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Warmachine: MKIV is here from Privateer Press!

Privateer Press has announced the official launch of an all-new edition of the award-winning tabletop miniatures game Warmachine. The new edition, Warmachine: MKIV, is available for free through the Warmachine app from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app features complete MKIV rules, a new-player training guide, all of the stat card information for every model available for MKIV play, a robust army-building feature, list-sharing, and match play, as well as an optional subscription that delivers premium content to the app library every week. After an extensive beta phase that began at the end of October last year, the Warmachine app has officially launched with its full feature-complete release.

For the first time, Privateer Press is releasing all game rules and model stats through the newly developed Warmachine app, allowing for instantaneous updates as new models are released. Players will no longer need to rely on FAQs or annual postings to ensure they have the most current and accurate rules, as they will be updated universally in the app and are accessible for free. The Warmachine app optional subscription plan will provide unlimited cloud storage for army builds, access from multiple devices, and weekly premium content releases including fiction and lore, scenarios, and Organized Play resources. 

All new models for Warmachine: MKIV will be created using 3D printing technology, which has allowed for the production of complex models in fewer pieces than traditional manufacturing methods permit. Models manufactured using 3D-printing technology enable the production of complex parts that reduce the required assembly of kits as well as create the opportunity for new features that enhance the game experience. Warjacks, for instance, the giant automatons at the center of the game’s battles, have been designed to be easily equipped with small magnets that allow for customized armament loadouts between games. 

Three all-new armies are now available for Warmachine: MKIV with expansion materials releasing over the next few months: Orgoth Sea Raiders, Cygnar Storm Legion, and Khador Winter Korps. A fourth army, Dusk House Kallyss, will follow in Q2 of 2023. In a departure from previous editions, MKIV armies will be released across a limited number of SKUs, including a Core Army Starter that presents a complete, ready-to-play army with options. An expansion box and four a la carte SKUs make up the remainder of what each army will entail in the first year of the new edition’s release.  

Official Organized Play support for the MKIV edition releases next month with Journeyman Slow-Grow kits, followed by the Resurrection League beginning in later this spring, which will pair with the ongoing narrative campaign available through the Warmachine app.

With the new MKIV edition, Hordes, the companion game for Warmachine, is being rolled under the Warmachine brand with comparable rules, models, and play environment modifications and updates. The games will no longer be sustained as different brands. The first warlock-led Hordes armies are expected to release summer of 2023.

Cygnar Storm Legion

Orgoth Sea Raiders

Khador Winter Korps

Dusk House Kallyss


Warmachine MKIV arrives in stores January 13

Warmachine MKIV Core Army Starters for the Orgoth Sea Raiders and Cygnar Storm Legion will arrive in stores on January 13th, 2023.

Confirm your preorder now! All distributor and paid retailer preorders received before the order due date have been shipped in time to arrive on or before the January 13th street date. Orders placed after the due date may arrive later but should not be far behind. Call or visit your local game store today and have them verify their distributor order or direct order with Privateer Press!

Next Up: the Khador Winter Korps Core Army Starter. If you’ve been waiting for the Winter Korps, now is the time to confirm your preorder as well. Winter Korps Army Starters are expected to begin shipping approximately one month after the release of the Sea Raiders and Storm Legion Army Starters.

Warmachine MKIV

Privateer Press Launches a Spring Cleaning Mystery Box

Privateer Press Spring Cleaning Mystery Box

Privateer Press has released a “Spring Cleaning Mystery Box” that features over $200 worth of Warmachine and Hordes products for $59.99 plus shipping.

The limited edition box contains models, accessories, and other merchandise for Warmachine and Hordes. The game publisher has also uncovered some obscure items and “deep cuts” from the warehouse that’ll be thrown in at random.

Privateer Press has said that 90% of each box’s value will be models from a single Faction. You can purchase up to eight Mystery Boxes in a single order without any repetition of Factions.

The boxes are available while supplies last so get in early if you’re interested.

