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Fury of Dracula Gets a Fourth Edition this July

WizKids has revealed they will release the brand new edition of the classic Fury of Dracula with five new miniatures in July.

The board games was originally released by Games Workshop in 1987 and was designed by Stephen Hand. The game features one player as Count Dracula who secretly moves through Europe turning humans into vampires. The other players are Hunters who attempt to find Dracula and destroy him and the vampires before they take over the continent.

The edition will feature a new rulebook, new sized cards, and fully painted miniatures of Dracula and the hunters. The game will retail for $59.99.

The game was previously released by Fantasy Flight Games. Games Workshop ended their business arrangement with that publisher in September 2016 and announced a new partnership with WizKids in October 2017.

It’s the Days of Future Past for Marvel HeroClix and a Tri-Sentinel Colossal

It’s a trip to a classic storyline as WizKids has unveiled the Marvel HeroClix: Days of Future Past Storyline Organized Play event. The grand price is a Tri-Sentinel Colossal figure which will also be available for retail sale next year.

The figure combines the power of Sentinels Mark IV, Mark V, and Mark VI into one powerful being. The figure includes 3 faces and 6 arms and will retail for $24.99 when it’s released in January 2019.

The three month organized play event will run from July to September. Players will compete to earn Days of Future Past Wanted Poster ID cards and the one with the most points will receive the figure as a grand price.

Each Monthly OP Kit includes 3 Competitive Prize ID Cards, 10 Participation Prize ID Cards, and an instruction sheet.

Survive the Pass & Defeat the Endless to Earn Glory in Endless Pass. Available Now from WizKids.

WizKids has released their newest card-based adventure game, Endless Pass. Designed by Nuria Casellas, two to six players take on the role of a Viking and explore the Pass while not only fighting the never-ending hoard of Endless, but rival Vikings as well. What are they fighting for? Eternal Glory!

The goal is simple: the last Viking standing or the first to earn 10 Glory, while surviving the turn, wins. If none of the players survive, then the player with the highest amount of Glory will take the honor of most worthy within Valhalla. To earn Glory, a Viking can either slay Endless as they appear in front of him or her or take it from another Viking in a surprise attack!

Each of the player boards are double sided. One side showing a generic Viking, all with the same stats, while the other is a named Viking Hero, such as Gunnar the Raider or Brynhild the Valkyrie, each with their own abilities. No matter what, each player has 10 health and needs 10 Glory.

Start each round by drawing cards from The Pass deck. Here is where the Endless show up, reptilian monstrosities spawned from Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. Using additional cards from the Action deck, a Viking can use a sword or Greek Fire to kill Endless, earning Glory. Or they can play a defensive game, blocking Endless with shields or dodging out of the way. If an Endless isn’t defeated by the end of a player’s turn, all of them get passed onto the next player! A Viking could end up being overwhelmed in a sea of ferocious Endless!

Vikings needn’t only attack Endless – they can attack another Viking! Swing a sword or throw a bomb at another player in an attempt to take a Glory, or even health, from them. Be cautious, a good Viking won’t go down without a fight and can be ready to defend or dodge incoming attacks at a moment’s notice.

Will you be the Conqueror of The Pass? Are you worthy of receiving everlasting glory in the realm of Valhalla? Pick up Endless Pass at your Friendly Local Game Store for $24.99 and find out!

Battleworld Comes to HeroClix with Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld

Marvel’s Secret WarsBattleworld is coming to WizKidsHeroClix this October with three releases and an organized play kit.

As revealed, Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld Fast Forces, Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld Dice and Token Pack, and Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld Booster Brick will all be released and take inspiration from the setting featured in Marvel’s Secret Wars storyline that saw the Marvel universe shaken up by the godlike Doctor Doom.

Many characters from that storyline will be present including new versions of the Avengers, Runaways, Man-Thing, Witch Queen Le Fay, wild west versions of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Black Widow, Spider-Island versions of Iron Fist, Hulk, and Captain Marvel, and the Thor Corps which has Dino Thor and Destroyer Thor along with Ultimate Thor. New characters include Killmonger, Regent, and Viv Vision,

The Booster set will include 16 Commons (plus 1 Prime), 16 Uncommons (plus 1 Prime), 16 Rares (plus 1 Prime), 12 Super Rares (plus 1 Prime) and 6 Chases. Each Booster includes 5 figures.

The Fast Forces Pack will feature The Runaways, including all-new dials, and two never-before-released characters: Alex Wilder and Klara Prast. The team includes Lucy in the Sky, Princess Powerful, Sister Grimm, and Talkback. MSRP is $16.99.

