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The Night Lords’ Konrad Curze represented the WWE Royal Rumble

This weekend, the 36th annual Royal Rumble was held by the WWE. One of the major draws for it is a match where numerous wrestlers enter the ring in random order and the last one to remain in the ring wins. Warhammer 40K fan Shayna Baszler entered fifth in this year’s match and sported gear inspired by the game’s Night Lords forces.

Baszler entered fifth and was eliminated sixth by the combined force of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky lasting 13 minutes and 28 seconds.

So what do you think of Baszler’s gear? Does it do the Night Haunter justice?

Be the Last One Standing in WWE Cage Battle


WizKids has announced the upcoming release of WWE Cage Battlean intense, exciting new game featuring the WWE’s most infamous setting!

When the steel cage descends onto the ring, you know the match you’re about to witness will be unforgettable. WWE Cage Battle brings that thrill to the tabletop for the first time! Build a team of your favorite Superstars, then flick custom dice into the ring to begin the battle! Stun your opponent’s Superstars or pin them in the corners of the ring. If your opponent’s Superstars are all stunned or pinned, you win the round! The first player to win three rounds wins the Cage Battle!

The game also features an alternate Points Battle mode, where points are awarded at the end of each round based upon the position of the Superstars left in the ring. The first player to 21 points wins! Each Superstar has a set of unique custom dice featuring their signature moves. With 16 Superstars featured, including John Cena, Charlotte Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more, WWE Cage Battle brings the excitement and mayhem of your favorite Raw or SmackDown matches to life!

The game features 1 Cage Battle Ring, 16 Superstar Cards, 16 Superstar Dice, and 1 rulebook.

WWE Cage Battle is coming soon, so be sure to pre-order at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!

It’s Money in the Bank in WWE: Headlock, Paper, Scissors from WizKids

WWE: Headlock, Paper, Scissors

WizKids has announced WWE: Headlock, Paper, Scissorsa new upcoming release from the designers of Rock, Paper, Wizard!

In this all-new game of Striking, Showboating, and making hand signals, players select their favorite Superstar and work to gain the most popularity and reach the briefcase at the top of a 3-D ladder while making sure their opponents don’t get there first! Each round, players select shared techniques, or their Superstar’s signature technique, and simultaneously chant “Money!” “In The!” “Bank!” before revealing their technique, and their target. Superstars closest to the briefcase once all techniques are resolved become more popular, while those furthest from the briefcase gain Comeback cards. The most popular Superstar at the end of the game wins the Money in the Bank!

Featuring 12 playable Superstars including Asuka, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, and more, as well as a 3-D ladder to add a whole new dimension to the match, WWE: Headlock, Paper, Scissors will have you catapulting to fame and fortune in the ring! WWE: Headlock, Paper, Scissors is coming soon to stores.