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Gen Con 2023: The Op Games Debuts Two New Strategy Games

The Perfect Wave

Usaopoly (The Op) is debuting two new strategy games, The Perfect Wave and Express Route, at Gen Con Indy 2023, the largest and longest-running gaming convention in North America taking place from August 3-6. During the convention, the more than 50,000 gamers and attendees will be among the first to preview, demo, and purchase limited copies of the newest games within The Op’s Booth #135.

Standing as the theme for The Op’s booth this year is the brand’s latest light strategy board game, The Perfect Wave. In the game, players work to “catch the perfect wave” as they collect Wave cards to construct a sequence, earning points for runs and sets of numbers, and play Trick cards to show off and score bonuses. Designed for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up, paddle out, plan the best combo of moves, and create the ultimate surfing memory! 

Express Route

Joining The Perfect Wave is The Op’s newest cooperative strategy game, Express Route, which allows players to be a part of the mail order revolution where ultramodern shipping technology is in their hands. Those playing the game will have to work together to stay ahead of incoming shipments, plan routes, upgrade equipment, and use specialist abilities to complete deliveries to eager home shoppers before demand spirals out of control. Designed for 1-4 players, ages 10 and up, the game is complete with 20 increasingly difficult scenarios to put players’ planning skills to the test.  

In addition to this year’s new titles, Gen Con 2023 will also mark the final stop on the eight-month run of The Op’s “Road to Gen Con” Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Championship and crown its “Most Powerful Battle Arena Summoner.” Inspired by the popular mobile game, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances lets players build teams from Disney and Pixar heroes and villains to compete in an expandable, learn-as-you-go battle arena game. To honor last year’s game launch, The Op kicked off the first of 12 regional tour stops across the nation in January where board game aficionados from near and far came together to battle it out and claim the number one spot. Semi-finalists will now meet again one last time at Gen Con for the “Final Faceoff” and a shot to walk away with $10,000.

Test your Dungeons & Dragons knowledge with Trivial Pursuit Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Edition

It’s time to brandish your sharpest weapon yet. Decades of storytelling have created a foundation of lore that fans of D&D can now explore, without an appointed DM!

Trivial Pursuit: Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Edition lets players wield the depths of their fantasy game knowledge to win!

Navigate the custom game board with iconic D&D character movers in this full-sized collectible edition featuring 1800 questions on Dungeons & AdventuresMonstersHistoryCosmologyCharacters, and Magic & Miscellany.

Get yours: The OPGame NerdzMiniature MarketCoolStuff Inc.Amazon

Monopoly: Original Squishmallows Collector’s Edition – Available Now!

Monopoly: Original Squishmallows Collectors Edition lets players buy, sell, and trade their favorites from the Classic Squad to the Fantasy Squad, including Fifi the Fox and Benny the Bigfoot!

The special edition comes with an exclusive 4″ Cam the Cat plush to start off your journey, and custom tokens that represent Squishmallows fun!

The game is for 2-6 players age 8+. Games last 60+ minutes. Order yours now!

Scout Comics and The OP partner for games based on Scout’s IP

Comic book publisher Scout Comics & Entertainment is partnering with board game and puzzle publisher Usaopoly (The Op). Under this partnership, The Op will have a first look at all Scout properties for development into board games.

Scout features over 275 titles in their comic catalog as well as numerous projects in development for television and film. The deal opens up an opportunity for The Op to expand their game titles and re-skin their classic and popular games. Currently, the publisher features licenses that involve Disney, Marvel, and more.

Scout Comics and The Op

Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit is Coming from The OP

From video game to tabletop game, Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit allows you to play the beloved franchise in a whole new way.

Get ready to help reclaim the communal universe in a cooperative chase to defeat the Heartless. Take on the roles of Sora, Goofy, Donald, Kairi, and Riku to explore and overpower mounting threats to various worlds. Seal the doors of six worlds to save them and restore the harmony forever!

In Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit players collect and assign sets of dice to take action and protect their fellow heroes, create attacks on the Heartless, and collect potions to help your quest. You track five abilities and must watch your health along the way. A cooperative game, you’ll need to work with other players and come to each other’s aid to make sure no one is defeated, the six worlds are sealed away, and keep the Heartless from overtaking two worlds.

Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit is coming to stores on November 3, 2021. The game is for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up.

Order: Game NerdzCoolStuff Inc.

The OP reveals Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game

Popular video game Cuphead is coming to the tabletop with Cuphead Fast Rolling Dice Game. The game is available for pre-order now.

Featuring the classic hand-drawn 1930’s art style, this fast action and original cooperative dice game gives players the chance to defeat iconic bosses from the video game! The game is based on the video game from Studio MDHR.

In the game, players take on the roles of Cuphead, Mugman, Ms. Chalice, and Elder Kettle and all play at the same time, quickly rolling their personal attack dice to collect sets that will allow them to avoid attacks and do damage to level Bosses. Eight fan-favorite bosses await challengers, each contained in separate boxes that can only be unlocked once the previous Boss is defeated.

Players will have to rely on luck and strategy looking for the right combos but also wanting Wallop cards and EX dice in the mix.

Looking for even more of a challenge? The game features a solo play option as well – see if you can set a new high-score!

The game is for 1 to 4 players ages 12 and up.

Pre-Order: AmazonGame Nerdz

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 is Back and available for Pre-Order

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 was a hot game for a while. Released by Mondo, the game was popular, selling out and commanding high prices in the aftermarket. A lack of reprints, and really any news, of the game, was head-scratching, as the game was a hit and featured a lot of buzz from its Gen Con debut years back. Now, Mondo and The OP have announced that The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 is back and available for pre-order!

In the game, you relive the 1982 classic John Carpenter horror movie, The Thing, with this social deduction, hidden identity tabletop board game.

To win the game, players must complete missions, locate and identify the imitations, and escape the Outpost. Your ability to uncover the truth is critical to discover the imitations and win the game.

Play as 1 of 12 iconic characters (and as either a human or an imitation) from the movie, such as MacReady, Palmer, and Blair. The game is for 4 to 8 players and one we highly recommend.

Designed by The OP with art by Phantom City Creative, The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 retails for $60 and is expected to ship in November 2021.

Make Mine Marvel with Smash Up: Marvel

Smash Up: Marvel

The Op has released Smash Up: Marvel bringing the comic world to the popular tabletop game. Listened from AEG, the game has players choosing two decks of fan-favorite characters and combining their powers to attempt to dominate their opponent.

The game centers around locations called Bases that have a “breakpoint”. When the limit is breached, each player earns Victory points accoring to their ranking in first, second, and third place. The first player to 15 total points wins the game.

You can choose from eight factions each with a different playing style. The game is perfect for long-time Smash Up fans and new players.

You can choose from:

  • The Ultimates: The cosmic themed faction that has the likes of Captain Marvel and Spectrum moves quickly from one base to another, allowing its member to attack from afar.
  • The Avengers: Six well-known and loved characters including Iron Man and Hulk have robust powers that are enhanced by items that were made just for them, creating impactful results.
  • Spider-Verse: Moving with spectacular speed is this deck’s forte, which means a quick response and special actions that boost the power of its stealthy arachnid characters.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.: These highly-skilled agents infiltrate the battlefield with intensely honed team effort.
  • Masters of Evil: Diabolical members like Baron Zemo are built to become more aggressive as the game goes on, claiming more points through their nefarious plots.
  • The Kree: Otherworldly and steadfast, their leader The Supreme Intelligence is able to add power to the other members of this militaristic faction.
  • Hydra: If one member falls, two can take its place, resulting in intentional sacrifices that evildoers Arnim Zola and Red Skull will have no problem putting into effect.
  • The Sinister Six: The city is at this group’s mercy as they have base modifiers that lower breakpoints and allow characters like Doctor Octopus to grab up Victory points as he pleases.

