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Warcradle Studios Reveals New Dystopian Wars and the BIG Gloomburg Castle for Pre-Order

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Warcradle Studios has revealed their June pre-orders and you can add to your Dystopian Wars battles or set up a castle siege!

Tempelhof Battlefleet Set

Joining the epic naval battles of the Dystopian Age, the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set adds three new exciting build options for Cruisers and two weapon options for the new Destroyers.

The set also includes two new SRS tokens to represent air units and high-damage Blitzen Bombers. Welcome these new ships by adding the Frontline squadrons set or another the Elector Battlefleet box set to your collection.

The full force of the Commonwealth can be felt soon, as the Borodino Battlefleet Set from Hunt for the Prometheus also goes up for pre-order, following Mozhayski. In addition to the mighty Commonwealth Support Squadrons, due for release at the end of June.

Borodino Battlefleet Set

Borodino Battlefleet Set

Commonwealth Support Squadrons

Commonwealth Support Squadrons

The ever-popular Gloomburg terrain pieces are back under the spotlight, with stunning new pre-colored scenery available to pre-order now: Castle Set and Siege Engines & Scatter.

Castle Set

The Gloomburg Castle perfectly fits both fantasy and historical tabletop settings, with functional doors and a portcullis that raises and lowers.

Complete with arrowslits and battlements, your units will find safe-haven behind these walls.

Siege Engines & Scatter

To complement the detailed modular scenery set: the Siege Engines & Scatter Set.

Offering the perfect add-ons to the Gloomburg Castle, with lookout posts, a catapult, drawbridge, battering ram and ladders.

Siege Engines & Scatter

Warcradle Scenics Rio Sonora Scenery Kits are Available to Pre-order Now

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Once released as a set, Warcradle Scenics Rio Sonora scenery kits are now available as individual sets. That includes the Town Hall, Foundry, and Dwelling!

These beautifully crafted buildings are perfect additions to any Wild West Exodus gameplay, and bring true life to the small town across the border of New Mexico. Now home to many outlaws laying low from Lawmen, these individual terrain pieces creating a shattered town, is the perfect battlefield for blood-coated gunfights and all-out-skirmishes.

Rio Sonora – Town Hall

Rio Sonora – Workshop

Rio Sonora – Foundry

Rio Sonora – Arcade A, Arcade B and Arcade C

Super City Downtown Set Comes to Warcradle Scenics and Perfect for Your Marvel: Crisis Protocol Games

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Battle it out around the new Super City Downtown Set available on Warcradle Scenics. The scenery is scaled for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and one looks suspiciously like a certain Sanctum!

The pre-painted MDF building are compatible with 35mm-40mm scale games, perfect for your superhero battles.

Super City Downtown Set

The set retails for £100 and includes:

  • 1x Super City – Mystic Mansion featuring;
    • Building
    • Mail Box
    • Bookcase
    • Ladder
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
    • Concealed door / rotating bookcase feature, and a small break-away wall feature
  • 1x Super City – Tower Block featuring;
    • Building
    • Moving lift
    • Optional signage
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
    • Revolving front doors
  • 2x Super City – Tower Block Extension featuring;
    • Building Extension
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
  • 2x Super City – Construction Sites featuring;
    • Building
    • 4 x Ladders
    • Wooden pallet
    • Generator
  • 1x Super City – Quantum Van featuring;
    • Van
    • Dumpster
    • 5 x Roadblock Barriers
    • Suitcase
    • Sliding side door and opening back doors

Wild West Exodus Gets Outpost Attica Terrain and More!

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The latest Wild West Exodus pre-orders have been announced and there are two new Warcradle Scenics ranges to explore. Keep reading to find out more.

Wild West Exodus

Introducing new eccentric misfits and a GIANT serpent.

The long-awaited Soul Hunters and Opie: Creation VIII are now available to pre-order! The Soul Hunters are not only the first Detachment for Lost World Exodus but they can also be taken as an Enlightened Posse for Wild West Exodus, and Opie: Creation VIII is a new ferocious creature for the Hex. 

Find out more on the Warcradle Studios blog.

Warcradle Scenics

Build your own Moon Base with Outpost Attica.

It’s another exciting and packed month of Warcradle Scenics pre-orders, there’s not one but two brand new ranges in Outpost Attica and Battlecry, as well as an addition to the incredibly popular Tech City range – now you can fill the battlefield with scatter terrain in the form of futuristic vehicles. 

The set is due for release at the end of October 2019.

Find out more on the Warcradle Studios blog.