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The Stuff of Legend Board Game Has Less Than 2 Days to Go!

The graphic novel series The Stuff of Legend is winding down its crowdfunding campaign with less than 2 days to go before the campaign ends. It’s well past its goal so a great opportunity to get the game.

Designed by Kevin Wilson, the cooperative board game has each player taking on the role of one of the boy’s loyal toys, each with their own unique abilities. Players work co-operatively, scouring the Dark in search of the Boy before the Boogeyman can escape with him. Players beware, through the course of the game your allegiance may change, and at any point one of your fellow players could be secretly working against you for the wicked Boogeyman.

The game is for 3 to 6 players and can be played in 60 to 90 minutes. It’s recommended for ages 12+.

With the crowdfunding campaign, players have the choice of backing the eventual retail edition early or stepping up and getting their hands on a limited edition Boogeyman edition featuring incredible miniatures and a limited-edition comic book. The retail edition is $70 while the “Boogeyman Edition” is $99.