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Wizkids' Dice Masters Justice Like Lightning OP Features Thunderbolts

Dice Masters Villainous Pact OPBaron Zemo has recruited the Thunderbolts, disguised the villainous team as heroes and deceived the public into thinking they are good. In Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning Organized Play, decide your future as a hero or villain on the tabletop.

The latest announced Marvel Dice Masters organized play event features prizes of Marvel’s villains turned heroes (to some of them turning villains again).

The event features three new cards, Villainous Pact, Ant-Man: Tiny Regret, and Baron Zemo: Citizen V.

Villainous Pact is a Marvel version of a basic action card that came with the DC Dice Masters Justice League set and also the participation prize for the set. Show up and you’ll walk away with at least this. There’s no difference other than the art. This is the first time a basic action card has been “reprinted” like this which is cool.

Dice Masters Ant-Man OPWhat’s great about this is that this card now allows you to draw a card through a basic action card if you’re playing a “Marvel only” game. More options!

Ant Man: Tiny Regret is one of the prizes for this set and uses the die from the recent Civil War set. It brings Teamwatch to a Thunderbolts team which allows you to spin an opposing die down 1 level when you field a Thunderbolt team member. The one Thunderbolts character where this could be a good combo with is the recent Black Widow: Widowmaker and Black Widow: Mistress of Pain, both of which are from Civil War. That character allows you to KO a die with a 0 fielding cost when Black Widow is fielded. So, spin dice low enough, and you can take advantage of this combo.

Dice Masters Baron Zemo OPThe second prize is Baron Zemo: Citizen V which also uses the die from the recent Civil War set. The ability for the card is rather simple in that it gives other members of the Thunderbolts a +1A when it’s fielded.

A combo for this is Songbird: Reformed Villain which is a potentially unblockable character and getting that extra damage can be all the difference. Also, spinning down your opponent’s dice with Black Widow, this one may put things over the top to knock out opposing dice. Finally, add in dice boosts like Venom: Abandoned the Stinger, and you’ve got even more potential damage heading towards your opponent. Short version, this card gives a little extra oomph to a Thunderbolts team.

It sounds like this is just the first part of a multi-part arc, so hopefully we see the Thunderbolts fleshed out even more through organized play. This is a solid start though.