The Battleworld Dice and Token Pack will include 2 custom dice and 6 action tokens themed around Spider-Man, heroes, and villains from the Spider-Island domain. MSRP is $9.99.

For retailers, a Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld Release Day OP Kit will be available. The kit contains 3 limited-edition She-Hulk HeroClix figure with character card, 5 double-sided maps, 1 instruction sheet.

The Secret Wars storyline ran in 2015.

Reputation is Everything in Dark.Net – Available Now from WizKids

WizKids has released its newest game, Dark.Net! In the late 21st century, four mega companies – dubbed the Big Four – have taken control of every aspect of modern society. People have two choices: sell their soul to one of the Big Four or make their own way in the Fringe – a world where reputation means everything, and information is more valuable than money.

Designer Richard Yaner shows a cyberpunk-style future where 2 to 4 players compete with each other to earn the highest amount of Reputation. To do this, players need to buy and sell Information from each of the Big Four and exchange them for other useful tools. Network Extensions are used to grow your influence, enabling you to gather additional Information per turn, and Network Boosters increase the amount of Information obtained from a Network space.

Building up your own network isn’t the only way to gain Information! Hire Informants to sit on other players’ networks and take Information from them. Infect their Networks with a virus that redirects all Information your way, or shut them down completely. You can use Information to make a Contact, a helpful ally that boosts Reputation and protects you from opponent attacks.

Just remember, the Big Four are always watching, and if too much information is taken from them, they go on the offensive. Roll the Retaliation dice and hope the Big Four show mercy on you and your growing network. If one of them hones in on you, flip a Response card and see what punishment the company dishes out. More players mean more Response cards, and after the last one is flipped, the game ends. Whoever has gained the most Reputation wins!

Think you have what it takes to make it to the top? Then pick up Dark.Net at your Friendly Local Game Store for $44.99 and build that Reputation!

Every Zoo Has Wild Animals… And They All Know Kung-Fu in WizKids’ New Game, Kung-Fu Zoo

WizKids has released the dice-flicking dexterity game, Kung-Fu Zoo! Designed by Charlie Price, players take turns flicking their animal dice into the arena with the goal of knocking their opponent(s) onto their backs and stunning them, or into their cages.

The dice in Kung-Fu Zoo are designed to look like the animals they represent. Each one shows the head, sides, back, tail, and feet of each of the four animals that come with the game – Elephant, Cheetah, Gorilla, and Zebra. In addition to looking cool, the sides also play into the mechanics of the game; like determining how many points you score, or where an animal can be flicked from.

There are two ways to play: Cage Battle and Points Battle. Cage Battle is the main way to play, where players take turns flicking dice and working toward being the last animal standing. The outer edge is called the Rail; that’s where animals are flicked from. One at a time, animals start at one of the four indented dots along the rail, and get flicked into the arena. A player will need to ricochet their dice off the sides of the arena before hitting an opponent into one of the cage holes. If successful, they get another turn.


After all dice have been launched into the field, players are allowed to pick up one die and shoot again. Animals showing their back, a side, or tail are flicked from one of the four dots. A head up animal is able to be flicked anywhere on the rail, while feet up is stunned and unable to be flicked. In addition to that, the animals gain special abilities. Only able to be used once per game, these are unique techniques that could help turn the tides of battle. Zebras kick up dirt into an opponent’s face, causing them to close their eyes before shooting. Cheetahs can run to a different spot, Elephants can be flicked from inside the arena, and Gorillas can jump off other Gorillas.

The second game type is Points Battle. For this game, players shoot all four of their dice, one at a time, from one of the four dots. After all dice have been flicked, players add up points based on the top sides of the dice. Head up is worth 5 points, while feet up is only worth 2. Simply add up the points, and whoever has the most wins!

Kung-Fu Zoo is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. It’s quick to learn, quick to play, and the perfect addition to any board game collection. Priced at $29.99, be sure to visit your Friendly Local Game Store and pick up your copy today!

Magic: The Gathering Heroes of Dominaria and Magic Miniatures from WizKids

WizKids has announced an upcoming board game as well as a series of miniatures based in the world of Magic: The Gathering, both set to release later this year. The company had announced a partnership with Wizards of the Coast in November 2017 to create games based on the worlds of the popular card game.

In Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game, players take on the role of a powerful Hero as they travel to the lands of Dominaria. As the player explores the ancient lands, they will need to build sites, rediscover lost artifacts, and confront the sinister Cabal in order to gain the resources needed to save the multiverse before rival Heroes do.

