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Tokyo Sidekick, a Cooperative Superhero Board Game, Comes to Kickstarter June 2020

Japanime Games has announced Tokyo Sidekick, a cooperative superhero board game. It’s set to come to Kickstarter in June 2020.

Yusuke Emi designed Tokyo Sidekick and has been writing the background story for these characters for many years and Japanime Games is partnering with Little Future to bring Tokyo Sidekick to wider audiences!

Tokyo Sidekick is all about pairing heroes and sidekicks together to battle ever-increasing odds against villains until the biggest, baddest villains known as “the Menace” show up and you take them down!

Stride across Tokyo resolving incidents together, powering up your duos by using your experience and energy wisely to power up your abilities! Once you’ve dealt with enough incidents, minor villains, and caused enough of a ruckus then it’s time to battle the Menace!

Are you ready to partner up and take the fight to those nasty villains? Stay tuned this June for the launch of Tokyo Sidekick on Kickstarter!

Tokyo Sidekick