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Riddler, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman 1984 Comes to the Batman Miniature Game and DC Multiverse Miniature Game

Knight Models has new releases for the Batman Miniature Game and DC Multiverse Miniature Game up for pre-order now. The Riddler gets a new updated figure and gang, while Catwoman and Wonder Woman also get new versions. Check out each release below!

Riddle me this… The Riddler gets an updated figure for the Batman Miniature Game inspired by Jim Carrey’s version of the character in Batman Forever. The figure retails for $40.57.

Batman Miniature Game The Riddler

The Riddler needs a gang though. A trio of thugs are available with the Riddler Thugs. The set can be used in the Batman Miniature Game and costs $28.29.

Batman Miniature Game Riddler Thugs

Get whipped into shape with a new Catwoman figure for the Batman Miniature Game. This new sculpt also comes with a trio of Cat tokens to help you in your heists. The figure is available now for pre-order for $21.71.

Batman Miniature Game Catwoman

There’s a new Robin for the game. Red Robin steps into the fight in the Batman Miniature Game. You can pre-order the figure for $16.95.

Batman Miniature Game Red Robin

Wonder Woman comes in her golden (armor) glory. The Wonder Woman 1984 miniature is available to use in DC Multiverse Miniature Game and is available for pre-order for $28.34.

DC Multiverse Miniature Game Wonder Woman 1984

Riddle Me This with Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has already teased new henchmen for the Riddler gang in the Batman Miniature Game. Now, we get to see the main attraction with a new Riddler figure.

The figure takes a lot of inspiration from Jim Carrey’s turn as the character in Batman Forever featuring a look that was similar to his costume and a throne/chair as seen in the movie.

Check out the miniature coming soon and some of its inspiration from the film.

Knight Models Reveals The Riddler Gang and Quelle for the Batman Miniature Game

After a teaser earlier this year, Knight Models has revealed a brand new release for their Batman Miniature Game. The Riddler gets a new sculpt and gang (and with that new rules and statistics). Unlike previous releases, this version is more like the classic design of the DC Comics’ character.

Along with the Riddler and his gang is Quelle a rather obscure character. Quelle has appeared in just two issues debuting in Harley Quinn #6 back in May 2001.

Quelle, real name Josette, was an old family friend of the Waynes who agrees to aid the Riddler when her family loses money due to poor investments. Quelle’s role was to distract Bruce Wayne at a charity fundraiser but due to a lot of interference, the Riddler gang bolts abandoning Quelle.

Check out the images of the figures and statistics below.

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Knight Models Teases the Riddler Gang and Catwoman for Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models is starting 2017 off right with more reveals of models we’ll be getting down the road, this time for the Batman Miniature Game. In kicking off their Instagram account the game publisher has a few photos but two stand out.

Standing along with the recently released “Dynamic Duo” of Batman and Robin is what looks like a new Catwoman figure, this one featuring her in her iconic purple leotard costume which I believe debuted in 1993 with Catwoman #1.

We also get a look at the Riddler gang featuring a new Riddler sculpt (I think), and gang members that are a bit of a throwback to the Batman ’66 gang as well as female member of the team. Previously a gang featuring the Riddler and a “bot army” (don’t ask). In the background we also see a Batmobile defaced, which actually looks pretty cool.

It’s unknown when these figures will be released other than 2017.