Unboxing Privateer Press’ March 2020 MiniCrate – Medusoma

MiniCrate is Privateer Press’ monthly miniature subscription box delivering an exclusive limited-edition tabletop miniature—along with a limited edition collector’s card featuring the concept art—directly to your mailbox every month!

Box #30 features Medusoma which is based on the original Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight from Hordes.

See what you get and you can subscribe and get the next box.

Privateer Press Reveals New Releases for Riot Quest, Warmachine, and Monsterpocalypse


Meticulously designed and engineered to adhere to Aurora’s divinely inspired vision, the negation angels comprise the archnumen’s personal host. Peerless in their perfection, each angel is inhabited by a fearless and noble soul handpicked by Aurora herself.



Second only to the Iron Mother in her command of the Convergence of Cyriss, Aurora has been elevated to the rank of archnumen, and with that rise, her battle armor has been reformed to match the archnumen’s increasingly formidable nature. Aurora is joined by her most trusted and beloved lieutenant, Prefect Hypatia, to lead a host of negation angels into battle at the archnumen’s side.



Crashing onto the shore like a nightmare from ancient mythology, Leviathron boggles the modern mind. Primitive bony fish have long been established as part of the fossil record, and massive sharks are known to have hunted in ancient oceans, but nothing could have prepared the civilized world for this creature’s arrival. Tides swell in the monster’s presence, perhaps indicating that nature itself fights alongside this brute. Ponderous on land like its fellow sea creatures, this monster bites huge chunks out of its enemies while the armored body of Leviathron seems able to absorb amounts of damage that would fell most of the other giants taking part in the Monsterpocalypse.



From beyond the Stormlands comes the Wastelander. He is a ronin efaarit who has traveled to the ruins of western Immoren from the void-cursed nightmare that is the fallen Skorne Empire. The Wastelander cares not about childish ideals such as “good” or “evil”; he will work for anyone and for any reason…if the pay is good. Charging into battle with his massive mekitana, the Wastelander deflects bullets, blades, and bombs back at his assailants before slicing into them and carrying on to the next enemy in his sights.


Privateer Press’ Las Vegas Open 2020 Prereleases


  • 51902 Ashlynn d’Liberty (Monsterpocalypse Statue of Liberty alt sculpt and WARMACHINE Ashlynn d’Elyse alt sculpt) – $18
  • 51901 Sergeant Titanica  – $22
  • 33903 Lady Doom Reaver – $15
  • 74901 Zaal, the Ancestral Eye – $26
  • 92049 Legendary Series Totem Huntress – $35

Riot Quest Prereleases


  • 63001 Riot Quest Starter Box – $50
  • 63002 Black Bella, Duchess of Dread (Fighter) – $13
  • 63003 Boomhowler, Solo Artist (Gunner) – $18
  • 63004 Harlowe Holdemhigh (Scout) – $12
  • 63005 J.A.I.M.s (Guard) – $1563006 Gorman the Mad (Rogue) – $14
  • 63007 Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire (Specialist) – $12
  • 63008 Orsus the Chained (Fighter) – $20
  • 63009 Captain Crawtooth (Fighter) – $20
  • 63010 Wolf With No Name (Scout) – $20


  • 63011 Ledfoot & Tredz (Gunner) – $30
  • 63012 Boss MacHorn (Guard) – $20
  • 63013 Destructotron 3000 (Gunner) – $20
  • 63014 Master Gurglepox (Specialist) – $25
  • 63015 Spawn Gate Expansion – $35
  • 63016 Treasure Chest Expansion – $35
  • 63019 Doctor Stygius (Specialist) – $18
  • 63020 Scythe (Gunner) – $17

Monsterpocalypse Prereleases


  • 51078 Steel Shell Crabs and Psi-Eel – Triton Units – $30
  • 51079 Mollock Brutes and Mollock Berserker – Subterran Units – $33
  • 51080 Incinerus – Elemental Champions Monster – $24
  • 51081 Xixorax – Savage Swarm Monster – $27

Warmachine/Hordes Prereleases


  • 41170 Legion of Lost Souls, Mercenary Unit – $80
  • 41172 Thamarite Advocate, Mercenary Solo – $16

Gen Con 2019: Privateer Press’ Prereleases

Privateer Press has announced the preleases you’ll be able to get at Gen Con 2019.


