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Lockjaw Ports into Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games has been revealing the upcoming Inhumans faction for the Marvel: Crisis Protocol tabletop miniature game.

Lockjaw is the latest reveal. Previously we’ve seen Black Bolt, Medusa, and Crystal.

With powers focused primarily on porting characters to different locations, the character should be an interesting one for gameplay.

The Inhumans join the tabletop battle in 2021.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Lockjaw

Atomic Mass Games Reveals Black Bolt and Teases More Inhumans for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

With the X-Men debuting later this week, Atomic Mass Games is already teasing more to come for the Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniature game. The Inhumans will be debuting in the game as a new playable team but of course, you can use its members elsewhere.

Black Bolt has been fully revealed while Medussa, Crystal, and Lockjaw have all been teased. Expect more reveals later in the week with much more to come. The Inhumans are a classic group in the Marvel Universe created by Jack Kirby. Their origin is early humans experimented on and given extraordinary powers that are triggered through a gas. That process makes their powers, and appearance varied, and they consist of some of the most powerful beings in Marvel today.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Black Bolt