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UFS Capcom Platinum Releases on November 21st

Jasco Games has announced that the Capcom Platinum Series is set to release on Tuesday, November 21st. Stores are able to get their pre-orders in now to guarantee them in on the 21st.

The cards in Capcom Platinum Series are a combination of reprints (from the previous sets of the Mega Man Tins, Darkstalkers Tins, Mega Man: Rise of the Masters, and Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night) and 32 brand new cards making a complete set of 247 cards. There are also several previously banned cards that are now legal again in tournament play with new errata. All cards are printed on the newest card frame and every card is foiled. There are 2 Platinum Rares per pack and 8 Platinum Commons. Finally, for the first time in UFS, there is a new foil card type (Lava Foil) that every Platinum Rare will be printed on.

Use these booster packs to train any fighter in the Universal Fighting System and take another step towards becoming the ultimate universal fighter. Players need at least 1 UFS starter deck or turbo deck to use the cards within.