Boosters

We open up a brick and take a look at Wizkids‘ newest Heroclix release, DC Heroclix: The Flash. We show off what you can expect as far as figures, sculpts, and some of the new rules for this set.

This new set is out now, and you can order DC Heroclix Flash Boosters today.




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Wizkids Debuts The Flash and Bizarro Flash

019a-the-flash-1024x536Wizkids has started to debut figures from their upcoming DC Heroclix: The Flash set. Up first, they’ve got two version of The Flash!

The Flash has improved movement that allows him to ignore elevated terrain. There’s also a cool trait called Speed Force, in which every time the figure moves one square and hits one or more adjacent characters you add a Speed token on the card after actions resolved. You can increase the figure’s speed value by the number of Speed tokens on the card… But there’s more too!

Another trait called Faster Than Thought allows him to use Super Senses, and once per turn remove a token to re-roll a Super Senses roll. Also, a special power called Flash Fact allows you to gain additional powers to more tokens you have. When he has two tokes he has Empower, 3 there’s Enhancement, 4 it’s Probability Control. On top of it, they stack!

Add in 13 movement with Hypersonic speed, an 11 attack, 3 damage, and natural 18 defense that he can share with Defend for 130 points, and you have the center of a really fun team full of speed.

019b-bizarro-flash-1024x536Wizkids has also premiered an uncommon Prime figure, Bizarro Flash. Much like the regular Flash figure, this one can also has the Speed Force trait as described above, where you gains tokens. He also has a trait called Slow Force, where if he misses all his attacks, he gets a token.

Bizarro Flash’s attack special power called Slow Dowwwwwwwwn which allows a free action to remove a Speed token from his card. If you do, other characters within 8 squares can’t use Hypersonic Speed until your next turn. The other special power is called Picking Up The Pace and shows up in his mid to late dial. This allows him to use Flurry and Close Combat Expert. Remove a Speed token from this card and you may activate Close Combat Expert with a close combat attack this turn.

The figure starts out with Sidestep, Toughness and Perplex that switches to Outwit on click 2. Mid dial he can use Charge which does overlap with both special powers and Super Senses.

Click 6 brings the use of Hypersonic Speed, Precision Strike and his special Pick Up The Pace power. Hypersonic Speed allows you to give Bizarro Flash a power action and during his movement make a close combat attack which if he had a Speed token could be used to active Close Combat Expert.

Bizarro Flash finishes out his dial with Hypersonic Speed, Precision Strike, Impervious and Outwit. Bizarro Flash comes in at 111 points.

DC HeroClix: The Flash Out in October

28434The Flash Gravity Feed_MDHeroclix and Wizkids brings the speed (force) this October 15 with DC HeroClix: The Flash. October will see the release of the 24 count Gravity Feed. In November we’ll see booster packs and a Fast Force pack released. The set will also have a Release Day Organized Play Kit.

Single-figure foil packs retail for the usual $2.99 and feature 10 figures. That release will have a flat rarity and will include Max Mercury, Golden Glider, Gorilla City Soldiers, and Central City Police.

28434Heroclix Flash  Booster_MDThe booster packs will retail for the usual $12.99 and feature five figures. That set will contain 68 figures from all eras of the Flash’s history. The release will include the Harley Quinn HeroClix World Champion Piece and the 2013 DC Fan Vote Winner, Etrigan the Demon. You can expect to see the Rogues, allies, and even the Authority. The set will have 17 common figures, 16 uncommon, 16 rares, and 12 super rare figures. Each of those will have a prime figure as well. There’s also 3 chase figures.

28434Flash The Rogues_MDThe DC HeroClix: The Flash The Rogues Fast Forces Pack will include 6, Captains Cold, Boomerang, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave and the Pied Piper, as well as two exclusive maps.  It’ll retail for $16.99.

The Release Day Organized Play Kit will include 3 limited edition 3D objects (three copies of one object), five 2-sides maps, and an instruction sheet.  Stores are limited in the number of OP Kits they may order from their distributor based on cumulative cases of product ordered, with no more than 3 OP Kits per retail store.

HeroClix Online Announces DC Comics Justice League Fast Forces

Developers of HeroClix Online today announced the latest collection of DC Comics characters set to hit the server on August 23. Developed under license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and in partnership with DC Entertainment, the Justice League Fast Forces figures will add six prominent DC Comics characters with all new powers to the online game. As with previously released sets, the new figures can be obtained both in game and via codes in physical Justice League products.

The new Fast Forces includes six popular DC Comics Super Heroes—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Cyborg.

Providing players with more than one way to collect, free codes for the virtual Fast Forces can be found in physical Justice League Fast Forces and redeemed in game, beginning August 23.

The new Super Hero figures can be used alongside all other DC Comics figures, in DC Comics tournaments and maps.