In this Euro game designed for 2 to 4 players, explore Magic’s most iconic plane and experience the trials and tribulations of being a heroic force on Dominaria. Visit storied locations such as Llanowar, Urborg, and Keld. Draw mana from the world to power abilities and recruit heroes to aid in quests. Discover powerful artifacts and create leylines to draw even more mana from distant lands. Build sites to increase your bond with a location. The land of Dominaria is filled with adventure and excitement! In true Eurogame fashion, use strategy to score the most victory points and emerge victorious.

Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game will be available in two versions: Standard and Premium. Both versions include pawns, but the premium will also include 4 prepainted miniatures of iconic Magic: The Gathering Heroes!

A brand-new series of token creatures comes to life in Wizkids’ newest miniatures release, Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm. Bring a new dimension of life to your battleground with these token figures that are sculpted in scale with WizKids’ D&D minis line.

The inaugural set will feature 28 tokens spanning well known creature types from Magic’s 25-year history. Discover never-before-seen three-dimensional representations of some of your favorites, like Angels, Soldiers, Goblins, Zombies, Bears, Dragons, Dinosaurs, and so much more!

Each token will come with a base that represents one of the five iconic colors that make up the foundation of Magic’s mana system. Mainstays like artifacts and multicolored creatures can also be found in the set, each with its own unique corresponding colored base. Game stats are also shown on the base, making these tokens perfect for both play and display.

Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm set is expected to hit store shelves in July 2018, while Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game Standard Premium Editions are slated for an August 2018 release!

If you want an early sneak peek at either of them, be sure to stop by the WizKids Booth #315 at the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, Nevada!

WizKids Announces Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises

WizKids has announced a new creation from the mind of veteran game designer Christophe BoelingerStar Trek: Galactic Enterprises. On the Deep Space 9 station, Ferengi wheel and deal legal and illegal items to gain the most profit. In this game, players jump into the role of a Ferengi merchant and work their way through the market in order to achieve the rank of First Clerk.

In Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises, 3 to 8 players will buy and sell their wares, trying to monopolize one particular product in order to gain greater profit. However, once other Ferengi get those same items for sale, it becomes a matter of who’s the better negotiator. Do you work together to gain the same profit, or do you agree to cooperate, then sell at a lower price to steal all the profit for yourself? Be wary of special action cards that can mess with your business and remember the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition in order to gain the most return for your investments.

Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises is scheduled to release in June 2018, but it will be on display with a playable demo at the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, Nevada! Stop by WizKids Booth #315 March 13th or 14th during showroom hours to try out this upcoming game and see if you have what it takes to turn a profit like a Ferengi.

WizKids Announces the Mage Knight Board Game: Ultimate Edition

WizKids has announced the return of the critically acclaimed, award winning Mage Knight board game as Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition. Designed by one of the world’s leading game designers, Vlaada Chvátil, current or new fans can find all of the previously released content plus a few new and exciting components all in one place!

The Ultimate Edition includes the original base game plus all three expansions: The Lost Legion, Krang, and Shades of Tezla. It features comprehensive integrated rules text, 5 all-new cards, alternate paint jobs, and a great price that can’t be beat!

But that’s not all! With this edition, WizKids will be partnering up with premium publishers from around the world to release Mage Knight in English, Spanish, Polish, Czech, German, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Italian! Now players can get Mage Knight in their preferred language and make their playing experience that much easier! *

Mage Knight Board Game: Ultimate Edition is expected to release in English in September 2018 for the great price of $124.99!

Solve the Endless Puzzles of Curio: The Lost Temple. Coming in May.

WizKids has announced the upcoming real-time cooperative puzzle game, Curio: The Lost Temple. Designed by Ian Zang, 2 to 5 players take on the role of a team of archaeologists that ended up getting trapped inside an ancient temple. They will need to communicate and collaborate in order to solve an unending slew of puzzles in order to escape!

Unlike other games in this genre, Curio: The Lost Temple is endlessly replayable, even by the same player. Using a unique module-based system, players manipulate, sort, rotate, and search puzzle components to arrive at a distinct answer. However, time is not unlimited. If too much time passes, or a player gives a wrong answer, then all is lost, and everyone loses.

How do you solve these cryptic questions? Use a wheel to decode an array of symbols. Take the Translation Key and place it on the Translation Board to reveal an answer. Connect threads along a grid to grant you the hidden code. These are but some of the modules and methods needed to solve the questions and escape the temple.

The brain bending puzzles of Curio: The Lost Temple will be available at your Friendly Local Game Store May 2018 for $34.99.

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