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The One Ring Kickstarter from Free League Publishing is Live and Funded

The Kickstarter for the new edition of the acclaimed roleplaying game The One Ring, set in the world of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and designed by Francesco Nepitello, has been launched by Free League Publishing. The highly anticipated fantasy game was funded in just 4 minutes.

The new edition for The One Ring roleplaying game, to be published by Free League in partnership with Sophisticated Games, was crowdfunded in only 4 minutes after the launch and has already raised more than $530,000, with 21 days to go.

In the new edition of The One Ring, the year is 2965 of the Third Age, and the players create a Company of heroes seeking adventure in the Lone-lands of Eriador, the region that once saw the glory of the North Kingdom of Arnor.

It is a desolate country, yet it sees the presence of many adventurous folk – Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves and Men. It is here that the One Ring lies, a seed of the past that will one day lead the world to open war against the returning Shadow.

The Enemy is moving, and smoke issues once more from Mount Doom, in the land of Mordor…

For about $36 you can back the project and get the core rules and starter set in a digital format. For $60 you get a hardback edition, the pdf format, stretch goals, and an Alpha pdf version. The campaign ends on March 4 and is expected to ship in November 2021.

Return to Middle-earth with Next Week’s Games Workshop Re-release

Games Workshop is taking a bit of a break next week when it comes to pre-orders and will instead have a re-release of some classic Middle-earth kits.

The sets being offered are focused on scenes from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers movie including the epic Battle of Helm’s Deep.

Let’s see which models are returning!

For fans of Good armies, they’ll have Legolas Mounted with Bow, Théoden from Warg Attack, Gamling from Warg Attack, Gimli on Dead Uruk-hai, Ent, Haldir’s Elves with Bows, Haldir’s Elves with Swords, and the Heroes of Helms Deep.

On the Evil side, there’ll be Uruk-hai Scouts, Warg Riders, and the Uruk-hai Battering Ram.

There’s actually no pre-order window for these and they’ll be available right away. There’s a limited number of each so be sure to order quickly as they may sell out fast.

Forge World New Releases Include Necromunda and Lord of the Rings

This week’s new pre-orders from Forge World features two games and a bit of a surprise.

Necromunda sees the release of two new Hired Guns. Apollus Kage was a member of the Orlock gang the Sump Dogs. Krotus Hark, on the other hand, is a former Goliath who was born with that most dangerous of gifts – intelligence.

Both are now available for $41. Apollus Kage has also been designed so that his head, arms, and backpack are compatible with a large proportion of Necromunda miniatures for conversions.

Necromunda Apollus Kage and Krotus Hark

The Lord of the Rings sees two releases this week.

Personalities of the Shire – Will Whitfoot and Baldo Tulpenny are available now for $21. Rally your Hobbits to fight with jolly old Will Whitfoot, the former mayor of Hobbiton. Meanwhile, take advantage of Baldo Tulpenny’s skills as a champion stone skimmer to attack Ruffians from afar or have him set a series of traps to slow down Sharkey’s men.

The Lord of the Rings Personalities of the Shire - Will Whitfoot and Baldo Tulpenny

You can also ruff up some Hobbits with the Ruffian Leaders. They’re available for $33.

Ruffian Chief Sid Briarthorn, enforcer Rowan Thistlewood and spy Bill Ferny are here to take any unruly Hobbits off to the lockholes. Sid encourages your Ruffians to fight even harder, you can burn down Hobbit-holes with Rowan and use Bill’s information to keep track of the Shire Folk. You can also use all three to bind any pesky Hobbits in chains, leaving them helpless.

The Lord of the Rings Ruffian Leaders