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Gen Con Extends Their Contract with True Dungeon for an Additional Five Years

Gen Con has renewed its contract with True Dungeon for an additional five years, with a guarantee that new content will debut at the show each year. True Dungeon premiered at Gen Con in 2003 with its first interactive, live-action story (dubbed “adventure”). Since then, they have debuted new content every year. True Dungeon offers players a chance to participate in a fantasy-based guided adventure over the course of two hours, with a constructed set, puzzles to solve, treasure, and actors to complete the experience. Players participate in storylines that are either puzzle-based or combat-based.

In 2017, True Dungeon celebrated its 15th anniversary by teaming with New York Times Bestselling Author Patrick Rothfuss to create adventures based on his books.

True Dungeon adventures have resided in Lucas Oil Stadium for the last two years, and will continue to take place in Lucas Oil Stadium through the remainder of their contract.