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Warcradle’s April Releases Includes New Dystopian Wars and Lost World Exodus

Warcradle has revealed three new releases for April that are available for pre-order now. You can get new units for your games of Dystopian Wars and Lost World Exodus.

Ning Jing Battlefleet Set

Pair this battlefleet set with the Rules & Gubbins boxed set to get started with the Empire.

Includes seven multi-part plastic and resin miniatures, with various build options for Battleships and Cruisers.

Contents: 1x Ning Jing Class Battleship (The Battleship can alternatively be built as a Yangtze Class) 2x Jian Class Cruisers (Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Dao, Meru or Wusong Class) 4x Shanghai Class Frigates.

Pre-order: Wayland Games

Imperium Frontline Squadron

New support is on the way for the Prussian Imperium with new the Imperium Frontline Squadron.

A great pairing with the Elector Battlefleet, offering a variety of ways to build on your fleet.

Includes eight multi-part plastic miniatures, with various build options for Cruisers.

Contents: 2x Imperium Cruisers (Each Cruiser can be built as either Blucher, Augustus or Schaumburg Class) 4x Imperium Arminius Frigates.

Pre-order: Wayland Games

Drum of the Nautilus

A highly detailed resin miniature, the Drum of the Nautilus is the perfect addition to the Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment.

This item is compatible with Wild West Exodus as a member of the Outlaws faction.

Contents: 1x Drum of the Nautilus 1x Base.

Pre-order: Wayland Games

Get Festive with these Warcradle Studios Miniatures for a limited Time

Tis the season and Warcradle Studios has a selection of festive miniatures to celebrate for their games Mythos the Game and Wild West Exodus. You have until December 31st to get them directly from Wacradle or your friendly local game store. After that, they hibernate until next year.

Check out what you can get!


Mythos the Game

Some know how to summon and bind him, others know how to entice him and sometimes he will simply arrive and join the fray on one side or another. Kind Morozko and Unkind Morozko can be added to any force in Mythos.

He begins play as Kind Morozko, bestowing gifts to his allies, but then changes to Unkind Morozko when he is flipped. In this form he curses and cripples his enemies, often resorting to tearing them apart with his claws and teeth.


Madre Navidad

Wild West Exodus

As the festive season approaches Madre Navidad is sometimes glimpsed delivering toys to well-behaved children in the farmsteads around Rio Sonora.

The thunder heard late at night is said to be the Madre destroying Hex-Beasts and other abominations with her explosive puddings.

The red eye-lights of her mechanical steed lead the way through even the darkest of nights taking her to wherever she is needed most. She’s an alternative sculpt of Madre Monica Perez in games of Wild West Exodus.

Madre Navidad

Krampus Rex

Wild West Exodus

Children all along the Frontier are used to hearing about Krampus from their parents – and their elder siblings too, of course!

Krampus Rex is a special edition miniature from Warcradle Studios, for this festive period, and can be used as an alternative sculpt of Carcosa Rex in games of Wild West Exodus.

Krampus Rex

Kyle The Red & White

Wild West Exodus

Kyle the Red & White (and ‘Max’ a particularly quirky K9 Attack Dog) is a resin miniature and comes complete with a large plinth base for you to display them on. For those that wish to use them in a game of Wild West Exodus, they could be taken as an alternate miniature for Kyle the Black and a K9 Attack Dog.

We’re including the additional bases needed for them to be fielded separately just in case players want to do just that!

Kyle The Red & White

Warcradle Studios Launches a Dystopian Wars 2-player starter set

Dystopian Wars Hunt for the Prometheus

Warcradle Studios has announced Hunt for the Prometheus – the ultimate Dystopian Wars 2-player starter set.

This boxed set provides everything two you need to dive into Dystopian Wars; a Russian Commonwealth Fleet and Covenant of the Enlightened Fleet, the rules, dice, tokens, and more… including a special edition campaign booklet.

The campaign featured in the special edition booklet takes you through the theft of the prototype Hypatia Class Generator ship, by the Russian double agent Helsinki Markov, guiding you through the rules one game at a time.

The Commonwealth Intelligence Service (known as the Okhrana) have seen a chance to acquire Enlightened secrets and add new technology to their arsenal in order to better defend the Commonwealth. They risk reprisals from the Enlightened but as long as the technology is theirs it will be worth the consequence.

