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Dungeons & Dragons Announces The Stream of Many Eyes! this June

On June 1 – 3 2018, Dungeons & Dragons will bring tons of Twitch streamers, actors, comedians and D&D luminaries to the Stream of Many Eyes, a three-day livestreamed extravaganza full of cosplay, crazy sets and amazing stories. During the Stream of Many Eyes – #SOMEDND – the D&D team will unveil the new adventure story coming this year and showcase extraordinary D&D live play entertainment, and it will all stream live on twitch.tv/dnd.

The Stream of Many Eyes starts at 4pm PT on Friday, June 1st, with a visual tour of the studio led by host Anna Prosser Robinson and a roundtable conversation with the D&D team on the new storyline and what makes it so exciting. Dungeons & Dragons will then present live D&D play sessions with Force Grey & Dice, Camera, Action.

On Saturday, June 2nd, the livestream kicks off at 10 AM PT with Sirens of the Realms. Saturday’s games will feature well-known D&D gaming group Girls, Guts, Glory as well newer groups Rivals of Waterdeep and Dark & Dicey, all previewing content from the new story. The entertainment will run all day, wrapping up at 7 PM PT.

Four groups will perform on Sunday, June 3rd, beginning at 11 AM PT and streaming until 8 PM PT. Games will include members of Critical Role, High Rollers, Force Grey and the entire cast of Dice, Camera, Action performing together in costume for the first time.

D&D fans around the world can watch all the excitement unfold on twitch.tv/dnd, and on Sunday only, fans in the Los Angeles area can buy tickets to watch one of the live games in person. The live ticketed experience includes a curated set tour, live performances from musicians, dancers and stunt-people, food trucks, a D&D pop-up store full of merch, and of course some of your favorite gaming groups.

Check out the full schedule and buy tickets. Tickets are limited – so if you’ll be in the L.A. area on June 3rd make sure to grab them quick!

Wizards of the Coast and Tencent Team to Bring Magic: The Gathering Arena to China

Wizards of the Coast and Tencent have announced a partnership to bring Magic: The Gathering to digital gamers in Asia. Tencent will be the exclusive digital publisher and esports broadcaster for the iconic strategy card game in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei.

Wizards of the Coast’s newest digital game, Magic: The Gathering Arena, is currently in Closed Beta and will be the first game published by Tencent through the new partnership. The game is designed and built for digital gamers without compromising Magic‘s core gameplay. Every element of the game design is focused on an engaging and dynamic experience, true to authentic Magic, to provide players and viewers fast-paced, exciting, and easy-to-follow matches.

In addition to MTG Arena, the partnership also includes publishing of future games based on the strategy card game on mobile, PC, and console platforms.

Dominaria Comes to Magic: The Gathering Arena on April 26th

April is shaping up to be exciting for Magic: The Gathering Arena. Later this month sees new content, new events, and a large update to the game on April 26.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

  • Dominaria is releasing for MTG Arena on April 26 and bringing economy updates with it.
  • Events are coming! They’re starting out with some best-of-one events, with lots more to come.
  • Wizards of the Coast will be hosting a streaming event on April 25th in which some streamers preview the new economy features and Dominaria—you don’t want to miss out!


On April 26, after an extended downtime, Dominaria will be released for MTG Arena! Every legend, every Saga, and every Thallid will be playable. This update will include more visual improvements and a brand-new battlefield.

An experiment will begin with this release that explores ties between the tabletop game and MTG Arena. With the release of Dominaria, there’ll be a limited test of redeemable game codes in New Zealand only. New Zealand booster packs and Prerelease packs will include an in-game code that New Zealand residents can redeem for in-game items in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

The goal is to find ways to bring more value to all kinds of Magic players and to get that right.


The vision for MTG Arena has always been to give players many ways to play. Events are different ways for players to enjoy and utilize the content they’ve earned. This will begin rolling these out in just a few weeks, and you can expect events to keep coming throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

The first events we’ll be rolling out will be best-of-one Constructed events starting with the April 26 update. Then best-of-one Draft events starting May 4. You’ll soon be able to draft in MTG Arena! To start, best-of-one Draft events will be available each weekend and best-of-one Constructed events will always be available.