  • 63001 Riot Quest Starter Box – $50
  • 63002 Black Bella, Duchess of Dread (Fighter) – $13
  • 63003 Boomhowler, Solo Artist (Gunner) – $18
  • 63004 Harlowe Holdemhigh (Scout) – $12
  • 63005 J.A.I.M.s (Guard) – $15
  • 63006 Gorman the Mad (Rogue) – $14
  • 63007 Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire – $12
Riot Quest


  • 51901 Sergeant Titanica (Monsterpocalypse RAM sculpt) – $22
  • 38017 Infernal Gate (Infernals Structure) – $70
  • 33903 Lady Doom Reaver – $15
  • 74901 Zaal, the Ancestral Eye – $26
  • 92049 Legendary Series Totem Huntress – $35
Sergeant Titanica (Monsterpocalypse RAM sculpt)


  • 25005 Oblivion Campaign Set – $60
  • 41161 Morrowan Archon, Mercenaries Archon Solo – $40                 
  • 41162 Menite Archon, Mercenaries Archon Solo – $40                           
  • 38013 Agathon, The Voice in the Darkness – $35
Oblivion Campaign Set

Privateer Press’ Las Vegas Open 2019 Pre-Releases

Privateer Press has revealed the items you can get early at the Las Vegas Open which takes place February 8-10.


51019 – Zor-Raiden – $22
51020 – Rogzor – $35
51049 – Harbinger Comet Shard – $17
51051 – Shadow Sun Industries – $15

Shadow Sun Industries

51022 – Armodax – $27
51024 – Yasheth – $28
51052 – Void Gate – $20
51053 -Apartment Building (Resin) – $19
51054 – Mount Terra – $19



32072 – Initiates of the Order of the Wall – $30
33136 – Greylord Adjunct – $15
34152 – Bane Knight Officer – $17
76031 – Clockatrice – $35


35090 – Garryth, Eye of Vengeance – $17
41152 – Steelhead Arcanist – $15
41156 – Steelhead Gunner – $14
92040 – Warwitch Initiate Deneghra – $15

Warwitch Initiate Deneghra

Privateer Reveals the Prereleases for Warmachine Weekend 2018

Privateer Press has revealed the prereleases that will be available at Warmachine Weekend 2018 taking place November 2-4, 2018.

Below are the exclusives available at the show or on the Privateer Press website.

92048- Underchief Mire Collector’s Box – $35

92040 – Warwitch Initiate Deneghra – $15

Monsterpocalypse prereleases at the show only.

51016 – Terra Khan- $28
51017 – Terrasaurs Unit 1 – $28
51018 – Terrasaurs Unit 2 – $24
51040 – Skyscraper – $24
51041 – Downtown Highrise – $21
51042 – Corporate HQ – $20
51043 – Comm Array – $15
51044 – Industrial Complex – $13
51045 – Power Plant – $15
51013 – Ares Mothership – $25
51014 – Martian Menace Unit 1 – $25
51015 – Martian Menace Unit 2 – $26

Warmachine/Horde prereleases – at the show only!

37002 – Aurum Adeptus Syvestro – $15
37005 – Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc & Big Alyce – $25
37015 – Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart & Mr. Clogg – $26
37018 – Railless Interceptor – $120
37019 – Captain Eira Mackay – $125

36032 – Frustrum Locus – $23
72109 – Tharn Theme Box – $125
72104 – Iona the Unseen – $16
72105 – Bloodweaver Haruspex – $13
72106 – Brighid and Caul – $30

74109 – Immortal Vessel – $15
72110 – Tharn Blood Shaman – $15
34153 – Bloodgorgers resculpt – $90
74112 – Extoller Novitiate – $13
74107 – Abidan the Keeper – $17

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