The collection is a stand-alone game, but the 160 faction cards are also compatible with all Smash Up games, which have grown to include over 50 other factions, providing the ultimate crossover experience.

Smash Up: Marvel is for 2-4 players ages 12 and up.

Purchase: AmazonGame NerdzMiniature MarketCoolstuff Inc

Pit Heroes and Villains against each other with the Marvel Collector’s Chess Set

Marvel Collector's Chess

Stand with S.H.I.E.L.D. or battle with Hydra with the Marvel Collector’s Chess set out now from The OP.

The set features 32 full color, custom sculpted Chess pieces. S.H.I.E.L.D. features Iron Man and Captain Marvel as the King and Quen with Black Widow and Captain America as Bishops, Spider-Man and Black Panther as Knights, Hulk and Thor as Rooks, and Energy Shields as Pawns.

Hydra features Thanos and Hela as King and Queen, Kingpin and Red Skull as Bishops, Killmonger and Venom as Knights, Loki and Ultron as Rooks, and the Hydra emblem as Pawns.

The set is made for ages 8 and up to enjoy the classic game of chess with a Marvel twist. It’s out now and retails for $74.99.

Purchase: Amazon

Get Your Hands on The Batman Who Laughs Rising

The Batman Who Laughs Rising

The Batman Who Laughs is rising in the new game, Get Your Hands on The Batman Who Laughs Rising from The OP. It’s a terrifying side of Batman as one of DC’s most dangerous villains comes to tabletop games.

The Batman Who Laughs is a twisted evil version of Batman merged with the conscious of the Joker coming from the Dark Multiverse. A deadly combination of smarts and willingness to do anything to win, he’s been a terror for the DC Universe. The Batman Who Laughs has transported from DC’s thrilling Dark Nights: Metal series to terrorize the tabletop, accompanied by an evil army from across the DC universe. Working together as your favorite DC Super Heroes is more important now than ever, as players are urged to recruit allies, overpower the boss’s slew of Dark Knights, and prevent the relentless monster from taking over the universe.

In the game, players start by choosing their favorite starting Super Hero among Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, and the true vigilante Batman to defeat seven malicious Batman-The Joker hybrids that lead up to a faceoff with the quintessential Super-Villain himself—a shadowy enrobed and spike-blinded figure gripping Rabid Robins with a fistful of dangling chains. The Batman Who Laughs is at the center of this game as a custom sculpted, 120mm full color figure who oversees three zones where you and the other players must match dice to either add Heroes to your team or defeat threatening villains.

While similar to other Rising games in that players are joined by familiar allies, including fellow Justice League members Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, tension is especially built up by a unique story arc-inspired Dark Knights Track, which not only pulls powerful anti-heroes into play as the game progresses, but forces players to confront the strongest Super-Villains before having a winning chance! Only by first defeating all seven cards that comprise this lineup of dangerous Batman Super-Villain combos, such as The Drowned, The Devastator, and The Red Death, can players go on to battle the demonic leader, putting their combined skills of Power, Purpose, Justice, and Determination to the ultimate test.

Also included are 1 Deployment Zone Tile, 4 double-sided Dark Knights Track Tiles, 1 Dark Knights Die, 1 The Batman Who Laughs Die, 15 Hero Dice, 32 Dark Knights Track Counters, 60 Damage counters, 4 Team Deployment Tokens, 30 Bonus Tokens, 4 Team Ability Cards, 38 Characters (Hero and Villain) Cards, 7 Dark Knights Cards plus 1 The Batman Who Laughs Card, and rulebook.

The Batman Who Laughs Rising is for 1-4 players, ages 15 and up. It retails for $49.99.

Purchase: AmazonGame NerdzCoolStuff Inc

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