Events are central to MTG Arena and a great way to continually provide more depth of play. More events will be added moving forward, along with testing and refining along the way. There’ll be more news on April 25th in the Closed Beta forums, along with a full event schedule through June.


To celebrate this release, a small group of streamers have been invited to participate in an early access event that will preview the Dominaria build and all Dominaria content on April 25 from 1–5 p.m. PT. The streamers are being set up with special accounts stocked with goodies so they can show you all some Draft and Dominaria content. They’ll only have access to these accounts for one day—so make sure to tune in to get a sneak peek of what’s coming! You’ll be able to find a list of all streamers and their channels on the Closed Beta forum or by browsing Twitch by Magic’s game category. If you want to get a first look at all the new updates in the April 26 build, you definitely do not want to miss this event!

That same day includes a special livestream at 12 p.m. PT and an extensive post in the MTG Arena forums with more details on Dominaria, elaborations on events, economy updates, Gem pricing, (yes, you’ll be able to buy Gems starting with this update—details on April 25), Draft, and more. We’re still evolving and growing what MTG Arena has to offer, but the April 26 update is our biggest yet.

Wizards of the Coast Empowers Creators and Launches the “Wizards Creator Program”

Calling all creators!  Wizards of the Coast announced today details for its new Wizards Creator Program. Designed to support the robust community of content creators on myriad social platforms, eligible Wizards Creators will be given access to special features and perks for themselves and their audiences. Wizards is kicking off the program with a call for submissions from US and Canada-based Magic: The Gathering Arena players, with more regions to come in the future.

Qualified Wizards Creators will receive access to special in-game items, promotion, direct access to Wizards community managers, and more.  Designed to grow and change over time with feedback from the community – the initial program will provide creators with:

  • Promotion: increased visibility, social amplification, and placement on Wizards’ platforms (e.g., our websites, community hub, and channels) to help make community members more aware of the great work that Wizards Creators are doing.
  • Early Access: access to preview content and in-game content early to help Wizards Creators show their communities something new.
  • In-Game Items: sweet in-game swag for both themselves and to share with the members of their communities.
  •  Priority Communication: members-only lines of communication directly with a dedicated staff at Wizards of the Coast headquarters ensure Wizards Creators have a ready ear for any feedback, concerns, or issues they may have.
  • Membership in a Growing Community of Content Creators: Wizards Creators will feel like they are a part of an active and welcoming content-creator community with members-only subforums and additional services and events to ensure members of have plenty of opportunities to feel like they are part of something larger.

This initiative builds upon the Creators Kits the Wizards team previously released to support Magic: The Gathering Arena streamers. These kits include layered images to help players create video overlays and a number of guides on how to create successful gaming content. The Creators Kits will continue to be available for free (subject to the Fan Content Policy) to all fans and budding streamers.

Introducing Magic: The Gathering Brawl

Want a new format for Magic: The Gathering? Wizards of the Coast has you covered!

It has been revealed the upcoming set Dominaria has a major legendary theme and with that, a brand-new casual format is being introduced where that theme can be used to great effect.

Designed by senior brand narrative designer Gerritt Turner, as well as his personal playgroup, the basics of the new format is it’s casual and uses a Standard card pool.

You build a 60-card Standard-legal deck around a legendary creature or planeswalker. You can have only one copy of any given card in your deck other than basic lands. The legendary creature or planeswalker starts in the command zone and works similar to Commander: you can cast it for its mana cost, and then again for an additional two mana each time. That means you’re playing with 59 cards in the actual deck at this point. Each player starts with 30 life instead of the usual 20.

It’s that simple! You can find more and get some of your questions answered at the Magic website.

Wizards of the Coast Announces: Magic: The Gathering Portal

Magic: The GatheringIn 2018, Magic: The Gathering is getting an all-in-one companion app that will track life and counters, managing and inviting friends to home tournaments, look up rules, and more.

The free app will be available in iOS and Android in every language Magic publishes.