The Covenant guard their secrets jealously and losing the Generator ship will cost them years of research and development. The game is afoot and the stakes are high for both sides.

Due for release at the end of January, pre-order now with your FLGS and online at Wayland Games.

Dystopian Wars Hunt for the Prometheus

Warcradle Studios’ Altered Carbon card game, Fightdrome: Panama Rose, is available for pre-order

Fightdrome: Panama Rose

Players get a chance to fight head to head in the iconic Fightdome from the Altered Carbon novels in Fightdrome: Panama Rose.

The Auditorium’s light dim and the crown settles into an excited hush. A disembodied voice echoes through the darkness… “Welcome friends, to Fightdrome! My friends, tonight you will experience an event unlike any other. Tonight, you will witness two fearsome warriors battling before your very eyes! Only one can stand victor…but which will it be?!” At either end of the arena, spotlights flare suddenly, highlighting the frames of two eager looking fighters. The crown grasps and then erupts into whooping and hollering of delight.

The card drafting game is for 2 players age 14+ and games take about 30 minutes. It places gamers at the heart of the Panama Rose combat arena.

The compact card game is a perfect game for on the go fun.

Fightdrome: Panama Rose contains;

  • 1x Rulebook
  • 101x Combat Cards
  • 8x Sleeve Cards
  • 11x Stack Cards
  • 2x Reference Cards

Warcradle Studios’ Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time is Up for Pre-Order. Excellent!

Bill & Ted's Riff in Time

Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time has taken a most serious turn; the bodacious board game you’ve been waiting for is now available to pre-order!

Warcradle Studios is releasing the official board game based off of the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure film franchise in partnership with Creative Licensing. In addition, Warcradle has revealed an exciting expansion to upgrade each personage of historical significance with plastic miniatures and add a fifth player: the Rufus’ Remix Expansion.

Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time is for 1-4 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 80 minutes to play. The core set includes a Rule Book, 4 Wyld Stallyns Player Miniatures (Bill S. Preston, Ted Theodore Logan, Elizabeth Logan, Joanna Preston), 10 Personages of Historical Significance Standees (Socrates, Billy the Kid, Genghis Khan, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Sigmund Freud, Napoleon, Charlemagne, Babe Ruth), 10 Plastic Slot Bases, 10 Personages of Historical Significance/Location Cards, 1 Game board, 10 Historical Location Discs, 1 San Dimas Disc, 10 Historical Location Discs, 1 San Dimas Disc, 4 Objective Tracking Tokens, 4 Objective Tracking Tokens, and 14 Game Dice (3x Wyld Dice – Yellow, 4x Character Dice – Blue, 4x Triumphant Dice – Pink, 3x Bogus Dice – Black). 

In Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time, players take a nostalgic trip to 1990’s San Dimas, and of course, to time periods such as the Wild West, Napoleonic France, Ancient Greece and many more. Embarking on a triumphant quest through time.

We officially challenge you to take on San Dimas.

Your journey begins with friends and family, as you race against the clock, working together to save the universe, to put things right and be truly triumphant.

Bill & Ted's Riff in Time Rufus Remix

Several rifts have opened up across history, causing personages of historical significance to become lost in time. You must return them all to their correct points in history and close the time rift found there, before the rift in San Dimas fractures beyond repair.

Will you seal the rifts and return every character to their correct place in history before time itself breaks down?

The Rufus’ Remix Expansion adds Rufus as a playable character, allowing you to make your games of Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time a five-player game.

The box also includes full plastic miniatures for each of the Personages of Historical Significance, replacing the card versions in the core box for Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time.

The Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set Comes to Mythos

The story of the Custos Crypta begins in the year 700 BCE at the height of the Kushite Empire when the authority of Pharaoh Neferkare Shabaka was considered absolute. Shabaka was said to be blessed by the ancient Egyptian Goddess Khepera. It was in Khepera’s name that Shabaka ruled, from Nubia to the Nile Delta and a blood sacrifice was made daily in his name. For this tribute, the Kushite Empire was gifted the service of the Custos Crypta, a sentient insectoid species that acted as both guardian and custodian of Shabaka and his people. But time and the treachery of humankind are the only constants in this world and Shabaka was murdered by his nephew Taharqa. The remaining Custos Crypta were entombed alongside their Pharaoh in the pyramid at el-Kurru, there to remain for the rest of eternity. At least that was the plan…

Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set

The Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set is available for pre-order now for £35.

