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Kingdoms of the Deep is now on Kickstarter

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Weird Giraffe GamesKingdoms of the Deep is now on Kickstarter. Kingdoms of the Deep is an area control and simultaneous action selection game for 2-6 players in 45-60 minutes where each player is vying for control of the Underwater Kingdoms.

It brings together simultaneous action selection, area control, and spatial goals to create an amazing underwater experience!

In the game, you play as the leader of a faction of sea creatures for control of an undersea kingdom. You choose one of six actions to take over the course of three ages, each composed of a variable number of rounds of play.

You can get the basic game for $39 with more options for pledging. The campaign ends on February 11.

Kingdoms of the Deep

Gift of Tulips is Coming from Weird Giraffe Games

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Journey to Amsterdam’s Tulip Festival. Gift of Tulips is a game for 2-6 friends coming to Kickstarter soon from Weird Giraffe Games.

In Gift of Tulips, tulip enthusiasts explore Amsterdam’s tulip festival to build colorful bouquets. Players can change the value of different tulips by playing into the Tulip Market, gain points by giving Tulips to other players, or build up their own Bouquet, which is scored at the end of the game.

The game is easy to learn and made for families to enjoy. Meant for interaction, you need to give enough to other players to win, so do so strategically.

If they can get 500 followers, the game will feature a component upgrade, most likely linen finish for the cards.

You can sign up to be notified on the launch.

Gift of Tulips