The app will:

  • Create, manage, and track home tournaments complete with pairings, invitations for friends, brackets, and playgroup stats. Set up a tournament, invite friends, and keep track of the results. All from your phone.
  • Look up card information on the fly, including searchable rules databases for card rulings, keywords, and mechanics, all streamlined for showing your friends.
  • Keep track of life totals as well as wins and losses across multiple devices to show just how you stack up against your friends.
  • Stay up-to-date on Magic news with a customizable hub. You can focus your feed to read just about what you want—whether that’s news from the very people who make the game, updates to the official Magic story, or results from the latest Pro Tour.
  • Keep in touch with your playgroup through social linking that lets you invite friends to events, simultaneously track life totals, and manage a friend list.
  • Learn more about Magic through access to video tutorials, glossaries, and rule lookups. New players can learn together, and experienced players can settle rules disputes with a flip of their phone.

Wizards of the Coast Announces Battlebond for Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The GatheringWizards of the Coast has announced a new set, Battlebond as this year’s “Draft innovation” set for Magic: The Gathering.

The set has been worked on for two years and designed specifically for Two-Headed Giant play. The set features new mechanics geared towards this game play. However, many cards are designed for formats like Commander, Cube, and Legacy too!

For Limited, the set can be played as either Sealed Deck or Booster Draft. It’s a mix of reprint cads and new cards, 254 unique ones of which 85 are new. All will immediately be legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. Some of the reprints have new artwork.

The set has a new world to explore:

In Battlebond, we’re going to Kylem, a never-before-seen plane in the Multiverse! On this world, beings flock from all over the plane to the arena of Valor’s Reach, where two-on-two combat is the pinnacle of sport. The goal of the combatants isn’t to kill their opponents outright, but to defeat them with style and flair. It’s not really a win unless your spells and spectacles cause the crowd to go wild in the process!

What kind of flavor can you expect? After all, our worlds are normally built with flavorful creative underpinnings and tropes. Theros, for example, was Greek mythology. Innistrad was Victorian horror. Battlebond goes to a rich well of flavor Magic has never touched before: sports and games! Battlebond is our love letter to sports and e-sports alike.

The set will be released June 8th, so mark your calendars!

Vampirella Tarot Cards Set from Dynamite Entertainment Tops Diamond’s Games in January

Diamond Comic Distributors has released their top products for January 2018. Dynamite Entertainment‘s Vampirella Tarot Cards Set topped the list.

Wizards of the Coast had three entries on the list with Magic: The Gathering, while WizKids saw success with two slots for their Dice Masters. Hasbro‘s Dropmix Music Game System came in at number 10.

Also of note is Fantasy Flight‘s “Fantasy Flight Games Starter” a starter set of games for shops to quickly stock up on the publisher’s games. It could signal numerous comic shops branching out into gaming.

While mainly a comic distributor, the company also does sell games. Below are the top ten items. For the full breakdown of comics, games, and toys, check out our sister site Graphic Policy.


D&D: Uncover the Conflicts of the Multiverse in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Coming May 2018

One of the most powerful wizards in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse shares some of his hard-won knowledge with fans in a new book full of lore and monsters for D&D fifth edition. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is available everywhere on May 29, but you can pick up a limited alternative cover (pictured below) in game stores on May 18, 2018.

Mordenkainen hails from the City of Greyhawk, but over the eons he has expanded his mastery of the major conflicts in the multiverse. Similar to 2016’sVolo’s Guide to Monsters, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes not only contains everything you need to run challenging new monsters at the table with your friends but also provides tons of storytelling information on some of the most contentious relationships in the multiverse. You’ll learn more about the schism between drow and other elves, githyanki and githzerai, and dwarves and duergar, in addition to reading about the incessant Blood War between demons and devils.

Players will love to delve into Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes to search for story hooks to use with their characters, as well as try out some of the player options for races like tieflings and elves, or maybe an otherworldly githyanki or githzerai. Dungeon Masters looking for inspiration and greater challenges for players who have reached higher levels of play will find much to explore in Tome of Foes.

Look for Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes in your local game store on May 18! Otherwise, you can pick it up on May 29, and start adding new monsters and lore nuggets to your D&D sessions.

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