The set includes six multi-part resin miniatures:

  • 1x Crypt Guardian
  • 1x Victoria Taylor
  • 1x Sara Heriot
  • 2x Crypt Grub
  • 1x Crypt Sham
  • 6x Base

Rani Nimue and Her Crew are Ready to Impart the “Wrath of the Nautilus” as Outlaws of the Wild West

Born under the Raj in Delhi, Rani Nimue had a turbulent childhood. Her English-born father worked for the diplomatic service and moved across the country to wherever Her Majesty required him, his wife and only child dutifully following. At the height of the Indian Mutiny, Rani’s mother was killed and her father was faced with the difficult task of raising his daughter alone. Seeing to it that she was educated by a succession of governesses and tutors, her father proudly saw her grow into a beautiful and fiercely intelligent woman. Rani secretly harboured a wanderlust and restlessness that, added to the stifling restrictions of Victorian society brewed within her until she was fit to either explode or run away and leave it all behind. Eventually her love for the swaggering Outlaw Broad Arrow Jack, after a chance encounter in the Port of Bombay, twisted her father’s pride to shame when, at the age of sixteen, she ran away with the pirate and was not heard from again for nearly a decade.

Captain Nimue now has her own crew!

Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment

Get the Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment for Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus, it’s available now for pre-order for £35.

The Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment builds six multi-part resin miniatures:

  • 1x Rani Nimue
  • 1x Sarder Hardit Singh
  • 1x Charlotte Anning
  • 1x Neko Mei
  • 1x Violet Smee
  • 1x Erasmus Darwin
  • 6x Bases

Super City Downtown Set Comes to Warcradle Scenics and Perfect for Your Marvel: Crisis Protocol Games

Battle it out around the new Super City Downtown Set available on Warcradle Scenics. The scenery is scaled for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and one looks suspiciously like a certain Sanctum!

The pre-painted MDF building are compatible with 35mm-40mm scale games, perfect for your superhero battles.

Super City Downtown Set

The set retails for £100 and includes:

  • 1x Super City – Mystic Mansion featuring;
    • Building
    • Mail Box
    • Bookcase
    • Ladder
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
    • Concealed door / rotating bookcase feature, and a small break-away wall feature
  • 1x Super City – Tower Block featuring;
    • Building
    • Moving lift
    • Optional signage
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
    • Revolving front doors
  • 2x Super City – Tower Block Extension featuring;
    • Building Extension
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
  • 2x Super City – Construction Sites featuring;
    • Building
    • 4 x Ladders
    • Wooden pallet
    • Generator
  • 1x Super City – Quantum Van featuring;
    • Van
    • Dumpster
    • 5 x Roadblock Barriers
    • Suitcase
    • Sliding side door and opening back doors

Warcradle Studios Releases the Wyldborne Faction Starter, the Fourth Faction for the New Mythos Miniatures Game

Warcradle Studios has released the fourth faction for their brand new miniature game Mythos, the Wyldborne! The starter set is now available for pre-order.

This faction is devoted servants of the Wyld. They uphold the old ways, slaughtering those that interfere.

Mythos is set in a world rebuilding after the Great War where dark gods have awaken. The Old Ones have formed rival cults who now are preparing for their Master’s return.

The set will be released at the end of May.

Wild West Exodus Gets Outpost Attica Terrain and More!

The latest Wild West Exodus pre-orders have been announced and there are two new Warcradle Scenics ranges to explore. Keep reading to find out more.

Wild West Exodus

Introducing new eccentric misfits and a GIANT serpent.

The long-awaited Soul Hunters and Opie: Creation VIII are now available to pre-order! The Soul Hunters are not only the first Detachment for Lost World Exodus but they can also be taken as an Enlightened Posse for Wild West Exodus, and Opie: Creation VIII is a new ferocious creature for the Hex. 

Find out more on the Warcradle Studios blog.

Warcradle Scenics

Build your own Moon Base with Outpost Attica.

It’s another exciting and packed month of Warcradle Scenics pre-orders, there’s not one but two brand new ranges in Outpost Attica and Battlecry, as well as an addition to the incredibly popular Tech City range – now you can fill the battlefield with scatter terrain in the form of futuristic vehicles. 

The set is due for release at the end of October 2019.

Find out more on the Warcradle Studios blog.